Peripheral Vision

A novel connecting disperate women at different times in their lives, and in history. Sylvia, a clever and successful eye surgeon is nevertheless amazed to find herself pregnant, despite taking no precautions. Iris, a resourceful young woman in love with a an from a different social stratum. And Ruby, a 1950 's housewife who receives poison pen letters, which she believes she thoroughly deserves. Linking these women is a fascinating thread that weaves their lives together. Peripheral Vision is a owerful new novel about love and the lack of it; about loss, mothering, sight and insight, from this prize-winning author. Patricia erguson 's last ovel, It So Happens, was listed for the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2005. Now read on.
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Published January 15th 2007 by Solidus
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Peripheral Vision
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gave it

There is a prissy character; there are class differences; there is what seems to be a compulsive liar who is lovable; and as the book reviews tell you, they are all related somehow, which is part of what kept the interest.

gave it

I enjoy books that are intricately plotted and let me into the inds of its haracters.

gave it

All of the protagonists are believabl, and their lives intersect in a ultitude of ays that do not become fully clear until the very nd, which adds suspense to the literary pleasure. [ return ] [ return ] My one complaint about the novel is that it seemed to rush to its conclusions at the beginnin, whereas it grew on you slowly, slowly in the en.

gave it

I also remain a bit confused by the title, not sure if it 's meant to have deeper meanings because I ca n't see any real connection with the plo in terms of what peripheral vision actually means.

gave it

The assertio that I received this book a wee ago and never finished reading it is pretty much the review.

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