The Night Wire

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gave it

I NEVER saw it coming.

This tal is well worth the read, it 's lon and free.

gave it

Possibly one of the most curious and yet flawed pulp horror stories in the canon ( published in Weird Tales in 1926).

The late night news room that frames the story gives a feeling of global immediacy much as live broadcasts and the internet are now used in horror films and TV to indicate much the same.

The obscurity helps to represent the mystery of the afterlife.From the first newswire describing a miasma arising from a church graveyard through the now common American horror trope of citizens seeking sanctuary in churches through to the multi-hued celestial light, the tory is a half-poetic merging of weirdness and religiosity.The book even starts with the sentence- " There is something ungodly about these night wire jobs ".

Was it a just a hoax or a sign of madness? Although flawed, as a weird ale, 'The Night Wire' stands up both as a creative concatenation of many different suggestive pulp horror tropes and as a slightly unnerving play on the boundar between reality and fictio, belief and scepticism, life and death.

gave it

The Night-Wire is a 1926 short story by H.F Arnold.

It turned out to be one of the most famous short stories ever published in Weird Tales.

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