Rag and Bone

American Lieutenant Billy Boyle is assigned to London by his cousi, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, to investigate the homicide of a Russian security officer in the buildup to D-Day. Billy recognizes that this is a politically charged case, pitting Allies against one another, and that he must proceed with caution. The Polish contingent is incensed over evidence that implicates the Russians in the kidnapping of thousand of Polish prisoners in the so-called Katyn Forest Massacre, and Scotland Yard thinks this murder of a Soviet officer may be a revenge killing—perhaps perpetrated by Billy ’ s friend Kaz, a Polish baron in exile. But Fran doesn ’ t buy it.

Can he find the real killer, exonerate his friend, and prevent Allied relations from falling to pieces at this critical moment of the wwi?
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Published September 1st 2010 by Soho Press
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gave it

As if that were n't enough of an etouffe, Mr. Benn ( who, in addition to being an author, is also a longtime librarian) has a knack for focusing on how geopolitical questions impact individual lives.

gave it

The killing surfaces around the revelation of the Katyn forest masscre- which is an event that is both topical to today 's society as it is delightfully esoteric enough to satisfy the WWIIophile.Benn knows his subject, getting the history and slang of the eriod right as well as Bostonia ( although I did notice one error referring to North Boston vs.

gave it

I 'm looking forward to reading the ext ook in the series.

gave it

He also deals with the moral aspect of life in the time of ar.

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