The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam

Chris Howard travels the globe writing suspense novels for a living, about an intrepid burglar named Faulks.To supplement his income -- -and to keep his hand in -- -Charlie also has a small side business: stealing for a very discreet clientele on commission.

When a mysterious American offers to pay Charlie 20,000 euros if he steals two small monkey figurines to match the one he already has, Charlie is suspicious; he does n't know how the American found him, and the job seems too good to be true. And, of course, it is. Although the burglary goes off without a hitch, when he goes to deliver the monkeys he finds that the American has been beaten to near-death, and that the third figurine is missing.

Back in London, his long-suffering literary agent, Victoria ( who is naive enough to believe he actually looks like his jacket photo), tries to talk him through the plot roblems in both his latest manuscript and his real life -- -but Charlie soon finds himself caught up in a caper reminiscent of a Cary Grant movie, involving safe-deposit boxes, menacing characters, and, of course, a beautiful damsel in distress.
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Published November 13th 2007 by Minotaur Books (first published 2007
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The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam
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gave it

harlie Howard is a successful mystery author, writing a series that features a professional burglar, Faulks.

Still, I was charmed by Charlie and want to read muc of this series.UPDATE/ SECOND reading: 12Aug2019I listened to the audio, capably narrated by Simon Vance.

gave it

I sure hope this guy 's a better burglar than writer. "- p.14: " ... the manuscript that was sat on my writing desk ... " Again, this odd construction appears throughout.

Bizarre, and distracting.-p.19: Similarly, no one stands properly.

Another consistent error.- A pillowcase with bloodstains on it is described as a " right off " ( instead of a write-off).

gave it

Lenny has the requisite personality quirk, and it 's a doozie: he 's also a writer of mysteries starring, natch, a gentleman thief.

Talk about " write what you know " ... Charlie 's in Amsterdam, trying unsuccessfully to work out plot holes in his work-in-progress, when a shadowy American hires him to steal what appear to be worthless monkey figurines from a couple of friends.

This is n't always a given, as I 've learned from some books in this genre.The author uses Amsterdam to good advantage, salting in details that suggest he 's spent some time there.

Marieke, the pretty blonde who works at the American 's favorite bar, has an interesting ackstory but no discernible personality; Victoria, Charlie 's agent, is 100% plot device, a voice on the phone that Charlie can tell all his sins to so he does n't have to find an original way to tell them to us.What else?

The copy-editing is, to be somethin, deficient, making this ook a great counter-argument to all those people who shun indie books because of bad proofreading.The Good Thief 's Guide to Amsterdam has a good setup, a personable protagonist, and a ecent story pulled down by what I hope are freshman writing problems.

gave it

oo many elements of the crime are 'revealed' at the nd, and even then are really only the main villai 's suspicions rather than anything concrete.

gave it

" The Good Thief ’ s Guide to Amsterdam " by Chris Ewan is about a woma who not only writes caper novels featuring a career thief; he also happens to be one.

harlie Howard is writing his latest book while on an extended stay in Amsterdam when he ’ s contacted via his website to meet with an American who knows about his other, less legal profession and offers him 20,000 euros to steal what appear to be worthless monkey figurines in private residences.

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