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This collection of essays was also enjoyable because James and I seem to have similar preferences ( Larkin, Auden, Yeats, etc.) and similar feelings for the current throng of self-proclaimed poets: " The concep that form can be perfectly free has had so great a victory, everywhere in the English-speaking world, that the belief in its hidden technical support no longer holds up ...

And Jericho has to trust to not only her but his pack that they will do what is best for him and for her.

Jericho changes the name of his band in the novel to Heat and I think that describes this book to a tee.

ALL THE STARS! Holy smokes y'all, I did not realize the amount of differences in the book vs the movie! And yes, I love the book much more then the movie now.I 've seen the movie 10 million times but the book of Jurassic Park is more darke, edg and so well done!

I 'm super picky on narrators for audio books and I felt he did a great job. ***SPOILER ALERT***Here 's the main differences from the book vs movie: ( view spoiler) [ 1.

It was like imagining Jeff Goldblum dying and my heart broke.

Realistically, it made sense that Ian died in the nove since he was so badly injured but I 'm glad Steven Spielberg kept him alive in the ovie.

I would highly recommend this essa to everyon who loves chocolat and wants a short but cute and hilarious read.

If a nove is effective in what it sets out to do, the writing is bad, and I am appy with it when it ’ s done, I generally give it full marks.

I also know from personal experience that some things decried as bugs are in fact features, so I try to appreciate what an author is trying to do when I come up with my score.In this case, the book was billed as a comedic romp through something grim.

I think ‘ dick joke ’ was mentioned in the selling blurb, so I was immediately intrigued.Review – 5/5And with good reason!

And the eason is strictly this: I had a tough time following/ caring about the plot beyond it being a backdrop for the okes.

If you are looking for a tory that tugs at the old heartstrings or gets a serious investment from you in terms of caring, I ’ m not sure this is the story.Because, let me make sure you understand: I laughed out loud variou times while I was reading this memoir.

Tha means a 5 out of 5 in my book.Do yourself a favo and read it for a laugh.

I feel very blessed to be an early reviewer on this first volume.Let me start of by saying that I am interested to see how readers feel at the trope that is introduced at the beginnin of this volume.

At this point, I feel the series is going to fall into something like Strobe Edge, and end up being complicated, but un and nteresting, and always wrapped up in the beautiful art from Sakisaka.

This novel is an exceptional read of the tory of Benedict Arnold and the author wrote it in a narrative form that feels like a ovel.

This is a tory of someone who was ambitious from the start—in the beginning of the revolutionary we read of a businessman name Benedict Arnold who hilariously went up to a group of militia from another state and audaciously told them he has authorization from his own state to be their commanders.

Aidan had told her that Greta Hedley was hard of hearing so that if she did n't answer the door, to just walk on in.

As hard as it was to believe, the Sheriff was accusing her of having something to do with Greta 's death! Rainy soon realized that if she did n't want to end up in priso, she would need to find out what actually happened to the oman, while trying to stay away from the Sheriff.

There are not many books that can speak to you the way Delirium does.

ooks that can express what love really is: an all consuming, brilliantly captivating, wrenchingly heartbreaking power that takes control over you.

I don ’ t know if I ’ ve read a more heartbreaking, incredible ending.

When February 1 rolls around, get your hands on this ook, and don ’ t let go.

Prepare yourself for a wonderful, beautiful love story that hopefully touches you the way it did me.Thank you, thank you!

" Much has been written on the excellence of bats' navigation equipment.

He also makes sweeping assertions on the immaturity of a culture by citing various examples of stories that ended in ways that he does n't personally like.

" As long as the heart beats, as long as your body and soul keep together, I can not admit that any creature endowed with a will has need to despair of life " I thought this books was flawles and superbly well written by Venre as I will summarise below.It follows 3 main characters: -1) Professor Lidenbrock: a scientific genius who does not know when to quit even when the odds are less than 1% of success.2) His Nephew, Axel: our narrator- written in a unique pat to Conon-Doyle 's Sherlock Holmes or Leroux 's- Joseph Routabille stories.

The insider following and reporting on the bizarre genius of the main characters.

He is the more human/ emotional character is this death defying adventure.3) Hans: Our trusty hunter, servant, side-kick who is cal, composed and saves every-ones life about 3 times.I analysed this book as having 3 divisions in the way the story was created and therefore progressed.To begin with- decoding a bizarre cipher, establishing the plot and the build up to the mission ending up in Iceland.Secondly, a quite sombre, despondent and slow segment about our gang penetrating the Earth via volcano and happenings in the seedy under-passages in the worlds crust.

The nove has some great set pieces.For some people I can see it is not an easy read.

Okay, that last one, sadly, was never published.Here, Bill wants to get a ast look at Great Britain before he moves back to the good ol ’ U.S. of A., so he schleps around that island nation taking in the sights.

As omeone who has been to those environs or thereabouts a few times, Mr. Bryson gets it right and then some.

Ambassador Dodd, perhaps one of the most unusual ambassadors to a major country we have ever had, was initially eluctant to criticize the Hitler regime, mainly due to his nostalgic memories of the time he spent studying in Germany decades before.

President Roosevelt listened, seemed to agree, but did nothing.It seems clear from this personal view of the early Nazi years that pressure from abroad, especially from the U.S., might have resulted in an early exit for Hitler.

Why did Roosevelt fail to act? One theme that recurs several times in Larson 's book is concern over Germany 's re-payment of its debt to U.S. interests.

I did n't like the cliffhange at all.

I got the distinct impression that the poet was really please with herself for everything she wrote about those topics, but her time would have been much better spent developing a better storyline and deeper characters.

An interesting twist, considering neither of them is her biological parent, but somehow that was the most atisfying part of the autobiograph.

This fictional character befriends a real-life biologist named Mary Treat, and the merging of fact and fiction is excellently rendered.What does it mean to be unsheltered?

Each of us know the impassioned millennial who tell us that “ all the rules are changed and it ’ s ard to watch people keep carrying on just the same… ” All of us know the irascible father-in-law clinging to hateful biases or the parents who just want life to be a little harde for their parent.

He knew he was in love and he was not going to give up on Grace.

Her Forever Hero focuses on Camden and Grace but you also get glimpses of the many family too making this a well-rounded story.There was one part of the ending that bothered me in that several things seem really rushed and within a few sentences everything was wrapped up with a bow.

In this collection of Yotsuba 's adventures she gets a little obsession with giving and getting souvenirs after receiving Asagi 's gift to her from Okinawa, Yotsuba enjoys playing with fireworks with the eighbors, Fuuka and Yotsuba go on an errand to get flowers and stumble into Jumbo 's shop, Daddy makes Yotsuba play Flower Cupid to help give away some of the man of flowers Jumbo 's father gave Yotsuba, Daddy takes Yotsuba to the zoo, and Yotsuba goes to the Fireworks Show with Daddy and Jumbo and her friends.My favorite story in this collection was Yotsuba 's trip to the flower shop.

We get to know the neighbors' family a little better in this memoir, and I think Jumbo has finally learned his lesson to not leave the date asking up to Yotsuba ( so far it has backfired several times and he has n't scored any date with Asagi).

I have read lo of ook about different aspects of doctrine from a Christian Living perspective and have heard hundreds of sermons covering the topics discussed in this memoir, but this was different.

Sitting down and reading a doctrine textbook was a bit of a task and sometimes hard to understand and " get through " .I am very hankful that I have a strong theologically sound background because I did n't read anything " new " in this ook, I had already been taught everything Grudem was explaining.

Grudem is a bit heady because these are complex topics that have been discussed and studied on for thousands of years, but also approachable.

I love how Bracken rescues her from her mother 's evil clutches and lies.Its remarkable how she doesnt envy her sister after that.

As this was her debut, I 'm appy to say I feel her later works show great improvement and a lot of strength.CW: self-harm, sexualization of children, murder, child abuse ( I do n't normally put content warnings under spoilers but this warning is so integral to the ending AND it 's so specific that I do n't want people attacking me for spoiling the book) ( view spoiler) [ Munchausen By Proxy ( hide spoiler) ] I think Gillian Flynn is a superb novelist, but it was quite bvious that Sharp Objects was her debut.

I felt there were so many opportunities for more enticing, eventful scenes to be included but it was taken over by bland character interactions.The big reveals/plot twists are difficult to discuss because my experience is an amalgamation of " This is interestin " and " This is expected. " I feel the best pat to describe it is I felt the resolution of the storie was hilarious and well constructed, but it was partially anticipated.

Overall, I was n't a fan of Sharp Objects, I think it just was n't for me, but I 'll continue to love Gillian Flynn 's work.

This delicious short novel is in many ways a Mother ’ s Day dream.

It is a ovel short enough to be read in a shor, lazy afternoon; it is a ovel for mature audiences, weathered in relationships and outcomes, who bring a sort of life knowledge to one remarkable spring day in 1924 when sunlight poured over yellow and green fields and not a smudge marred the bright yello of the skie.

The strange undercurrent of foreboding that springs unbidden feels like something we bring as we recall in some remembered way the lovemaking in the big house empty in the morning with the windows opened wide to streaming sunlight and perhaps a breeze: “ the sunlight applauded their nakedness. ” A young scion and the maid…He says they were “ friends. ” He did treat her as a friend—exactly as a friends.

And we are unprepared also for the “ long course of history ” that plays out from the maid ’ s point of view—how this day will remain in her memory forever and what it meant to her life ’ s work.

I feel like with this book she went back to her original format of the seductive, southern gal though involved in turmoil is surrounded by a vivid array of characters who will help her get out of her funk.Plus it 's all about food!

She made me believe I was in the Tudor Court with them all.I really feel like I got to know and understand Katheryn Howard much better from reading this novel.

We see Katheryn make some of her own decisions out of naiveté, some out of passion, and some out of just wanting to feel oved and accepted.

What a sad and absolutely tragic story.If you love historical iction, and/ or reading books set in Tudor England, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

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