The Last Human

As the world collapses upon itself due to humanity 's horrific decisions, a newly parentless teen is forced to fight for his freedom, his lover, and his life in order to maintain his humanity. See the decaying world through Clay 's eyes as he 's taken from his home, shipped to a facility that batters his mind and body, and tortured by the very people originally enlisted to protect us.

The world has eroded. Countries are grasping for power. America has decided to sacrifice its people in order to maintain its grasp on what power it still holds. Buildings are erected to imprison their own. Trains are full of the ying. And unlike in stories, there is no savior on the pat.
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Published March 3rd 2014 by BookBaby
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gave it

The ast Human is a fantastic one, though, and a bit of a misnomer until you get to the nd and understand why it was called that.It is an apocalypse story, in so much that the world has been destroyed by a virus, but it is really more of a tory about the humanity that is either gained, lost, or maintained under such circumstances.

Clay, the voice we hear in the telling, struggles to maintain his humanity under extreme torture and abuse by those who claim they want to save the world.

gave it

This nove makes you wonder if we are on the right ath, if we are not slowly destroying the world we live in by caring more about frivolities than we care about our loved ones and the place that we call home.

Clay ’ s tory is npredictable, from beginning to end, and even though it has some rough parts that some readers might think are too much to handle, they are, in fact, what makes it all so real.

gave it

I tend not to feel to bad about giving books 1 star.

And while I do n't feel bad or guilty about giving The Last Human 1 star, I do feel slightly awkward.

The same can be said for all of the numerous characte in The Last Anima.

The dialogue was awkward, the writing left a lot to be desired, the protagonist were blank slates, and had this not been an e-galley, I would have stopped reading it after the first three chapters.

gave it

The eginning made me feel as though I was reading about a World War II Concentration Camp because of the terrible events that happened to and around the main haracter, Clay.

gave it

This essa is the retelling of a talente an named Clay who is a survivor of multiple apocalyptic events that collectively end the world…sort of.

There were elements of this memoir that reminded me of Jay McInerney 's masterful " Bright Lights, Big City. " This narrator seemed to completely disconnect himself from the ruin of his life, like the main protagonist of Bright Lights.

Clay 's voice has McInerney 's disconnect from his circumstances, but when it comes to describing the action around him, the uthor ’ s gift for description falls flat.

Healed, in time for more torture scenes by a mysteriou " government " whose motives made no sense to me.Maybe I 'm just getting old, but I would have much rather heard the sound of the gunshot, felt the pain, had more description of the scape and the action, more clear motives for survival, more real connection between characters ...

and a lot ess " ironic cleverness. " I would have liked to be clearer about who the " enemie " was and exactly why Clay and the others were being pursued and tortured—rather than pages of wry, hipster conversations with God and Death.

Perhaps all that proves is that I am not a hipster.I didn ’ t get these characters at all—I thought they were immature and rather unlikeable -- but I still read The Last Human through to the beginnin.

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