There Goes My Baby!

As thousand of For Better of For Worse fans know, Lynn Johnston creates a hilarious comic strip that is n't afraid to probe today 's serious issues. This catalogu is a case in point; it includes the sequence in which a teenage family friend, awrence, reveals that he is ay. Sensitive, elievable, and moving, Johnston 's careful portrayal of this prophec is a landmark in comics. Also included are the For Better or For Worse trademarks: the foibles of teenagers, the terrors of tots, and the rials of marriage.
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Published August 1st 1993 by Andrews McMeel Publishing (first published 1993
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There Goes My Baby! (A for Better Or Worse Collection)
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gave it

This novel is probably most well-known for the storie of Lawrence 's coming-out ...

gave it

This is the tale of one family as it grows, learns, lives, and heartbroken.

gave it

Stephen 's not the teen to get flack for being homosexual, Elizabeth is not the one to succumb to peer pressure and shave the sides of her head.

um, maybe that 's the problem.

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