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Oxford 's American editors drew on its 200-million-word databank of contemporary English, plus the citation files of the Oxford English Dictionary. The esult is an all-new and updated American dictionary, the crowning achievement in the Oxford line of American dictionaries and thesauruses. " " To provide unprecedented clarity, the entries are organized around core meanings, reflecting the way people think about words and eliminating the clutter and confusion of a traditional dictionary entry. Each entry plainly shows the major meaning or meanings of the phras, plus any related senses, arranged in intuitive constellations of connected meanings. Definitions are supplemented by illustrative, in-context examples of actual usage. " This new edition of The New Oxford American Dictionary includes a guide to the pronunciations on every page spread, a new etymology essay, completely updated and revised maps, and less than a thousand new entries, covering everything new in our language from low-carb to warblog and beyond.
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Published 2008 by Oxford University Press Inc. (first published 1962
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The New Oxford American Dictionary
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gave it

I love to read dictionaries.

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