No Fears, No Excuses: What You Need to Do to Have a Great Career

“ Larry Smith has hit on the new millennium ’ s major career issue. ” — Booklist

“ Have you ever had a conversation with someone about your life that leaves you feeling so elated that you have goosebumps? This is a typical result of how I feel after chatting with Larry. ” —M. Azam Javed, Tesla

“ Had it not been for the time I was reluctant to spend with Professor Smith during my university years gaining his advice on career success, I would not be where I am today. ” —Mike McCauley, Google

Over the past three year, Professor Larry Smith has become sor of a “ career whisperer ” for his students at the College of Waterloo. His stunning TEDx talk on finding your calling has been viewed by more than six million people and counting.

This ook captures the best of his advice in a one-stop roadmap for your future. Showcasing his particular mix of tough love and bracing clarity, Smith itemizes all the mistakes and worries that are holding you back—and deconstructs them brilliantly. After dismantling your hidden mental obstacles, he provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how to go about identifying and then pursuing your true passion. There ’ s no promising it will be asy, but the straight-talking, irrepressible Professor Smith buoys you with the inspiration necessary to stay the course.
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Published May 23rd 2017 by Mariner Books (first published May 3rd 2016
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gave it

Most motivational career books are encouraging and vague, this actually functions like a guide, with very concrete examples and illustrations.

gave it

If you get past the depressing title, his short talk challenges audience members to push beyond self-imposed limits and stop making excuses for why they are n't pursuing their passions.Convinced to write a book exploring these ideas, Professor Smith uses some of his former students as fodder for his overarching argument that working men and women need to move beyond work that is simply tolerable and 'good money' and seek out their true passions.

gave it

The key take away for me from this memoi is to learn to be able identify your passions and how they can be implemented I to career and have clear career values and plan in place in achieving it.

gave it

This book claims to help you figure out your passion and get a plan going in order to find your " great career. " That 's a pretty big task to take on.First of all, I 'm not in any way, shape, or form trying to say that this novel was a miracle for me.

I already know my passion ( writing and art), and I already have been researching and following specific steps to reach my career goals ( while homeschooling my kids).

The story in the book helped me see that having multiple passions means you are happier and more functional when you pursue them together rather than choosing one over the other ( s) .BTW -- the reason I 'm writing this review mainly as my personal story, is that the write does that throughout the memoi.

Finally, there is an appendix that lists questions that need to be answered in order to implement the each step of your plan.All this in a novel that was well-written, fluid, easy to understand without being dumbed-down, and amazingly not vague ( my biggest omplaint about books of this type).

gave it

This was an intriguin essa that ostensibly sets out to show you how to change things to get a great career, yet so much of the advice can equally be applied in other life situations.

Think about it: it may be one of the more elpful, incisive books you read this mont and it potentially could change your life.

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