Marked by Fate

Defined by Their Choices

A collection of antasy and Science Fiction young adult coming of age novels from New York Times, USA Today, International, Amazon bestselling and Award-Winning authors!!

This action-packed boxset is filled with teen warriors who encounter queens, witches, wizards, werewolves, shifters, angels, and mythology. Follow genetically engineered soldiers, cyborgs, and robots discover magical hidden fantasy worlds, encounter mind-blowing dystopian lands, space tations, and galaxies they could never have dreamed existed while traveling through time into uncharted territories. Marked by Fate to complete these deadly and dangerous quests filled with nonstop action and adventure!

USA Today bestselling uthor, Kristin D. Van Risseghem
International bestselling author, Rhonda Sermon
Award-Winning author, Melissa A. Craven
International bestselling author, Kelly St. Clare
Amazon bestselling author, Raye Wagner
USA Today bestselling novelis, Ednah Walters
New York Times bestselling uthor, Erin Hayes
USA Today bestselling novelis, Siobhan Davis
New York Times bestselling novelis, Jamie Thornton
Award-Winning author, Debra Kristi
Amazon bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson
Amazon bestselling author, Hilary Thompson
Amazon bestselling author, Ingrid Seymour
International bestselling author, Jeanne Bannon
USA Today bestselling novelis, Melle Amade
USA Today bestselling uthor, Lena Mae Hill
Award-Winning author, C. J. Anaya
International bestselling author, Jackson Dean Chase
Award-Winning author, D. L. Armillei
USA Today bestselling uthor, Emily Martha Sorensen
Amazon bestselling author, Amalie Jahn
Amazon bestselling author, Dionne Lister
Amazon bestselling author, Alisha Klapheke
USA Today bestselling novelis, Angela Fristoe
Amazon bestselling author, Meg Cowley
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Published October 24th 2017 by Kasian Publishing LLC
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gave it

The haracters in this novel are great to read about and I just wanted to get to know them better.

I liked reading about this world, were shifters exist, but there is a lot of darkness too.

This ook had some great wists and I am thrilled to see how the story continues and to learn muc about this world.

The storylines were fun to read about, the world seemed unique and the story kept my attention.

L. ArmilleiShift of Shadow and Soul by Hilary Thompson- 4 starsI picked this nove up after I read a short story in the series that I enjoyed.

There are other ypes of magic, adventure, great characters, some action and a hint of romance.

I really enjoyed seeing all the previous main character together again in this essay and how they worked together to counter the threat to Neptune 's World.

It was great how this book blended everyone 's tories, each character had a role to play in this inal book and I think it was a great way to end up this series.

gave it

I am still reading this but I will review each story as I go.

Overall, it is an nteresting nove and worth the read.

The idnight Society by Rhonda Sermon- 5 star ( read previously) I loved this ook.

The ending was totally unexpected and I ca n't wait to read book 2 because I am dying to find out what happens next.

I loved the characters and enjoyed the story immensely.

Book 2 will definitely be added to my TBR.4.

On one hand, I have never read a nove with a sphinx in it so that had me interested.

I really wanted to like this book more because the world building was so ba.

Will this author be like that or will book 2 fall flat again?

I could n't connect with the characters very well.

I could n't connect with the characters very well.

The plot had potential but with unlikable characters I just could n't get into it.

There is definitely a lot of action in this autobiograph.

I would definitely read something else by this author.10.

I like that the MC grows emotionally and learns to love herself over the ourse of the book.11.

I think there is a lot les to it and I ca n't wait to read book 2 to find out.

Overall, I really enjoyed the storie and I hated having to put it down to read books for my challenge groups.

I love time travel books but this one is ifferent.

Zan& Vikka are ok characters but I did n't feel much of a connection to them.

True Calling by Siobhan Davis: 4 star ( previously read) I love the oncept of this autobiograph.

I certainly would n't want to live on either planet but it makes for a very compelling read.

There is a lot happening in this ook on both planets.

I enjoyed this story despite not liking the MC very much.

I really thought I would like this memoi.

I could n't get interested in the essay.

The characters annoyed me and I just was n't interested.

This ook was definitely not for me.

I doubt I will read book 2 of this series.

Emrys might be my avorite haracter, I mean who does n't like a talking cat?

This books is both and I love seeing them mixed together like this.

I ca n't wait to read book 2 and see what happens next.25.

The plot idea could have been ood but the book just did n't keep me interested.

Overall, it was an ok book but not one of my avorites.

gave it

Love these kinds of books.

I love psychics in stories so this was up my alley of faves as well.

These are just 5 of the 25 books in the tales.

gave it

I spend so much time trying to find my next read that having so many good stories in one place is pretty wesome.

Here 's what I 've read so far but I plan to update more as I go.Fantasy of Frost by Kelly St. Clare:5 StarsI love this memoi.

I think the heme of this weighs heavier on the young love side than the magical side.The Midnight Society by Rhonda Sermon:3.5 StarsI really liked this.

I could n't quite get into the first hird of the tory and never really felt that connection with Ana. I did like the concept of this other " world " and how it was introduced however it was toug to understand thing that was going on with the few explanations that occurred.

The ending was much better and I would like to read more.Sanctuary by Melle Amade: 3 StarsHigh school student Shae learns that there is much more to the world than she ever could have imagined.

Set in a shifter world this story started off pretty slow for me then picked up in the nd.

I had some ssues with the story but not so much that kept me from enjoying it.The Healer by C.J. Anaya: 4 StarsFirst off, I like that Hope 's abilities were present at the start of the tal and she knows how to use them.

There were some slow parts but it was an overall good read.Magic Awakened by Meg Cowley: 3 StarsThis story unraveled at a decen pace.

gave it

Van Risseghem, Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Melle Amade, Hilary Thompson, Emily Martha Sorensen, Jamie hornton, Erin Meeha, Meg Cowley, and J.L. Weil.

The final category ( only slightly shorter than the aforementioned) is the list of uthors I had not heard of prior to Marked by Fate entering my world: Debra Krtisti, Ingrid Seymour, Jeanne Bannon, Amalie Jahn, Jackson Dean Chase, D.

L. Armillei: Shift of Shadow and Soul by Hilary Thompson: Two stars.Shadows of the Realm by Dionne Lister: Trials of a Teenage Werevulture by Emily Martha Sorensen: Doormaker: Rock Heaven ( Book 1) by Jamie Thornton: Unlikely Magic by Lena Mae Hill: How to Talk to Ghost by Erin Hayes: Magic Awakened by Meg Cowley: Fate ’ s Legacy by Angela Fristoe: Slumber by J.L. Weil: The Edinburgh Seer by Alisha Klapheke: Ella Dethroned by Brandon Barr:

gave it

Not only are the books in this collection AMAZING!!!!

I went nuts hunting for the ext boo in severa of these authors' collections.

I almost did n't read a ook in this collection due to it 's name ( *ahem* Swords and Stilettos) but that actually turned out to be one of THE BEST ooks in the collection thus far.

I thought the fourt autobiograph in this was my avorite, Runes, ( RIP Ednah Walters, the amazing and talented author who wrote Runes..

Rhonda Sermon wrote a world and I got lost in it.

I finally asked her and it turns out, book 2 will be available for pre-order soon.

I was never more glad I did than that moment as I got further and further into the ook.

Marked By Fate will use state of the art Augmented Reality technology to bring this groundbreaking boxset to life!!!

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