Three days of happiness 1


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Published December 2017(first published July 4th 2017
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寿命を買い取ってもらった。一年につき、一万円で。 1

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gave it

I really I have not read anything that made me think about the value of life so much than this one.

( view spoiler) [ I am not sure what I should think about the romance.

gave it

Also, it 's been months since he last saw that girl he loved.When the protagonist learns about the shady business involved in the ide, he finds out that they 'll pay the minimum amount: 10,000 yens per year for the remaining thirty years and three months of his meaningless life.

That 's when the other part of the deal comes in: he 'll constantly be accompanied by an observer, an apparently normal girl around his age that can only be seen by the person who sold part of his life ( this story does n't attempt to make it sound scientific, like " Eternal Sunshine " did).

gave it

I read the novel five years ago.

gave it

While selling some of his possessions he 's been told that around the area there is someone you can sell either your lifespan, health or time in exchange for money.

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