The Flowers of Evil, Vol. 7


Kasuga y Nakamura ponen en marcha su plan la noche del festival, pero no sale como tenían previsto. Pasa el tiempo y, en una nueva ciudad, rodeado de nuevos amigos. Kasuga cursa ahora bachillerato. Siguiendo la sombra de Nakamura, de la que ha perdido el rastro, Kasuga es como una cáscara vacía.
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Published October 15th 2013 by Vertical (first published December 7th 2012
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惡の華 7
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gave it

In Volume 7, we 've reached one of the biggest climaxes in the series, and the watch its effects on life on the main villai 's life.

gave it

I was really hoping ( view spoiler) [ Kasuga and Nakamura really would light themselves on fire ( hide spoiler) ] even though I know that 'd never happen since there are 4 more volumes of the series.

Perhaps it 's because this series is pretty short and the volumes are quick reads.

gave it

The ever present flower, and visual embodiment of the eries, closes its eye on the nex stage.

Months later, we find Kasuga has started a new life far away from his hometown, and those he knew.

gave it

It 's not intense at all, but because of the irst 6 volumes, there 's an underlying dread over every scene.

gave it

I really thought this manga series was about to jump the shark after the previous two volumes but this one is a great new start.

The maturity that the haracters have at this point is notable, especially when compared to the young but appropriate foolishness of the previous volum.

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