Psychic Warrior: The True Story of America's Foremost Psychic Spy and the Cover-Up of the CIA's Top-Secret Stargate Program

Unwittingly plunged into a paranormal nightmare ...

David Morehouse-A highly decorated, exemplary Army officer, special operations infantryman, and elite Airborne Ranger Company Commander. Wounded by machine-gun fire during a training mission, Morehouse began to have inexplicable visions and haunting nighmares-an experience that would redirect his military career and land him in the government 's top-secret Stargate Program. His life would never be the same ...

Stargate-For nearly two decades, the United States military intelligence community delved into the dark world of psychic espionage, recruiting a team of psychic spies to serve as " remote viewers, " individuals who used their paranormal gifts to transcend time and space and uncover the highly guarded military secrets of other nations.

Able to tell the shocking truth for fear of death-until now ...

When David Morehouse walked through the oors of the Stargate Program, he had little idea what awaited him: a paranormal hell that would bring him to the front lin of some of the most horrific disasters in recent history-and nearly destroy him. In chilling detail, Morehouse describes his psychic espionage work as a remote viewer, from the shattering explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 to the choking smoke of Desert Storm, even further back in time to Hiroshima and the darkest months of Nazi Germany. And more startling yet is his account of the U.S. government, an organization bent on the destructive use of psychic powers-and on stopping the one woma who was brave enough to blow the lid off their top-secret Stargate Program.

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Published January 15th 1998 by St. Martin's Paperbacks (first published 1996
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Psychic Warrior: The True Story of America's Foremost Psychic Spy and the Cover-Up of the CIA's Top-Secret Stargate Program
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gave it

Thanks also to God 's angels who help us every day of our lives.

gave it

Right, I 've read enough at this point ( about 60 pages.) Why do people write books like this?

I do n't think he wants to discredit CRV or psychic experiences per se, as he seemingly makes a living selling RV training to the public these days.

gave it

David Morehouse I will be thinking of you.

gave it

Eventually it sent me on quite a journey..and am still traveling 15 books later.

Mr.Morehouse informs us that he was Mormon, but he sure cussed a lot!

gave it

As if you need any other easons to read, it will also change your view of the world around you and make you question everything you already know.

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