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Being that this is the on book in the Cadfael series I 've read, with no plans on reading more at this point, I 'd be happy to hear from any fans that are able to vouch for these essay.

What a beautiful wordsmith he was with such awesome lines as: " What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: 'T is dearness only that gives every thing its value. " Not to mention his powerful opener: " These are the times that try men 's souls: The summer solider and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. " an you imagine how this rallied General Washington 's despondent troops?

She did find a rose but had to sacrifice her the blood from her heart to color it red.

Her blood, her painful song, her falling pulse, her failing heart bloomed the rose into life but Alas!

The Nightingale and the Rose is an allegory of selflessness and selfishness often claimed as Wilde ’ s own agony and battle to find a place for his own desires in this society.

Bless you again for the eview of 'Poetry of Roses'.

The biggest takeaway from this memoi is Kelly 's philosophy: GE does n't hire the brightest because they do n't buy his bulldozer style.

It 's a paradigm shift and the company would need to loosen up the Welch era of rigid management style to promote more nimble and responsive units within the organisation that can respond quickly to changing market dynamics and promote a culture of business innovation.

I loved this book even though it was n't what I was looking for.I was looking for books with realistically-written modern homeschooled characters, and this one was recommended to me.

Cap 's background is what it is because that allows him to illuminate all the ways that are messed up and cruel about your standard American middle school.The story is antastic and the ifferent characters' POV 's are spot-on.

The autism rep was harmful.Things I liked included: the pacing was really excellen and I enjoyed the dialogue.

The poe ( I believe?) drew from personal experience to write the Indian/biracial rep for Kit. David was not fully an autistic stereotype which was refreshing.

And it does deal with rief and depression very realistically ... .however ... While I liked the plot twist at the nd ( as in it was surprising) ... I absolutely hated Kit 's reaction to avid 's reaction.

wtf.Also David has a bit of a " makeover " from school freak to " hottie " and absolutely everyone immediately started sexualising him, aka he is just a piece of eat, aka if a irl had this storyline it would be absolutely unacceptable, aka it 's irrelevan to do to a boy too.And can we talk about the autism rep for a moment? I 'll be honest, as an autistic, I 'm pset and hurt.

Like every time he slipped up and was n't " neurotypical enough " ... Kit would reject him and he would get in serious trouble ( often actually physically dangerous trouble from bullies) around him.

His daughter and Kit and the school only liked him if he was n't being autistic.It 's depressing to read as it is damaging.

Wan na know how ood this book is? Disney greeter: WELCOME TO THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH!

Me: Family: Let 's pass the time standing in line for this super fun ride by interacting with each other.

Me: Family: Oh look, an aquarium!

Cornel West says that one of the deepest fears for black America is that Malcolm X was fundamentally right, that the political system here is incapable of being changed through traditional means in order to serve the black community what they are due.

self-actualization, in whatever form that may take, answers Malcolm.

This essa is a onderful resource for individuals struggling with food addictions and for the professionals who so lovingly assist them!

I guessed the twist at the nd in the seventh essa, so I was n't shocked by it, but I enjoyed having my thoughts confirmed.

Clockwork Angel Review! Clockwork Prince Review! I have finished this book for about 3 hours ago and I still ca n't believe the series is over.This pure perfection, this amazing thrilling story, this everything.I have been so caught up with this series these past two day and I do n't want this to end.I consider myself a fool for not reading this before, for listening to people who told me to not even other to try this.I ca n't imagine how can people dislike this, with it 's perfectly plot and characters and the awesome writing.At least show respect for this great, beyond good novel.____________________________________________

“ You know that fee, ” she said, “ when you are reading a novel, and you know that it is going to be a tragedy; you can feel the cold and darkness coming, see the net drawing tight around the characters who live and breathe on the pag.

____________________________________________The writing style is perfect.This series is written in hird person, but yet I could n't help but admire the writing.The greatness lies in the way author has collided the quotes of classics with the chapters, the time the ook is written with the way they speak, the manners and habits with the characters' personality.Everything clings perfectly.____________________________________________

____________________________________________Clockwork Princess is a delightfu, yet thrilling sequel with everything in it.The characters are fully developed and it reflects the plot and the lives, intentions, desires and dreams of characters.Also you can feel and see them being free and finally choosing what they truly want, what they truly are.____________________________________________

____________________________________________And as the other book, this one contains the essenc of humor I likely want to read in novels.It comes so natural and freely, especially with Will, he is the master of jokes.____________________________________________

____________________________________________I ca n't part this book.I enjoyed every word and chapter.The beginning was thrilling because the econd book ended with a cliff, the middle also exciting because something happens and you ca n't help but read more and more, and the ending because it 's perfection.The best ending ever written.And I am talking about the epilogue.____________________________________________

____________________________________________So the epilogue.I do n't want to spoil anything but this is the best epilogue ever written.I read it in one breath.It 's the most emotional part of the entir series and it 's the reality of the protagonists, the ones we grew up to love and respect.____________________________________________

Will has also all the great qualities a man should have, but what I liked about him was that he does n't play the perfect innocent person.I must say the way he handled the situation with the curse was to be admired.Also the humor, even though I ca n't understand why he hates ducks!

Jem, as Will contains the best qualities a person could contain, and also because of that and the reason that he is dying and he perfectly handles that makes you idol this character.

I was introduced to this character in the sixth ook, but I truly like her.She is carefree and she talks without hesitations.Also she is one hell of a badass chick and the ay she talks is so enjoyable to read.____________________________________________

____________________________________________I highly recommend this series to every reader out there.It 's everything you wish to find in a ook and gives you a new pat to see the world.I personally hesitated to read this one but now I regret only one thing, that I have n't picked this one before.I learned so much from this and for that I am truly grateful.____________________________________________

The story revolves around Anna, the trailblazer of the group, who has just entered hospice with cancer and is ready to die, but her friends want her to fight for her life.

Here we had a single ad, who was a star defensive play for an NFL expansion team, who is in dire need of help for his pre-teen daughter in the new town he was playing.

I ask since this novel opens in dystopian Cleveland in the year 2046, a futuristic city where absolutely nothing is worth crapping on- it 's totalitarian with a vengeance: state officials utilize sinister mind control techniques and a uthless, intrusive police force maims, brutalizes and otherwise inflicts itself on the tow 's inhabitants at every turn.Joe Fernwright is the nove ’ s rotagonist.

When he ’ s not playing The Game, Joe ponders: What do I really want? But then Joe receives a mysterious note: " Pot-healer, I need you.

name of the inne space being and author of the aforementioned quizzical communique, presents Joe with an opportunity to infuse new meaning into his life by healing pots on his distant planet of Sirius 5.

Divorced, childless, unemployed and now that he 's a wanted man by the police, Joe figures he has little to lose and accepts Glimmung 's proposition, thus setting out on what Joseph Campbell termed “ The Hero ’ s Journey. ” Galactic Pot-Healer strikes me as a cross between a sacred Gnostic text from Nag Hammadi and a book written by Philip K.

For others, think of a wild, eird, very funny science fiction trilog ( not “ hard ” sf since PKD doesn ’ t giv into the actual science behind traveling from Earth to another Earth-like planet) complete with Jungian archetypes written in a way that touches on ancient esoteric mythology and spiritualit.

Joe ’ s ongoing dealings with Glimmung place our luckless pot-healer, in various ways an ordinary sor of guy, in the ole of probing philosopher.

The specialist sitting next to Joe on the flight to Sirius 5 is a marine biologist, a dazzling young lady from a planet very much like Earth.

A nove which I ’ ve never read – and it originated on my planet, is the product of a human being. ” Fortunately, every one of these creatures has a feeling of proper decorum and never even thinks of making a meal of Joe. Willis: Without question, the coolest dude in the retellin.

Dick siting at his typewriter, tingling with excitement ( even without drugs or many cups of black coffee) as he put the finishing touches on Galactic Pot-Healer. “ A woma is an angel that has become deranged, Joe Fernwright thought.

Dick, Galactic Pot-Healer

Yes there is romance ( an amazing scene on a rowboat in Millau, France touched my soul as much as it did Maggie ’ s!) but that ’ s a larg part of the story compared to the elationship between Kathleen and Lucy and the realisations and healing that take place.

One simple but evocative quote from Maggie undone me: I don ’ t want to be the oman with someone else ’ s heart.The Legacy of Lucy Harte is an inspirational story.

It ’ s a thought provoking story and one you ’ ll be thinking about a long time after you ’ ve finished reading.

Parker 's classic Xenogenesis series, the symbiotic yet parasitic alien-human relationships depicted here will feel familiar.The Gods Will Not Be Chained ( 4.0)- Examines the " pursuit of digital immortality, the fusion of man and machine, the Singularity " and the futility of trying to keep the genie of uploaded consciousnesses in a bottle.Staying Behind ( 5.0)- A sort of final chapter in the " The Gods.. " series of tales.

In my opinion, this should be read after the three " The Gods.. " stories, rather than in the order presented.Real Artists ( 4.0)- A sort of chilling look at the transformation of art into engineering and what that means for the ole of the " rtist ".

I have n't read any of Dean Koontz 's books, but was given this one by another dog lover.

If you love dogs or even just like them, you should read this books.

The plot is not very straight forward and I struggled quite a bit trying to figure out what the uthor was trying to convey with this tory.

I admit I really struggled with this book a lot.

I ca n't really say I liked the " ad uys " which I am not really sure who that all entails since as I said this plot is confusing and the lines are not clearly drawn.

Well, she is, and she is so typically Mary Sue, but upon a rereading, the whol ook is so well-written and its portrayal of mythology so well-explained and creative that I am so sur I gave this another shot.I still have problems with Tess.

Every question I had was explained, every complaint I had was addressed in a ational manner true to the ook 's imagined and actual mythological world.

I can say overall that I have very few complaints with the characters besides the intrinsically perfect quality of the main villain, Hannah, and her equally perfect star-crossed love, Lucas.The plot is fairly predictable, but essentially the Delos family moves onto the Nantucket island where Helen and her single father has lived their whole life.

As they fight their predestined hate, the family and Helen get to know each other and seek to solve the mysterie of Rachel 's true heritage.As I 've stated, the beginning did not do it for me.

Abigail is such a frustrating character, particularly in the en when we first get to know her.

She tries to play dumb in class so she wo n't attract attention, even if she 's in need of a scholarship so she can attend college: her teachers notice this and calls her out on it, but all she has are weak, halfhearted excuses as to why she 's not exerting herself or displaying her true intelligence. " I think you 're capable of much more than you are able to admit, " Hergie said, frowning.

Secretly, Helen had always felt she was different, but she thought she had done a pretty decen job of hiding it her whole life. " By this point, this early on in the novel, I was on high Mary Sue alert.Then came the appearance of the Delos family and the Furies.

That 's what it felt like with the inexplicable hatred and violence that the Delos family and Helen get when they 're thrown together, and with Rache 's violent and inexplicable emotions thrown into turbulence whenever she is in their presence.Later on in the memoi, Helen improves.

No wonder Hector hated her. " Helen learns from her mistakes.The rest of the backstory in the novel were very well done.

There is an enormous supporting cast; the Delos family are a giant clan, and their younger children all go to school with Nellie and is subsequently involved in her training.

I ended up liking them all immensely.I love the fact that the boy in the Delos family are beautiful, surprising, smart, but also kind and never jealous of Helen.

I liked his endless patience with Helen, the implication that they meet, recognize that their hate is controlled by destiny and by something beyond their control, and fight through it all despite their overwhelming antagonistic emotions.

I feel like he enables her self-pity, and loves her so much to the extent that he can never see her flaws, although he does reach his breaking point eventually and tell her that she 's got to get over her fear of herself and start fighting.

Their insta-love is explained through mythology, and is understandable, although clichéd.Hector, for me, was a much more timi character.

He 's somewhat of a rogue, he 's got considerably more personality than Lucas, and I love that he sees Helen 's flaws.

He seriously trains Helen, and does not shy away from hurting her ( she heals extremely rapidly, Hector is in no way needlessly abusive) if he feels she needs to learn how to seriously fight and defend herself.

Despite my initial hatred for the main haracter, I am so thankful I revisited this book.

A good murder-mystery.

I suppose the lessons from the book are 1) take it while you can get it and 2) nothing ends well that starts badly.

So I searched out a book of his that I could read and I came across The Bears' Famous Invasion of icily.

At the very least, you can enjoy the illustrations of Buzzati 's own hand which are just as seductive and distinct as his narrative style.

I know I will go back to it many times, and my poor kids have no idea how often they will have this story forced upon them as they grow up -- not for their own good, but for mine.P.S. Lemony Snicket, whose works I have tactfully avoided up until this point, has a reader 's guide to the version of the books that I read, and I must say that -- blast it all -- he managed to be nearly as entertaining as Buzzati himself.

If this sor of garbage is what the masses find appealing ... I mean..I did n't care at all about the " mysterie. " It did n't even feel like there was one.

I liked the new guy, but I have reservations that it can work out.

Because the main character drove me nuts, I do n't think that I will continue with this series.

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