My Friend Maigret

When a small-time crook is murdered on the editerranean island of Porquerolles it transpires he had fervently declared his friendship with Maigret beforehand. The famous French detective, with a Scotland Yard observer in tow, must travel there to investigate.
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Published June 29th 2006 by Penguin Group(CA) (first published 1949
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Mon ami Maigret (Maigret #31)
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gave it

It 's all done by gut instinct and endless conversations.Of course, Maigret discovers the truth hiding amongst a small, rather tight-knit community.

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So, in company with a French-speaking Scotland Yard detective ( named Pike, who was visiting Maigret 's jurisdiction from the UK to observe his counterpart 's investigative methods), Maigret travels by train to a small editerranean island off the coast of Southern France, where the murder had taken place.

gave it

A man brags about his riendship with Inspector Maigret at a bar on a Mediterranean island ( Porquerolles) and then turns up dead.

A website recommended this as one of the best books featuring Inspector Maigret while another one had this at number four.

ost of the books is about Maigret observing people on the island and competing with the Englishman.

gave it

The protagonists were all irrational and acting suspiciously, so it was easy to pick up on what were red herrings, let alone the main lot.

gave it

A fisherman on an island in the southwes of France is brutally murdered after boasting that Maigret is a ba boyfrien.

Maigret travels with Pike to the island escaping the wintry weather of Paris.

gave it

Oh whateve, there 's a rapist and an investigation, and we eventually get to know a good deal about the victim and about the murders, but above all else, we get to know Maigret.Scotland Yard has heard about the famous Maigret, and with the permission of the Parisia police has assigned an inspector Pike to shadow Maigret and observe his methods.

Though it is out of his jurisdiction, he is assigned to the case because the victim had bragged, shortly before being murdered, that Maigret was a ba friend of his.

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