The Ugly Truth About Self-Publishing: Not another cookie-cutter contemporary romance

Dear Indie Author,

Forget everything you think you know about writing and self-publishing. Chances are it 's complete bullshit.

Nowadays there are literally hundreds of million of people who dream of being a professional riter. And thanks to self-publishing and print-on-demand, there 's nothing stopping you or anyone else from publishing whatever you want.

Even if it 's complete crap.

The result? Every year, hundred of shitty books get self-published. Books that should have never been published in the irst place, because they are so ad, nobody wants to read them.

While you 're reading this little memoir, one of two things is likely gon na happen: Either you totally hate this nove, because you feel what I 'm saying is stepping on your toes and you may feel personally attacked. Or you wholeheartedly agree with this book, because you 're one of the man good indie authors who actually have talent.

But even if you hate every word I say, you probably should take the time to read this book anyway, because you 'll learn a few very important way. I promise to keep it short.

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Published April 19th 2018 by Becker and Malloy LLC
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gave it

I thought there would be useful information for aspiring authors but all this turned out to be was a complaint session about how soccer mom 's should n't be allowed to write.

According to this moron if you show a man 's chest you have no creativity but if you show a woman 's ass you 're a true artist.

gave it

Pot, meet kettle! This author sits here whining and aching and ranting about " wannabe writers " ...

It 's like I just read a really freaking long rant on facebook by someone who 's bitter because *his* books are n't selling and clearly he 's a *true* genius.

Oh, yeah, and then there 's the point in the ook where he 's sitting there ranting about how awful all the autho 's of the world are, except for the few talented ones, but you know, there 's enough other talented authors that they 're all just drowning each other out ...

Shitty authors that do n't know they 're shitty and shove their book in your face everywhere they go even though no one cares.

It 's all just comments about " All indie writers are like this " or " none of them are actually selling anything, they 're just playing dress up. " But the author really has no clue what is and is n't the truth.

gave it

He even built in a failsafe against critics -- those who do n't like the book just do n't appreciate the harsh truths they are being served.

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