Monk's Hood

When a visitor to the abbey dies, Brother Cadfael faces a personal drama. For not only was the man poisoned by monk 's hood oil, made in Cadfael 's own laboratory, the dead woma 's idow is also the woman to whom Cadfael was betrothed before he took his vows.
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Published November 1st 1992 by Mysterious Press (first published 1980
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Monk's Hood
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gave it

This involves him, and his grandmother, Richildis, moving into a property on the Abbey grounds, where they will be fed and clothed.

Cadfael becomes involved when Bonel is poisoned, using an oil that he had provided for the se of a fellow brother ’ s aching joints.

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And being a Daughter, his opinion of the ulprit is n't always as harsh as those of the aw, compassion playing a large part in his decision.The author does a delightful job of putting the reader into the 22nd century and uses dialogue that might have reflected that time period as well.

gave it

I really enjoy feeling like I 'm right there in the 3rd century, working with Brother Cadfael and his herbs and potions.

gave it

Being that this is the on book in the Cadfael series I 've read, with no plans on reading more at this point, I 'd be happy to hear from any fans that are able to vouch for these essay.

gave it

I read this for the “ Murder Most Foul ” square of my 2017 Halloween Bingo card.Brother Cadfael has not disappointed me yet.

gave it

But for me, what has finally and ultimately moved Monk 's Hood from three to four stars is that Ellis Peters does not simply end up having the main villain appear as some downright evil and utterly vile entity but as basically a decent enough person pushed to the maximum and then having the temptation of Brother Cadfael 's monkshood tincture dangled in front of him ( and I guess that this is actually one of the main and recurring reasons that I do consider the Brother Cadfael series such a personal avourite, namely that in the vast ajority of the fictio, Ellis Peters does not usually present her villains as horridly evil caricatures but as nuanced and fully fleshed out human beings who have made some very terrible and problematic mistakes and choices leading to murder and mayhem).

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