The Walking Dead, Issue #187

“ THE ROAD BACK ” Can Rick Grimes bring peace to the Commonwealth—or will he tear it apart?
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Published January 2nd 2019 by Image - Skybound

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gave it

Princess leaves Mercer and Commonwealth after getting some more back story on her abusive past.

gave it

Even though they may be sitting and talking characters can still die and have repercussions to the whol of the lot.

gave it

Yeah, let 's talk about their feelings again.

And yeah let 's talk about Carl 's fucking eye for the millionth time.

Last issue he dropped a fucking BOMB to Michonne being all MANLY MAN..

Fucking Rick, blamed Michonne for shooting Dwight.

Rick shot him and then said to Michonne " your fault " " you forced me " and all-a-that-shit..

Not even a Rick VS Michonne issue so as to see SOMETHING somewhat interesting since this is n't even about a post-apocalyptic world or zombies anymore than it is a drama series about relationships.I need someone who likes the series to honestly tell me what he likes, maybe I 'll force myself to like something in this garbage until something interesting happens..

gave it

Though I am interested in ick 's plan with commonwealth.

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