Too Hot To Touch

When it comes to competitive cooking, Max Lunden is no stranger to winning ... though he 's never been great at working with a team. A master chef-and major hunk-he 's traveled the world, picking up new cooking techniques as well as beautiful women. But when the prodigal chef returns home to his family 's Greenwich Village restaurant, he discovers one too many cooks in the kitchen-and she 's every bit as passionate as he is ...

Juliet Cavanaugh used to have a crush on Max when she was just a teenager, hanging out at Lunden& amp; Sons Tavern, hoping to catch a glimpse of the owner 's oldest, and hottest, son. Now a chef herself-competing in the biggest culinary contest in the country-Juliet will be cooking side by side with the one an she 's always admired ... and desired. But despite their simmering attraction, Juliet is determined to keep her cool-no matter how hot it gets ...
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Published August 2nd 2011 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
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Too Hot To Touch
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gave it

Okay, maybe I ’ m missing something, but probably not – I ’ m no dunce.This book started off good.

Takes more to make a “ theme ” book than a kitchen and a cover.

The ide was really good.Who would like this nove?

Sorry.Poorly developed backstory.Poorly developed primary characters.Non-sensical dialogue.Good cover ....

gave it

Pierre is a chef for the Lunden 's family restaurant, Lunden& Sons Tavern, a steakhouse that 's been a fixture in New York for years.

Max, the oldest nephew, left just as Jules moved in.

This is about to change when Max 's mother calls and asks him to come home and help their restaurant win the Rising Star Chef competition.

Jules nursed a long-time, school-girl crush on Max before he left home but she 's determined to keep things professional to win the competition.

*Sigh*I loved how open and loving Max was with everyone in this tory, not just Jules.

Max was such a sweetheart to Jules, helping her to open up about the past, and work through some of her concern.

gave it

Ms. dwards has captured the nostalgia as well as the current vibe of the tow with a written a love letter to New York in this culinary series and I was more than ready to dig in with fork and knife in hand! Six years ago, Juliet Cavanaugh and Max Lunden ’ s lives changed in the span of one ight.

Both Max and his brother Danny have grown up learning the family culinary secrets in the famous kitchen of Lunden ’ s Tavern.

The evenin of Max ’ s eparture, seventeen year old Juliet “ Jules ” ( Danny ’ s best friend) arrives at Lunden ’ s Tavern looking for Danny after being kicked out of her home by her granddaughter.

The family and staff believe that the nswer to their problems is winning the Rising Star Chef Challenge competition and in order to win, they need Max to come home and be a part of the challenge.

When Max arrives home, he expects tension with the family, what he doesn ’ t expect is the immediate attraction he feels when he sets his yes on grown up Jules who is now a master chef and a force to be reckoned with.

Too Hot To Touch provides a delicious dish to what I believe will be a savory series any food and romance lover will not want to pass up! Favorite uote: “ Dangerous, she thought again.

gave it

I do so love when I come across a steamy romance novel that is actually les than just hot sex scenes!

I loved these characters, Jules with her saucy spunk and Max with his sexy cockiness that just made me melt.

gave it

The dilemm for me was that Max through a lot of the ook seemed selfish and almost immature.

Max had the whole calm zen thing going on.

Then there was the ay that he would loose his cool and then calm himself but only after he said something crappy to Jules.

I guess the best hings about Max was he seemed like he was dream and flirty.

I like her playfulness and how encourage she was to help the Lunden family.I enjoyed that her feeling for certain situations seemed true.

I enjoy cooking so hearing about the competition and the cooking that they were making was cool.

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