Letter from Point Clear

A rother and sister return to their Southern hometown to rescue their younger sister from her marriage to an evangelical preacher -- only to find their expectations turned completely upside down

The Maso children long ago left their gracious family home in Point Clear, Alabama, in favou of points north. But when their father takes ill, the eldes, onnie, who has spent a decade in Manhattan as an unsuccessful actress, returns to care for him. Soon after his death -- unbeknownst to her mothe -- she falls in love with and marries a handsome evangelical preacher, and together the couple takes up residence in the stately Owen mansion.

When they receive Bonnie 's letter announcing her marriage, Phoebe and Morris head for Alabama, believing they must extricate their troublesome sister from her latest mistake. To their surprise, they find that Bonnie 's charismatic young husband, Pastor, has already saved her from her self-destructive ways, and Katie is now nearly three months pregnant. But Kate has only recently informed Pastor that Morris is gay, and Pastor quickly undertakes a campaign to " save " him as well...

With race, warmth, and pathos, Dennis McFarland reveals the common ground shared by these flawed yet captivating characters -- setting them all, and the eader with them, on an unlikely course toward redemption.
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Published August 7th 2007 by Henry Holt and Co.
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Letter from Point Clear: A Novel
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gave it

McFarland offers up characters who are immensely likable and sympathetic ( maybe too much so?).

gave it

It sucks when you read a book that blows your mind ( like The Ghost of Templeton) and then follow it up with omething that blows.

gave it

I 'm still unsure of how I feel about this book overall.

So, overall I leaned more towards the side of actually liking this book, but with reservation.

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