The Fifth Sacred Thing

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Published June 1st 1994 by Bantam (first published 1993
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The Fifth Sacred Thing
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gave it

I just, you know, no longer want to hand it out on street corners.

gave it

11/2015 I live in the aroma of this essay, whether I am reading it or not.

There are times when I need this book the way I need air.

I live inside it and believe in it with all my heart.

I believe that people can work together and create a society which honors the earth and the sacred things thereupon, that people can honor one another and find new thing to relate to their nvironments.

I love this book unreservedly.

gave it

Could n't stand it, could n't finish it.

gave it

In any case, Starhawk has taken all that she knows from her work as a pagan, anarchist, activist, nonviolent organizer, and created a world that may be our near future.Set in the mid-21st century in San Jose, an earth-worshiping, polycultural, polyamorous, polytheist culture of nonviolent warriors is pitted against the last brutal and convulsive remnants of industrial society.

Primary cultural values of the post-uprising San Francisco are the four sacred things: Earth, fire, water, and ir.

gave it

This is a dystopian versus utopian novel with a difference because it is not straight science fiction- at least, the story relies upon the use of alternative medicine and manipulation of ch' i/qi, the body 's energy field, by people who have sychic abilities.

But something is not well in 'utopia' for plagues have reduced the population and the suspicion is that these are artificially engineered and originate from the south.Naturally the Stewards, living in an area baked by heat and lacking in resources- most of the population there has to work for water and drugs to protect them from the same engineered viruses that have been sent north- and feeling the need to assert their authority over 'Witches' and 'devil worshippers'- decides to invade the north.

Eventually the enemy makes its move, which results in a harrowing portrayal of the attempts by the San Fransicans to resist non violently against murderous tyranny.The story does become a bit heavy handed at times in the olemic and also the need for one character to explain to another, and hence the reader, what is going on.

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