Låt oss hoppas på det bästa

Den sista gången jag säger god natt till dig vet jag inte att det är sista gången jag gör det. Om jag hade vetat det hade jag förmodligen lagt mer energi i avskedet. I stället säger jag att jag tror att jag går och lägger mig hos Ivan snart. Du protesterar inte. Med blicken fäst vid din dator låter du mig gå och jag gör det, jag går, för allra sista gången går jag ifrån dig. Jag tror att vi ska ses i morgon bitti. Det gör vi inte. Vi ses aldrig mer. "

En morgon finner Carolina sin man död i sängen. Hon blir ensam med deras lille son och tvingas till ett helt nytt liv, samtidigt som hon rannsakar det liv hon har haft. Låt oss hoppas på det bästa är en gastkramande uppgörelse, inte bara med döden utan också med livet: med kärleken och föräldraskapet och den moderna relationen och dess inneboende förväntningar.
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Published March 2018 by Albert Bonniers förlag
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Låt oss hoppas på det bästa
Isbn 13
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gave it

This will be a very for me difficult review tainted by reams of guiltWhen I began the book I didnt know it is the poe 's life story and I learned that when I read some of the numerou reviewer.

gave it

Setterwall shows us a character who is desperately struggling to manage a myriad of emotions and events – while time does seemingly stand still for a moment following the tragedy, it ultimately moves forward, and the narrator knows and understands this too.

Setterwell finds new, intriguing and realistic ways to describe this grief and growth, so that the reader never tires of the storie or their journey within it.Setterwall also makes the wise decision to split the novel into two sections, divided so because of their time setting.

This isn ’ t just a way for the reader to unearth more about their friendship, which of course does give more gravitas and meaning to the dyin of Aksel.

Nevertheless, it happens over and over again. ” It is sections like these that remind me that this isn ’ t just a tal about the life that has been lost but also about the life that has been left behind, and the complicated emotion that have troubled our narrator throughout their passionate relationship.

He never goes away, the narrator just learns to live around her grief, surrounding it with motherhood, a new elationship, and learning just what ‘ the right thing ’ to feel and do going forward, is.Of course, this beautiful piece of prose would not have been made possible without the work of a marvellous translator.

You also get the ense that she must have really known and related to the story on a more personal level, like you would do as a captivated reader, to translate it into something of such readable, enjoyable excellence.Let ’ s Hope for the Best is a book of feeling, power, and exploration.

gave it

Do you look at the characters and judge them or their actions?

She confesses to things that we have all thought, but so seldom express for fear of being judge or because we ca n't sit quietly with ourselves and learn our truth or look for insights into our houghts and otivations and actions.

So 9 bazillion stars should be awarded to the bravery for telling her tory, no matter how uncomfortable it was to read.

gave it

The novell takes us through the trajectory of Carolina ’ s loss, and her life after it.

gave it

This memoir is written from the perspectives of a young heiress, Carolina to he husband Askel, after his udden death.

Charlesto is not the easiest of people as she freely admits, but she 'd tells us her story open and honestly.It 's hard to write a review that 's dealing with someone 's raw emotions.

gave it

The second chapter speaks of an email a husband sends to his wife of his passwords in the ase of his death, but " let 's hope for the best. " Does n't that scream murder mystery to you?

The husband has a great support system, both in friends and family, and the country.

But it occurs to me the younger a person dies, the more friends and family you have compared to a death of a grandparent.The wife also is getting maternity leave and can now also apply for grievance leave as well in the country.

Sure, everyone mourns differently and at different speeds but man, this oman is nesting in comfort compared to those who have to go to work the week after a death, handle a baby by themselves, move because of income slashed in half, deal with possessions, having frosty in-laws, etc.

( Come to think of it, I never read about them getting married, so perhaps husband and daughter are the wrong adjectives.) So# 3 reaction=anger that the woman is/was settling for so little.

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