Stormy Weather


" Hysterically funny ... Hiaasen at his satirical best. "- USA Today

Two honeymooners wake up early, make love twice, and brace themselves for a spectacle they wo n't be watching from the sidelines. A seductive con artiste stumbles into a scam that promises more cool cash than the lottery. A shotgun-toting mobile home salesman is about to close a deal with disaster. A law school dropout will be chasing one Gaboon viper, a troop of storm-shocked monkeys, and a newfound love life, while tourists by the thousands bail from the Florida Keys. We 're now entering the hurricane zone, where hell and hilarity rule. And in the ands of the brilliant, merciless Carl Hiaasen, we 're going to have some weather.
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Published March 1st 2001 by Grand Central Publishing (first published 1995
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Stormy Weather
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gave it

If you have n't read any Hiaasen, he is based in the Tamp area and his ooks are all humor/crime novels that usually have basically the same heme: a somewhat crazy environmentalist fighting evil, corrupt forces ( Florida govt., land developers) in the Everglades.

gave it

Is veryone in Florida like this?

gave it

I 've been reading too much heavy stuff ( Under the Volcano, The Savage Detectives etc.) and was looking forward to a light, fast paced read with some good laughs thrown in, and I 'd always heard that Hiaasen was a perfect example of what they call a " beach read. " Also I was intrigued by the concept that his books are always set in lorida, as I spent my childhood years living there and was interestin to see if the prose would do a ood job of communicating a sense of place ( though my memories of the sunshine state are pretty vague at this point) As you can see by the two stars, I was a little afraid.

However, once the elements were all in place for everythin to begin resolving themselves, I realized that the outcome was fairly predictable, the plot ort of slowed down and there was n't enough humor to make it seem really worthwhile continuing.

gave it

The characte in Stormy Weather come together in Miami in the usual Hiassen convoluted manner following a major hurricane that has devastated the area.

Populating this novel are an ex-governor, with a mission for protecting his beloved Florida, who left society and now makes his home in the swamp eating roadkill; two low-level con artists, one of whom shows a penchant for violence and the other habors a Kennedy fantasy; several greedy and reprehensible men involved in home construction, inspection, and repair; a honeymoon couple whose different world views quickly become apparent; an easily seduced insurance adjustor, just wanting some piece/peace?; two state troopers romantically involved and all-around good people; a skull-juggling, nice law school dropout; and a crooked-as-they-come mobile home salesman.

gave it

Do n't know why there 's no sun up in the sky.This time the author scrambles a muddle of cartoonish characters whose lives intersect implausibly in the immediate aftermath of destruction and mayhem wreaked by an unnamed hurricane upon South Florida.

While Max is in the wild enduring torture at the han of his morally ambiguous captor who has forced him to wear an electroshock collar, his brand-new wife takes up with the dreamy Augustine -- a freewheeling, ruggedly adventuresome and independently wealthy hunk -- who represents some of the traits Bonnie spontaneously decides are absent in her days-old marriage.

This novel is hilarious! What 's beyond comprehension is the advertising soundbites featured on the cover by reputable outlets the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine, which blazon " Hilarious! " " Raucous Good Fun! " and " Positioning the Author to Become This Country 's Premier Satirist! " What?

The emotio is the disdain this author willingly seethes about the supposedly shallow and cynical advertising industry in light of the misleading marketing ads featured so prominently on his own book 's cover with the unmistakable intention of shilling endless copies to unwitting masses of buyers.

I will not repeat my mistakes by reading anything more by this author.Note to self: Checking something out from the library imposes absolutely no obligation for you to spend any more time completing it.

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