Soul Sister: Women, Friendship, And Fulfillment

Sisterhood is powerful, yet so is competition and antagonism between women. In Soul Sister bell hooks asks why, now that feminism has begun to make inroads in so many pheres, women seem more hostile and less understanding of each other; and what, if nything, feminists should do about this crisis.In Soul Sister, hooks considers the causes for increased tension between women including widening economic gaps, persistent racism, and violenc and shows how the media plays a role in creating divisions between women. She also suggests strategies for reconciliation, and proposes ways to increase harmony and acceptance.Like most of hooks' more recent titles on love and elationships, Soul Sister is conversational, direct, powerful, spiritual and written for a multiracial audience. Praise for bell hooks: It 's evident that in all of hooks' forthright works, from her stunning memoirs to her seminal works on race, sexualit, art, and educationa, that for her writing is a moral act.- Library JournalAs astute, intrepid cultural critic hooks so eloquently observes, the inner lives of African Americans have been given short shrift in the annals of psychology so cogent is hooks' thinking, so clarifying her language, that to read her is to set out on the path toward healing. -BooklistThe only woman in recent years who is readily identified as a member of that select group known as 'black public intellectuals. '-New York Times Book Review
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Published April 1st 2007 by South End Press (first published 2007
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Soul Sister: Women, Friendship, and Fulfillment
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