The Ghost of Schafer Meadows

A ysterious light at night, things out of place, a woma in her oom. Jessie does n't believe in hosts, but how can she deny what she 's seen, especially when Pete, whom she admires, says he 's seen the ghost?

When her father accepts a job at the Schafer Meadows Ranger Station in Montana 's Great Bear Wilderness, Jessie Scott, 12, is devastated She has to leave her best riends in New Mexico for a life without TV, cell phones, the Internet, or even electricity. To help ease the pain of moving, her father gets her a puppy. Together, Annie and her pupp, Oriole, explore their new home as Jessie seeks answers to strange happenings, stolen food, and a ghost that wo n't leave her alone.
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Published November 10th 2011 by Grizzly Ridge Publishing (first published November 28th 2007
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gave it

It is a playful, sweet tory, and very appropriate for young adult eaders.

While the primary bad guy was still very satisfyin, the plethora of possibilities is better in this tale.

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