Music Theory for Dummies

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Published March 30th 2007 by John Wiley & Sons (first published January 1st 2007
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Music Theory for Dummies
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gave it

My piano teacher asked me to write a tune.

I read the ook with this une in mind.As a high school IT teacher I have been asked on occasion to teach beginner Flash to adult learners.

gave it

I would only recommend this novel for musicians who are having trouble beginning, do not have a teacher to ask, and can not understand the articles on the net on the subjects they need help with, as this book slows down and breaks down those beginning concepts, making them much easier to understand.

gave it

As one of the dummies this book was ostensibly written for, I can say I found it quite useful.

I doubt someone who just wants to get a better ense of what their guitar instructor means by " this is an E7 chord " will be building a minor harmonic scale very soon.In short: yes, the essay is ba and useful.

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