The Complete Mark Twain Collection

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Published May 20th 2009 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (first published 1910
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The Complete Mark Twain Collection
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gave it

I was captivated when Twain described coming across the Mormon Pioneers, and an experience with Governor Boggs from Missouri in his story.

gave it

In this collection, I bypassed the familiar Mississippi novels, and went straight to the story of 19th-century Americans abroad in Europe, The Innocents Abroad.In 1972 when I first read this travel novel, it was a paperback bought for a dime at a yard sale.

We took turns, my daughte and I, reading it aloud on a shor bus trip, in between extracts from two volumes of Will and Ariel Durant 's The tory of Civilization.

It is not only the hapless Europeans he pinions, but also Old Travelers; tourists like themselves whose experience is just that hair broader that Twain 's companions' and his own.

gave it

Then I fell in love with his short stor, especially The Jumping Frog.

gave it

Using the sidebar function of my tablet gave me a list of book titles and stuff like chapter one, or appendix and so on.

gave it

I 've always been a big fan of Twain, but it has been ears since I read somethin of his.

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