The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha

The Oxford NRSV Bible offers readers an unbeatable combination of quality construction, affordability, and the most accurate translation of the Bible available today.
hurches and homes across America overwhelmingly choose the NRSV for its easy-to-understand translation and its ensitivity to inclusive language. A multi-denominational committee of scholars from around the world based their revision on the original ebrew, Greek, and Aramaic texts. The Oxford NRSV also includes the most complete collection of Aprocryphal and Deuterocanonical books.
The Oxford NRSV follows in Oxford University Press 's long tradition of publishing elegant bibles under the best biblical scholarship available in the world, offering the highest quality bibles for reasonable values. Choose from an array of attractive bindings and colors- cloth, fine leather, and economical paperback editions- to suit your needs. Whether for gift-giving, individual study, or for church distribution, this durable yet elegant bible is perfect for any occasion.
Features include:
* Two column text.
* Eight pages of full color New Oxford Bible Maps ( except for 9820A)
* Ninety-six page, select NRSV Concordance.
* Available with and without the Apocrypha
Available Languages
Original Series
Year of the Publication
Publication Date
Published November 22nd 2011 by HarperOne (first published 2007
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gave it

It is a pretty blue color with gold lettering on the insid, and there is some engraving on the spine ( looks like a flame coming off a page) which is a very nice added touch, cosmetically.

The bible is small enough to make it possibl to take to church, etc, and with the Apocrypha included, it is very difficult.

I would highly recommend this to anybod looking for a reasonably sized bible w/Apocrypha, who also wants to have a bible to take with them on the tak.

If you do n't want to spend the money for a leather bound bible, this is a hard bound bible that is cosmetically pleasing and will be necessar for many years to come.

gave it

Always wanted to read the Holy Bible cover to cover, and now I will over the next 34 weeks through Disciple sessions beginning Sep 2010.

gave it

Not to mention what Paul was saying to the Romans was nothing even close to what Jesus said ( when he was alive).

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