Prairie Nocturne

Prairie Nocturne is the epic saga of two former lovers sired in the pages of Ivan Doig 's acclaimed Montana Trilogy. Susan Duff -- the bossy, indomitable schoolgirl with a silver voice from Dancing at the Rascal Fair -- has reached middle age alone, teaching voice lessons to the progeny of Helena 's high society. Wesley Williamson, young married heir to the Double W cattle empire, has been forced out of a political career as a consequence of his affair with Susan having become known. Years later, Jak and Susan have reunited to share in an extraordinary goal: launching the singing career of Monty Rathbun -- a man on the wrong side of the racial divide. In this triumph of sure-footed storytelling, motives and fates dangerously entangle.
Set in Wyoming, France, Scotland, and New York during the Harlem Renaissance, Prairie Nocturne is a deeply longitudinal novel that raises everlasting questions of loyalt, the grip of the past, and the ost of passion.
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Published May 10th 2005 by Scribner (first published 2003
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Prairie Nocturne: A Novel
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gave it

Involves Susan Duff, who was a student of Angus McCaskill in Dancing at the Rascal Fair ( second in the series).

gave it

However, I was n't so into this story line.

gave it

Good writing with good onversation, skillful use of flashbacks that add to the storie, thrille, great escription and sense of place and time, good continuity with Dancing at the Rascal Fair and good character development with some little twists you do n't see coming.

gave it

The ther ide of the spinning coin of fate. " Ku Klux Klan are " those loonies in their bedsheets ". " Alone is n't spelled the same as lonely. " He had " a high stomach on the tyle of a pigeon. " Cowboys are those that are " perpetually starved for women " .I like this ind of writing.

:0) Even though I like the writing style, I will only give this ook two stars.

Prairie Nocturne has characters that you meet in Dancing at the Rascal Fair, and in that one the plot, the tory, is more gripping.

No, you will do better by reading another of Ivan Doig 's books.

gave it

Monty is an outsider due to his skin color, the nly black cowhand on the ranch and eventually persecuted by the Klan ( who knew they had a history in Montana?!).

gave it

Just as ugly, though not resorting to hoods and sheets, are those at the very highest social rungs who have their part to play in enforcing racial divisions.Set primarily in Montana, the book needs to look back only a generation to the immigrant homesteaders of the 1880s, the cavalry posts on the plains, the rise of the cattle barons, and the subduing of the Native Americans.

The book captures the breadth of American life from the closing frontier on the one hand to jazz-age New York and the Harlem Renaissance on the other.I recommend this ook to anyone interested in the historical West, relationships between strongly independent characters, the African-American experience, singing and voice training, and a richly textured, multi-layered style of narrativ.

gave it

Prairie Nocturne is a fictional work that spans severa years of ranch life in Montana.

I am stretched in my knowledg of phrases and this is a nove that makes me feel I will have learned a thing or two about fine writing when I finish.

I can not read these books without feeling the desire of riding across the Western prairies and into the dry gulches and canyons again.

A discussion group I was in, was lively and could have used more information about Wes Williamson the manipulator of the retellin.

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