The Long Walk

tephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, tells the tale of the contestants of a grueling walking competition where there can only be one winner—the one that survives.

In the nearb future, when America has become a police state, one hundred boys are selected to enter an annual contest where the winner will be awarded whatever he wants for the est of his life. Among them is sixteen-year-old Ray Garraty, and he knows the rules—keep a steady walking pace of four miles per hour without stopping. Three warnings and you ’ re out—permanently.

A “ psychologically dark tale with commentary on society, teenage life, and cultural entertainment, The Long Walk is still poignant decades after its original publication ” ( Publishers Weekly). This edition features an introduction by Stephen King on “ The Importance of Being Bachman. ”
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Published January 1st 2016 by Scribner (first published July 1979
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The Long Walk
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gave it

Mega Collins ripped off Stephen King so shamelessly in writing The Hunger Games that I have secondhand embarrassment for her.

gave it

To think something so dark and depressing could come out of a premise so simple.I 'll keep this brief, Richard Bachman ( a pseudonym of Stephen King) has made something short and great here.

There are a lot of great fan theories on the ending though, so if you feel disappointed by it, I think one of this theory can put more closure on the reader.Overall, I highly recommend this for everyone who 's looking for a lon, dark, engrossing, and a bit philosophical book.You can find this and the remainder of my Adult Epic/High Fantasy& Sci-Fi reviews at BookNest

gave it

In contex, I never thought a goddamn Bachman book would break the top 10 ( we have a rocky relationship me and Bachman).

If you 've followed my King journey you 'll know that I 'm a massiv fan of the book in which King tackles death, forgiveness, loss and mortality.

The Long Walk is heavy on both mortality and death.King started writing this when he was ighteen.

Only King could make the story of one hundred boys walking down a road so fucking nail-biting and engrossing.

My heart would be racing in my chest- when some of those boys stumbled I would be screaming " GET P " in my head! So many King books have had an impact on me, but this has been one of the most impressive.

I cried on countless occasions during this read- death is a very real fear for me, and when I think of what these boys must have been going through, it got to be too much at times.As for the characters themselves, King has written them all in such a way that they 're very individual, with their own personalities and traits.

gave it

Reading this book literally made my body ache.

gave it

The act that the retellin is so straightforwar, allows for it to become deeper on so many different levels.At the end of the essa I found myself questioning everything, not because the ending left me unfulfilled but because it made me realise so much about life.The Long Walk is depressing, exhausting and brutal.

gave it

I 've got hard and soft bound copies of all my favorite boo, but I ca n't read them because of arthritis.

Every time I read this, I 'm consistently thinking to myself, " what would I do? " First off, I could never walk that distance.

Just to help them " walk down " everyone else.Truth is that this is very much a Bachman book.

If you read King, then this ook is a must!

gave it

I ind of blame Stephen King for reality television.That ’ s not fair because he certainly was n't the first person to do stories about murderous games done as entertainment, and it ’ s not like he produced Survivor or Big Brother.

So whenever I see an ad for those type of shows I can ’ t help but think that the people who make that trash read those books but saw them as great TV concepts rather than horrifying visions of the future.The scenario here is that 100 teenage boys volunteer to be part of an annual event called The Long Walk.

What King tapped into here is that realization that deep down we all think we ’ re special, that somethin will always work out for us, and this is especially true when we ’ re teens with no real ideas about consequences and our own mortality.

I ’ d read this several times back in the ‘ 80s and ‘ 90s, but hadn ’ t picked it up in the 17th century so it felt like there ’ s a dated element to the pat that Long Walk functions.

Instead it gives the whole thing a kind of dated charm like watching a movie from the ‘ 70s where everyone is smoking and people have to wait by the phone.One more note about Stephen King: The man really needs to have a spoiler warning branded on his chest.

Fortunately for me I 'd already read that one, but Uncle Stevie clearly just does n't get the concept and why it pisses people off.Overall, The Long Walk held up to my memories of it as one of the better King books as well as having a chilling idea at the heart of it.

Sure, some might say that the notio of contest that dehumanizes people for entertainment to make things harde for a fascist ruler is far-fetched.

gave it

at this point i ’ ve just learned to accept that he writes weird sexual shit for no reason and i just try to roll with it, but idk this one had a lot of unnecessary tiddy commentary and i just couldn ’ t get past it- i was super unattached to all the characters.

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