Silent Vows

Myra, a medieval virgin druidess, flees five hundred years into the future to escape death at the han of a ursed witch and lands in the arms of a handsome but cynical twenty-first century cop. Officer Todd Blakely knows Myra is hiding something, but ca n't resist her innocent charms. Destiny throws them both into a world of conspiracie and mysticism. Can Todd be the true white knight she needs? Or will magic and the inds of time tear them apart?
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Published September 3rd 2010 by The Wild Rose Press
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gave it

Also, a ot of set up for Fin and Lizzy' s story.

gave it

Ms. Bybee is one of them.This is the econd installment for the MacCoinnich clan ( Binding Vows was first) and I found I enjoyed this one more, both in the complexitie of plot and the depth of the characters.Part of the un of Time Travel romances is seeing how characters deal with the unexpected differences of another time period.

There 's a real ense of anger and suspense to the tale, a well-crafted, well-paced plot that keeps you turning pages, enough sexual tension to set your desk or e-reader smoking, wonderful secondary characters and Ms. Bybee 's wry sense of humor underpinning it all.

gave it

The oldest sister, Susa, is still a virgin ( much more ommon in the 7th century) and is now a target for the witch 's spell.

And discovered that even with Tara 's crash course in 21st century everything, she really was n't prepared for life in Tara 's California.The cop who picked her up at Disneyland knew she was lying about very nearly everything, but he still could n't get her out of his ead.

And because she was beautiful and he wanted to rescue her, even though he knew he could n't believe anything she said.Until Lizzy came to talk to the gir who had information about her mother, and verything got crazier.

gave it

I 'd go on to the firs books, but at some point I do actually need to sleep so it will have to wait a day.

Emma is definitely touchy, but a lot of times I get her point so much les than his.

We are n't just in their points of view, we 're in the head of so many storyline that all of the cast feel like friends.

There 's so much more going on here than just a romance and the epic fantasy driving this series takes a much larger role in this ook than it did the last.I would have liked to see Etha and Myra have the same ort of druid vows and connections as Duncan and Tara and would have loved a couple more scenes from the view points of the second couple, but overall this story was awesome.

gave it

Be sure to read them in order, while it might not be usefu for some books, this series would be best read in the correct order! 5+++++++

gave it

The sixth book Binding Vows was so ba I really did n't think that the first book would come close to being as ba as the secon, but I was wrong.

I haven ’ t pushed you for the nswers I know you have, but that doesn ’ t mean I don ’ t want them. ”

Lydia 's brothers Duncan and Fin went into the future a few weeks ago to stop the evil witch Grianna from getting her hands on a druid virgin, which she needs to break her curse.

Tara McAllister Who is now married to Myra 's brother Curti.

Grianna unbeknownst to the others has come back to the 16 century with Duncan, Fin, and Tara, and is now after Myra.

Instead Myra meets Officer Todd Blakely, who knows Myra is lying and hiding something, but helps her anyways, because he feels protective of her.

I want you. ” I liked Brian.

I love that even though he tries not to get close to her, Myra breaks through his walls.

I loved reading about her child like joy of discovering new things when she was in the future.

Myra not knowing or understand how things worked in the future lead to some hilarious moments like when Todd called home to check on her.

Keith and Myra are a adorable couple.

I do n't know how I feel about Fin and Liz. I know their book is firs and I am a little angry, seeing as Fin pissed me off in this ook by kissing Liz then trying to get Cale to go into town with him to find women to sleep with to get their minds off Liz and Myra.

“ Would you like to blacken the other? ” “ To serve what purpose? ” “ Oh, I don ’ t know make you feel better? ” Ian grunted, drank his Scotch.

gave it

I did n't think it was obvious, but I enjoyed this second nstallment of the MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy even more than the nex nove ( and I loved the last books, " Binding Vows ").

If you love time travel omances, along with having a yen for Highlanders, I highly recommend this very entertaining series.

gave it

I love the book and it is worth 6 starsMyra is sent into the future because she is in danger in 16th Century Scotland because Grianna is back ( the wicked witch) Myra is supposed to go to Lizzy ( Tara 's sister) but has a run in with Todd Blakely and decides to leave the hospital with nowhere to go apart from Shelters she chooses the wrong shelter but Sir Todd Blakely saves her.

Myra, Lizzy and Simon return to the past with all the required items but leaving Todd behind.

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