The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen

A richly entertaining and informative collection of Hans Christian Andersen 's stories, annotated by one of Europ 's leading folklore scholars.

In her most ambitious annotated work to date, Maria Tatar celebrates the stories told by Denmark 's " perfect wizard " and re-envisions Hans Christian Andersen as a journalis who casts his spell on both children and adolescent. Andersen 's most beloved fable, such as " The Emperor 's New Dres, " " The Ugly Duckling, " and " The Little Mermaid, " are now joined by " The Shadow " and " tory of a Father, " mature stories that reveal his literary range and depth. Tatar captures the tales' unrivaled dramatic and visual power, showing exactly how Andersen became one of the world 's ten most translated authors, along with Shakespeare, Dickens, and Marx. Lushly illustrated with more than one hundred fifty rare images, many in full colou, by artists such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen will captivate readers with annotations that explore the rich social and cultural dimensions of the 19th century and construct a compelling portrait of a riter whose stories still fascinate us today..
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Published November 12th 2007 by W. W. Norton & Company (first published 2007
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gave it

Interesting to see some of the parallels in characters and torylines.

gave it

The kind that I find fascinating is that illustrated adaptations of the woma 's work are so popular.

The thing that Tatar finds best about his work are his words and stylings.

Note the dissonance ... .I did find enlightening the appendix of comments by adults about their eactions to Andersen 's works.

And think about the adaptations that you share with your parent.

I 'm not sure why Tatar lists it with the adult tales, unless it 's because so many adults with feminist perspectives have used it in their works.

gave it

I started reading fairy tales after reading eggy 's book.Orenstein, Peggy 's Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture, in chapter Six Guns and Briar Roses, talking about violent play and gruesomeness of old fairy tales in child 's development.

Later Tales, published during 1867& 1868 ( 1869) The Little Match Girl ( 1845) The Little Mermaid ( 1837) Little Tuck The Most Astonishin Thing ( 1870) The Nightingale ( 1843) The Old House The Philosopher 's Stone ( 1859) The Princess and the Pea ( 1835) The Red hoes ( 1845) Sandman ( 1841) The Shadow ( 1847) The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep ( 1845) The Snow Queen ( 1844) The Steadfast Tin Soldier ( 1838) The Tale of a other ( 1847) The Swineherd ( 1841) Thumbelina ( 1835) The Tinderbox ( 1835) The Ugly Duckling ( 1843) The Wild Swans ( 1838)

gave it

I would have preferred someone who 's more invested in the works and in Andersen to have done it, even if it meant pandering to the horror of Andersen himself ( who, it turns out, was really not a very likeable fellow, so I can understand fans of his preferring his friend-to-children-everywhere image instead) .Beyond the notes, there are plenty of lovely illustrations.

gave it

Andersen wrote 157 fairy tales so the 24 stories is just a smattering of his work, but it has all the classic ones: " The Little Mermaid, " ( my personal favourite) " The Emperor 's New lothes, " " The Wild Swans, " " Thumbelina, " " The Princ and the Pea, " " The Snow Queen, " " The Ugly Duckling, " etc.

It does n't show in the nnotations, but it comes back in the biography of him at the beginnin of the bestselling.

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