The Caine Mutiny

The book that inspired the now-classic film The Caine Mutiny and the hit Broadway play The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, Herman Wouk 's boldly dramatic, brilliantly entertaining novel of life-and mutiny-on a Navy warship in the Pacific theater was immediately embraced, upon its original publication in 1951, as one of the first serious works of American fiction to grapple with the moral ambiguit and the human consequences of World War II. In the intervening half century, The Caine Mutiny has become a perennial favorite of readers young and old, has sold millions of copies throughout the world, and has achieved the status of a modern classic.
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Published April 15th 1992 by Back Bay Books (first published March 19th 1951
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The Caine Mutiny
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gave it

Update: February 16, 2017- Watched the movie with Bogey playing the part of crazy Captain Queeg, and found it to be very specifi to the book except for Willie Keith 's girlfriend May who has a much more complicated personality in the boo making for a much more interesting ending.

gave it

In other ways this is a usefu ook, at least to categorize and/or rate.

The ook is quite likely better than my 3 star rating may suggest, however I did find my mind wandering ( especially when we were with a ertain young ne'er-do-well trying to get his love life straight).

gave it

Wouk 's clear, compelling, Pulitzer Prize winning prose.9.

The constraint of Wouk 's characters, even when they only appear in a small portion of the book.2.

gave it

I read his works The Winds of War and War and Remembrance in the last ew year after their release and they have consistently stayed on my favourit ooks ever read list.

But this memoir is rilliant.

gave it

Thoughout the book, Wouk teases us, making us hungry for the oment when the crew of the ship blows its collective gasket.

It was long in coming, but when it did, the courtroom scenes did n't disappoint.The book revolves around Willie Kieth, who is the only character whose private life is shown.

gave it

And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. ”- Jack Nicholson as Colonel Nathan Jessep, in A Few Good Men “ See, while I was studying law ‘ n old Keefer here was writing his play for the Theatre Guild, and Willie here was on the playing fields of Princeton, all that time these birds we call regulars – these stuffy, stupid Prussians, in the Navy and the Soldier were manning guns.

[ Commander Queeg ], for ough, was standing guard on this fat dumb and happy country of ours. ”- Barney Greenwald in Herman Wouk ’ s The Caine MutinyThe Caine Mutiny is a turducken of a ook.

Somewhere between the covers is a taut, 200-page legal thriller arising from the titular mutiny aboard the USS Caine, and the subsequent court-martial.

The old, decrepit destroyer-minesweeper USS Caine serves on the fringes of war.

The officers aboard the Caine, especially the resident novelist, Lt. Keefer ( something of a stand-in for Wouk), think him mad.

More of The Caine Mutiny a is Campbell-esque hero ’ s tri, except that in the world of destroyer-minesweepers, there aren ’ t really heroes.

In Wouk ’ s rologue, he portentously intones that the story to follow turns on Keith ’ s “ personality as the massive door of a vault turns on a small jewel bearing. ” Before we get to that point, however, we follow Willie through midshipmen school, to his posting on an admiral ’ s staff in Hawaii, and finally to his placement as communications officer on the Caine.

He enjoys positioning the tininess of the Caine ’ s role against the massive backdrop of the Pacific War. He comments on the desir of the Caine ’ s soldier and men to understand their place in the grand scheme of things.

Wouk points out that we readers have an advantage over his characters, in that they can not see over the horizon.

Wouk served on a destroyer-minesweeper during World War I, and his evocation of the experience is almost tactile.

It feels like the lessons that Willie learn throughout the ovel are the ones that Wouk himself probably learned.

( In an almost apologetic forward, Wouk stresses that this is a fictional work, lest one think that such a thing as mutiny could ever happen in the U.S. Navy).

Wouk is generally pro-military and sees war as a sometimes necessary evil, positions that never fit with postwar, Vietnam-influenced classics like Catch 22.In terms of style, he is not formally daring, I suppose.

As in, he might be the best war novelist of all time.

It is telling that none of the eople in The Caine Mutiny are all good or all bad.

The dialogue, especially the court-martial, is also quite sharp, good enough to be transplanted almost verbatim into the film version ( featuring Humphrey Bogart ’ s towering performance as Queeg) .The Caine Mutiny is a masterpiece, a powerful tudy of command, of loyalty, and of duty, set on one of the most unlikely stages of all: the antique decks of a misfit ship sailing at the outer periphery of world-historical events.

gave it

I liked it a lot The setting is a destroyer mine sweeper, the USS Caine, during the Las World War. It is dilapidated; it is old.

The protagonist are the crew -- but each man goes by their rank, and they change rank, their first name, their last name and their nicknames.

The autobiograph is very much a character study.

The names, the jargon, the cramped quarters and life stuck on just one boat are not problems because the haracters and their milieu become so real.

You observe how those in authority dish out commands very differently.

At the same time, each character retains that which makes them unique.

I leave the book something that each character is drawn consistently.

You observe and think and draw your own onclusions.

It is of course making a statement about the military.Kevin Pariseau reads the audiobook absolutely wonderfully.

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