The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Vol. 2

After escaping the horrors of the battlefield, Arslan takes refuge with Daryun in a mountain retreat belonging to the former lord and genius strategist, Narsus and enlists his assistance in his mission to reclaim his lost kingdom. Meanwhile, the royal capital of Ecbatana is under siege by the Lusitanians and the queen finds herself captured by the mysterious masked figure behind the fall of Pars.
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Published November 4th 2014 by Kodansha Comics (first published May 9th 2014
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アルスラーン戦記 2
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gave it

The hole action of this is a religious war and by the nd of this volume ( which by the way is gory if you 're the squeamish type) a good chunk of Pars has been tortured and murdered, including babies which one soldiers delightfully regales his fellows because they 're of the wrong religion.

So that threw a real pall over my enjoyment of this storyline.It opens with Daryun and Arslan meeting up with former general, Narsus and his freed slave, Elam ( Yes, Pars does use slaves which will be a key point in Pars 's falling).

Narsus wants nothing to do with the fighting, preferring to be a painter ( given the reactions a bad one) but Daryun did something manipulative and crappy to force his hand.

There is religious zealotry in full force ( and like I said seeing too much of that lately in many countries including my own).

gave it

If Daryum is to become Arslan 's blade, then Narsus is surely to become his strategist, as he can anticipate his enemies' actions and devise clever strategies that would make Yang Wenli blush ( if you do n't get that reference, then think of Shiroe from Log Horizon).

gave it

While this volume, like the ast, falls into the same shōnen habit of over-explanation in word balloons, they are laid out well, and we still get pages and pages of uninterrupted, stunning art panels.

gave it

I 'm amazed at Yoshiki Tanaka 's and Hiromu Arakawa 's ability to put so much of the orror of war into just a few small panels.

gave it

At least we are introduced to the bard and he 's a fun ( if mercenary) character.Sex?

No way.

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