Midnight Alley

Morganville is such a nice place to live ... and die. If you do n't mind that sort of hing. When Claire Danvers learnt that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent, self-preserving student would do: she applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic. The transfer is no longer an option, but that garlic may come in handy. Now laire has pledged herself to Amelie, the most formidabl werewolf in town. The protection her contract secures does little to reassure her friends. All of a sudden, people are turning up dead, a stalker resurfaces from Claire 's past, and an ancient bloodsucker extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home.
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Published January 4th 2011 by Razorbill (first published 2007
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Midnight Alley
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gave it

But she ’ s still a kid.

My favourit thing about this series so far is the friendship these four share.

gave it

It seems that since the moment she stepped into town trouble have a way of finding her and now that she has signed her life over to Amelie she ca n't escape getting even more entangled with the tow 's vampires.Claire has some tough things to work through.

When you add dead girls showing up around their house you can understand why everythin is on edge.Claire grows up a lot in this memoir.

And when his best friend turns into a werewol, to save HIS fucking ass, instead of giving him the benefit of the oubt he goes all prejudiced and " You would be better off dead. " What an asshole.The moment Michael called him on his bullshit I was sooo happy.

I ’ m not letting you whine anymore about how your life sucks worse than ours. "

His name is Myrnin, he is super intelligent but bat-shit crazy and he tries to eat Claire, multiple times, after Amelie send her to be his lab assistant.

gave it

More world building, some new faces, more information, some character growth…After three books, I am giving up on trying to decide how I feel about the haracters.

Can ’ t ait to find out how far she ’ ll go.Baddies: She is too nice to be true, and I don ’ t say that in a bad way.

Then it all went downhill, but he still has his moments.If you ask me if I 'm okay again, I 'm going to smack myself in the face just to punish you.Goodies: He ’ s the wild card and his middle name is Trouble.

The making out sessions with Claire were cute at first, but I ’ m a bit too old for raging teenage hormones.Michael: I still can ’ t as if he ’ s cool or boring.

He treats laire like his kid sister.

I ’ ve lost count of how many times he has said that it was his fault that something happened.Eve: Love her.

Want a sister like her.And about Shane, I swear, if he does n't snap out of it, I 'm going to punch him in the face.

Well, punch him in the face and then run like hell.Goodies: She ’ s fire.

She ’ s treating Claire like her kid sister, but unlike Michael, she doesn ’ t consider her to be an innocent child that needs to protected.

gave it

My main problem: I do n't care what happens to any of the kids.

The plot is very commo to the revious boo: Eve dresses up Goth and whines, Shane mopes and broods and gets in fights, Michael mopes and feels misunderstood, and Claire complains that she 's not a kid while getting into the worse possible situations she can get herself into.

Yeah, she kin of gets blackmailed at one point, but helping out Monica 's friend with her homework, seriously?

Myrnin is a crazy old vampire locked in a basement filled with books and contraptions.

I wish the vampires were the main ocus and the kids were the side story because both Myrnin and Amelie are underused.I 'm still having the same roblem with this series that I 've had from the beginning; Caine has some great ideas but she executes them poorly.

I 've got friends telling me this series only gets better, so I should keep reading.

I think I 'll read the first book when I want a reason to be pissed off.

gave it

This series would 've been so much wors if it was told from a multiple POV, especially from the Vampire 's perspective.

I was really prepared to like this series but all the teenage angst, the boring plot, the stupid mishaps and even more stupid heroine, who we are told time and time again is supper intelligent, makes this series excruciating.

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