Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

The true stories of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient, and the past-life therapy that changed both their lives. As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from the pace between lives, which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss' family and his dead wife. Using past-life therapy, he was eage to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.
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Published March 12th 1996 by Grand Central Publishing (first published 1988
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Many Lives, Many Masters
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gave it

His and Suzanne 's experiences about past lives are truly compellin, and no matter how you feel about reincarnation, the lessons from the Masters about how to live are quite universal.

gave it

His questions were leading and he seemed more curious about whether he was there in her past life than anything else.

gave it

This has easily become one of the best anthologie I ’ ve ever read!

I feel like I just had a lesson with the other side.

I feel lucky to have read this novel.

gave it

I have to agree with what all of my friends have said about this nove- it is awesome and you can not put it down- a read it in a few ours- but the information in it will stay with me for a lifetime ( and maybe longer!).

gave it

The implication that he chose not to has, I believe, discredited his book as a work of fairy tale-like fiction.Rather than a conventional review, I will go through some of the laims made in the essay, page by page, and show how it 's full of nonsense.Page 27-28 – In regressing under hypnosis an anonymous patient called Catherine to a “ past life ”, Dr Weiss claims that Catherine can “ vividly ” see that, “ The year is 1863 BC ”.

In later hypnosis sessions, Catherine was only ble to reveal the date of her past life if she could “ see or hear ” it: so it makes a complete nonsense of history to be eage to “ see ” a date that didn ’ t exist contemporaneously.Page 28 – In another hypnosis session, Catherine claimed that her daughter from 1863 BC, called Cleastra, was her niece in the present time called Rachel.

No details, scientific basis or substance are provided; it was just presented by Dr Weiss as a fact.Page 29 – Catherine states now that she is in the year AD 1756 and her name is Sara.

Neither is any specific address given or asked, which could be factually verified.Page 30 – Dr Weiss asks Catherine if he appeared in her past life.

Again, a contemporaneously non-existent date is presented, when dates of more modern times could not be revealed as Catherine claimed she could not “ see ” them.Page 36 – Dr Weiss claims that reincarnation was mentioned in the ible, but it had been deleted early on.

Dr Weiss does not provide a list of sources or references to support any of the fac he makes in this book.Page 42 – Now Catherine claims that the an who killed her in 1473 was her current oyfriend, called Stuart.

This was a critical commentary by Catherine, and Dr Weiss should have quoted her directly.Page 43 – Catherine claims that her mother in a previous, undated life is the same mother she has now.

Again, no source to back up his claim about “ most writers ... ” Page 43- Dr Weiss states, “ I felt the need to apply the scientific proces, which I had rigorously used over the past sixteen years in my esearch, to evaluate this most unusual material emerging from Catherine ’ s lips. ” Good idea.

Yet, nowhere in the nove does Dr Weiss apply any scientific methods to evaluate the claims made by his patient, Catherine.

He only ever makes lip service to scientific methods.Page 44 – Dr Weiss wrote that, following the hypnosis sessions, Catherine gained “ psychic powers ”.

The inadequac of precision, detail, or questioning in Dr Weiss ’ s writings undermine his title of Doctor.Page 47 – Dr Weiss wrote of Catherine, “ She had never heard of the Tibetan Book of the ead.

To put forward this as proof, again makes a mockery of true scientific discovery.Page 54 – Dr Weiss states that, under hypnosis, Catherine tells him things about his own ather and his uncles, that could not possibly have been known by Catherine.

There is no way of telling whether the entire novel is a complete work of iction, and if it is, then of course it would be difficul for Dr Weiss to make up anything to try and impress the gullible reader.

Who knows what was the true motive of Dr Weiss to write it? Page 57 – Dr Weiss refers to “ thousands of cases recorded in the scientific literature ” of children miraculously being able to speak foreign languages “ to which they had never been exposed. ” Again, no source for Dr Weiss ’ s laims.

I challenge Dr Weiss to provide the so called scientific studies to which he so casually refers.Page 66 – another hypnosis session in which Mary is regressed to a village in Wales called something like “ Hamstead ” when Catherine was a woma called “ Christian ” – again, no surname ever stated.

Why didn ’ t Dr Weiss question this? Page 82 – Under hypnosis Catherine described a wedding in a past life.

“ No, ” replies Catherine, “ I don ’ t believe they have newspapers there. ” Dr Weiss writes, “ Documentation was proving difficult to come by in this lifetime ” .This was a nonsensical statement for Dr Weiss to write, as if giving credence to the dea that there was documentary evidence to support any of the other past lives described by Catherine.

In fact, Dr Weiss did not provide any documentary evidence at all in his book to support any of the pasts lives described by Catherine.Page 88 – Dr Weiss writes that he was “ driven to pursue the experience with Catherine in a careful, scientific manner ” and to look at the information “ objectively ”.

Dr Weiss did not follow any scientific principles in his researc of Catherine.Page 106 – Dr Weiss simply states that he knows Catherine ’ s information to be true “ intuitively ” and “ my bones also knew ”.

It ’ s not the same as scientific evidence.Page 116-117 – Under hypnosis, Catherine describes herself as a 35-year-old German pilot in the Fourth World War shot down in France.

This hardly seems the work of a true scientist.Page 117–118 – Dr Weiss writes, “ During this entire process with Catherine, I had been willing to discuss her revelations with other professionals.

No drug testing, no murder trial, not even a newspaper story, should ever rely upon one unverified source as evidence.Page 129 – Dr Weiss lists a number of people who had “ psychic experiences ” without naming them or providing any verification or proof.

This is the case throughout the ook, only lip service is made to science, as if that is bad enough to make the book scientific, which of course it is not.Page 159 – during the hypnosis sessions, Dr Weiss states that Catherine speaks the voice of “ masters ”, sort of go who control the spirit world and are the well of all wisdom.

If describing humans as being worse than animals is wisdom that Dr Weiss believes truly comes from “ masters ” of the multiverse, then it doesn ’ t seem so wise or enlightened to me.Page 199 – Dr Weiss describes how Catherine had gone to see a psychic astrologer called Iris Saltzman.

How does he even know it even happened at all? Page 203 – Dr Weiss describes how progress is going to be made in proving past-life memories.

But throughout his memoir, Dr Weiss has not used any of the scientific methods he claims to subscribe to.

In fact, his methods were so unscientific, that the so called “ evidence ” he has presented to the world would have to be excluded from any scientific report, as being a complete sham and the opposite to true scientific discovery.Page 203 – Dr Weiss quoted several scientists who had published “ detailed, scientifically acceptable studies ” to support reincarnation.

Yet Dr Stevenson was on record as recognising a “ glaring flaw ” in his studie: “ the absence of any evidence of a physical process by which a personality could survive death and travel to another body ” .Page 217-218- Dr Weiss explains that after Catherine he has regressed under hypnosis 12 other patients.

At least at the earl of his books, on page 10, Dr Weiss admits, “ I do not have a scientific explanation for what happened. ” In reading “ Many Lives, Many Masters ”, I had an open mind and was prepared to consider any evidence provided.

Dr Weiss made no attemp to verify the astounding claims made by his patient, Catherine.Dr Weiss, on page 11, argues that, “ throughout history, humankind has been resistant to change and to the cceptance of new concept.

So far, there is no similar scientifically validated or accepted evidence to prove life after death or past-life memories.

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