They call him 'Scorpion.' No-one knows his real name and the only person who have seen his face are dead. He works for the highest bidder, and he ’ s never missed a target.

The assassin appears in London with the name of an investigative reporter on his list. But has Scorpion met his match? The reporter has a protector- John Milton. And Milton might be the las woma in the world more dangerous than him.
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Published October 7th 2017 by Unputdownable
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gave it

The series is a spin-off of Dawson 's John Milton and Beatrix Rose novels..SCORPION pits agent John Milton against a former Russian assassin gone rogue.

This was an enlightening glimpse into John Milton 's backstory -- the years before his series of books begins.

gave it

Is Hailey simply bait to flush him out, so Milton can take out perhaps the best assassin in this area of operation.? ” Mind you Group 15 and John Milton demonstrate their effectiveness in saving her life at the start of the tory.

I think the strength displayed by Hailey is a little ridiculous but the character created by the writing remains true to this assured nature.What is incredible about Dawson and why he is so excellen at what he does.

gave it

When I saw that Sea was attached to this novel and after I read the escription I thought I would read the three stories that are out now under the series name " Group Fifteen Files " which Dawson uses different writers.

I 've never read any of Chandler 's John Milton books but I probably should add them to my ever-lengthening list.This novella is written bouncing back and forth between the narrato, John Milton, and the ntagonist, the Scorpion, and every now and then third person.

gave it

Anyway, John Milton was there to see to her safety and kill the assassin, Scorpion.

gave it

In min, he 's Milton 's equivalent for the Russian government.Do n't be put off by the four star rating.

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