She's Turning Into One of Them!: A For Better or For Worse Collection

In 1991, I wanted another baby, " writes creator Lynn Johnston. " Since it was n't ossible to do in reality, I made one up! Baby April appeared April 1st of that year and has added a great deal of creative fun to the strip.... "
The Pattersons have never exactly been all " sweetness and light. " As any For Better or For Worse fan can attest, this entertaining family endures just as mos of life 's downs as ups, but they always seem to keep moving forward. Now, however, parents Elly and John experience life in all directions as their youngest son, pril, becomes a teenager!

In true For Better or For Worse style, the best-selling strip examines all the ood and bad of " teenagedom, " while keeping it in context of the remainde of the family 's other joys and challenges. Readers will smile knowingly as John and Elly try to decipher teen-speak, deal with their own protective parental tendencies, and truggle to give their maturing daughter the independence she wants and needs. Then just when the wide, wide world of 13-year-olds is at its most intense, everything from fired coworkers to another new grandbaby vie for everyone 's attention.

This collection of aily and Sunday strips demonstrates once again that Johnston 's ability to intertwine the lives of all her haracters with the reader 's own is remarkable. She 's Turning into One of Them! will have them laughing, crying, and shaking their heads in the best For Better or For Worse fashion. Life? Bring it on!
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Published September 1st 2006 by Andrews McMeel Publishing (first published August 1st 2006
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She's Turning into One of Them! A For Better or For Worse Collection
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gave it

Maybe I could mark up the book so I could enjoy the strips about Weed 's relationship problems, the Ned controversy and Grandpa Jim 's new avocation while blipping over April 's witchy friend, the Mtigwaki social study lessons and the marshmallow who has replaced Anthony.

gave it

This volume comes fairly late in the un of the strip -- Michael and Elizabeth are now adults, and Fe is a teenager -- but maintains the strip 's consistent standards of quiet humour, sentiment, and social comment.

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