The Silver Thief

Dante Galand has cured the sickness that trapped him on the Plagued Islands. Now, it 's time to leave.

And kill a priest.

The target is Gladdic of Bressel. Gladdic, who executed Dante 's love, the pirate Captain Twill. Who all but enslaved the Plagued Islands. And whose visions of empire are far from over. But Gladdic is trained in both ether and nether—and a darker magic than Dante has ever known.

He 's the most dangerous foe Dante has faced. And if Dante falls, so will an entire kingdom.

Set in a USA TODAY bestselling world, THE SILVER THIEF is the third novel in the Cycle of Galand.
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Published December 21st 2015
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gave it

The stories of Dante and Blays just keeps getting better and better.In this second ook of the ycle of Galand, they are trying to destroy the evil priest Gladdic as revenge for what he did to Captain Twill.

gave it

it is a lighthearte and smile-worthy book, njoyable to read ( listen to), and you want the her to win!

gave it

So it 's entirely possible the thief girl was set up there and I just do n't know.3.5/5 stars rounded up.

gave it

Yes, the second one is still the weakest, but coming to it with prior knowledge of and affection for the characters let me enjoy their early adventures so much ore than I had the first time.I finished the first series and started the second and for a brief minute I was n't ure I was going to like it, but then I realized I needed to relax and quit worrying, I could trust the author to get our characters through hell, if possibl.

However, I was happy to spend ore time in their ompany and I 'm going to be sad when the second ook is done.

gave it

In what is a very clever move, the journalis has been bringing a new story line into the picture.

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