The Abduction

Ben Brice lives alone in the New Mexico wilderness where he battles memories of Vietnam with oceans of Jim Beam. Miles away in Texas, his estranged nephew, Stephen, an Internet geek-turned-billionaire, half watches his daughter Gracie 's soccer game while conducting business on his cell phone. When her mother Elizabeth arrives, the coach reports that her ncle has already collected Gracie. But Gracie has no uncle -- she was kidnapped.

From international best-selling author Mark Gimenez comes a terrifying thriller in which dark family secrets make the finding of ten-year-old Gracie Brice more uncertain with every passing minute. And so begins a furious race against time to save Gracie from unknown kidnappers. With the FBI camped out in the Brice mansion, the family offers a reward of$ 25 million. Somehow, Ben and John Brice must find Gracie before it is too late. As the tory unfolds with riveting twists and turns, the reader discovers that behind the kidnapping is an extraordinary government plot that could change the course of American history. And time is running out ....

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Published March 8th 2007 by Sphere (first published 2007
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The Abduction

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gave it

The tory centre on the bduction of 10 year old Mar, whose haracter is an super-dooper good soccer player, executing moves on the occer field that would make Mia Hamm jealous.

The protagonist 's thoughts are annoyingly littered with goofy computer speak, just to make everythin, I guess, that the reader is aware that this guy really knows his computer stuff-another Bill Gates in the making.

gave it

You do not have to pick between them, enjoy them both as I certainly have.After reading about his other work at the nd of the ook I feel persuaded to start another one.

gave it

As a mu of a 9 year old heiress, I thought this book might be a really har book for me to read.

Gimenez did a great job infusing interesting characters with complex stories, as well as the government.

gave it

The essay was filled with action, but I think Mark Gimenez tried too hard to put a good love scene in it.

But if you are an advanced reader who likes long books, then The Abduction is for you.

gave it

This was an outstanding story.

The on light in his life is his 10 year old cousin, Gracie.

He knows Gracie is alive and he will use all the skills at his disposal to get her back.

Every time you think the story is heading into predictable territory, it shifts gears and heads down an un-paved road.

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