The Diligence de Lyon

Clarissa Lovell is an independent minded girl in an age of double standards. But she soon discovers the world is n't as innocent as it looks. Overhearing the libertine Count de Frethun promise to marry any woman who can tell him what the 'Diligence de Lyon' is, she sets out to find the secret.

Dressing as a young an, she makes her own Grand Tour of urope, tracking down the Diligence from the flimsiest of clues. Finally, in Rome, she thinks she has found the secret, and writes to the Count, asking him to join her for the final revelation. But will things go as smoothly as she hopes? And will the Count still respect her when he finds out what she 's had to do to find the Diligence?

Contains: Group, f/f, m/m, and self pleasure exhibition
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Published 2009 by Liquid Silver Books
Isbn 13

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gave it

But if she finds out what the Diligence de Lyon is, will the Count uphold his promise despite the rather improper lengths Clarissa goes through to find it? Anna Austen Leigh takes her rebellious and somewhat unconventional ( for her time) heroine on an erotic treasure hunt of sorts in The Diligence de Lyon.

For his part, the Count of Frethun is an open-minded, entertaining hero, a worthy object of the protagonis ’ s desire.Clarissa ’ s search to find out what the Diligence de Lyon is leads her into a ariety of sexual encounters with men and woman alike.

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