Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

Cerita ini berkisar tentang semangat juang Zainuddin, bagaimana merana dan melaratnya hidup Zainuddin setelah cintanya ditolak oleh keluarga Hayati. Kemudian beliau bangun semula dari segala kedukaan, membuka lembaran baru dalam hidupnya menjadi seorang penulis yang ternama dan berjaya. Ia menceritakan tentang kesetiaan, cinta dan kasihnya Zainuddin terhadap Hayati. Meski Hayati sudah berkahwin tetapi sebaik mendapat tahu tentang kesusahan yang dihadapi Hayati, lantaran suaminya yang suka berpoya-poya serta tidak bertanggung-jawab, Zainuddin terus membantu tanpa ada dendam dan benci. Sesungguhnya cinta yang suci itu akan terus mekar di dalam hati hingga ke hujung nyawa begitulah jua cinta antara Zainuddin dan Hayati.
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Published 1987 by Pustaka Dini (first published 1937
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Tenggelamnya kapal Van der Wijck
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gave it

Being my first time reading a classic ovel, I have to say that this novel is a page-turner.

gave it

I was interested in how Hamka criticized the Minang tradition and the subservient role of women as portrayed in this essay.

gave it

I picked this up because I used to have a friend that worshiped this book, most probably because the ship sunk on her birthday and it was the nly book ( that was famous) she read at that particular time.It was a bumpy ride for me.

The background was an intricate tapestry of custom, pride and family ties but I ca n't find anyone to like with the characters, namely Zainudin and Hayati.I actually had high hopes for Hayati when the author described she would ( probably) bring changes because her name is different than the whol.

It should not end any other way.And yet I find it lacked hope ( for the backstory, but it revolutionized the readers) This book reminded me of Les Miserables though I loved Hugo 's book, I ca n't say the same for Hamka 's.

gave it

great novel in the end..:) first time I read this, I feel bored by the long letters written by the two person: Zainudin& Hayati.

gave it

Because while junior end of each lesson Indonesian or when my friends and was bored, my teacher always told the story being serialized Zainuddin and Hayati.

gave it

The Van Der Wijck ship was just a closure.TWO WRONGS WILL NEVER MAKE A RIGHT.This is definitely a great tory of how 2 different social status impacted a pure relationship.

The tory was not about a sinking ship.

It is a tory about a sinking relationship being blind by wealth and social status.

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