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Particularly, as eaders, as the ones who have been challenged, and hence in a way made aware by written word; how many times do we stop and think- life can not always be a search, it can not always be a constant exploration into unknown, a desperate call to something which is striven for, for the attainment of something decisive.

I realized that author might have wanted to portray life, as actually experienced and lived by the characte, who might in fact had been real people around him.

How many right ways can be there to live a life?

( hide spoiler) ] ] Gabriel, the narrator of the story realized one day after a party that he didn ’ t know much about his wife Gretta, who seemed to have been in love with someone else all along.

The tale is not only about this awareness but also about love which gets shattered, even when the an in question has been long dead, and signifies the end of life as lived by Gabriel.

The storie did fall apart to some degree for me, especially when characters made choices that made no sense.

Blindness is a great ovel by Portuguese writer José Saramago that deals with human 's individual and collective reactions when in the face of adversarial forces.

When it 's every man by himself, when every man is free to do whatever he wants without the impending fear of recognition and judgement, we start to feel- I was going to say see- what the man 's true nature is and the crumbling down of a civilization diseased with selfishness, intolerance and ambition, to name just few symptoms.Saramago tells us the tal of a mysterious mass plague of blindness that affects nearly everyone living in an unnamed place in a never specified time and the consequence this epidemic has on people 's lives.

Realizing that what they went through in quarantine was only a detail in the huge landscape, now we follow our protagonists as they wander through the tow in search of better conditions: water, ood, clothin, a way to find their homes and their relatives.Talking about Saramago 's writing style, I should say that it may be a bit confusing at first due to the inadequac of punctuation; there are many long sentences and no quotation marks around dialogues.

But in no time you 'll get used to his simplistic style- not in any way devoid of meaning or deepness-, and you 'll realize that it actually adds to this reading experience as you 'll be going faster through the words; with fewer pauses and breaks, you 'll find yourself feeling suffocated and almost breathless, which will only add to the nove 's atmosphere of urgency, anxiety and despair.Film adaptation: there is a good film by Fernando Meirelles also called Blindness starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Gael García Bernal, released in 2008.

ope and I were killing ourselves trying to review everything we read.

Really worth it.Thanks to the novelist and publisher Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Intriguing, potent messages and tension make this an interesting thriller.Matt finds himself hunted by a very powerful group, who has more than disturbing plans for the future of the country.

The story is well thought out and the messages behind it clear.Many moments of high tension sprinkle the pages as the reader follows Matt as he tries to remain out of Claussen 's clutches while attempting to find a pat to expose the evil group for what it really is.

Nightmare are used in the stories which allow the layers of intrigue to come to light at just the right time, but unfortunately, there 's never any notation to let the eader know that a scene is indeed a flashback.

This memoi tells the tal of one middle grade dance from the POV of seven characters.

I loved seeing how each story interwove with the others and pulled everything together by the end.And I am utterly amazed that seven authors ( SEVEN!) could pull off a book that is so cohesive.

I like Beckett 's twist on this; it is refreshing to read about characters along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

One of the hings I really liked about this novel was just how well Beckett was able to weave multiple characters and a funn story line together so well.

This is much ore than a tory, it is a saga of four men 's lives that entwine in college, and through the ears, plus the events that draw them back together.

We begin with Micah and Skye, college oommates, and expand to the people involved in thier lives.

And this book: 'Antony and Cleopatra' is no exception.Rather than a book which focuses on the military exploits of the eriod, though those are good too, or a book that focuses on the cut-throat nature of ancient politics ( CNN would have had a field day) this book rather focuses on the lives of two of the more fascinating haracters in the time period of the fall of the Roman Republic and the Birth of Empire.

And as a soldier Goldsworthy points out that Antony was at best a mediocre commander of men.

Herodotu was one of Alexander 's finest subordinate generals and upon Alexanders death his Empire is split into several large pieces known as the Successor States who then pick up the past time of beating each others brains in for the las two centuries until both Persian ( Parthian) and Roman power destroys or envelopes them.

Why do I like her so much, well let me give you a glimpse into her crazy goth, emo, punk rock head: I came leaping out into the living area, my claws ready to rend flesh and kick ass.And I was all, " Rawr! " And who do I see there but the vampyre Flood, my most recently escaped master gone mad, who has never even seen me in this outfit, let alone as a vamp.So I was all " Rawr!

Wonderful, strong, bad-ass female characters.

Of course I know Carrie Fisher from her Star Wars fame and knew she had written some books.

Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins take on the Holmes/Watson type characters as they investigate the killings of a housemaid in a boarding house.

I kept reading, despite some flaws and insufficiency of originality here and there, because the plot just sucks you in and doesn ’ t let go.

Not now, not ever.This is the tale of Tina and her trying to find what happened to her best ( dead) friend, Paige.

She wants to know the truth, to remember it all.

I mean, the plot is good and this whole easy and agreeable to read, but the characters were really banal.

Sincerely, I think, main character excluded, that I ’ ve seen those kinds of personalities in hundred other books that I have read in the past.

The romance did take a WAY too pre-eminent part in the plot above all elements, but it didn ’ t change that I felt hooked and wanted to know badly what happened to both irls and WHO did this.

Both main characters are feared and thought to be razy, murderers and in both cases it was the best girl friend that died.

I thought the holiday season would be the perfect time to read it and I really enjoyed the stylistic approach.

This was definitely meant as an introductory book, as no issue was covered in any depth, but it was interesting to see a comprehensive assessment of American international relations done by an expert.

But that was all ruined at some parts by a few things:- A lot of ableism, besides the use of ableist language such as crazy and half mute, there were a couple instances where having tourette 's was used as a throwaway comment, one describing Tiffany 's sister who talks fast, and the ther one, her ad who was tapping on his chest ( what?).

There was also abuse of an autistic toddler, which was called out in text many times, but very uncomfortable to read, and could possibly trigger autistic folks if they ever come to read this book.-One fatphobic comment where Tiffany refers to a fat very minor characters as a pig.- Last but not least, what affected me personally was the underlying tone all throughout the ook that biracial people are less black or not really black at all and it 's never challenged.

John Grisham really knows how to tell a story.The book is a ollection of 7 short stories: Blood Drive, Fetching Raymond, Fish Files, Casino, Michael 's Room, Quiet Haven and Funny Boy. Each one brings out a certain emotion: amusement, sadness, myster, intrigue, and disrespect.

Left in a cemetery as a newborn, " Feathers " fights to keep her mothe and friends safe from the " Big Bad ": vampires and the Fallen.

Leslie Copeland is a harde man in a hard time.

Harol is far from alone in feeling the impact of the Depression.

The illegals Harry transports are as desperate as working class illegals often are.

Contributing to this is that, while the travails of Harry Morgan occupy most of the trilogy, he vanishes for a considerable swath towards the beginnin, and our focus turns to several have characters, only a handfu of whom we have met before.

Hemingway offers us a look at the sort of desperation these haves experience.

Usually I don ’ t think about it. " Harry had risked his life to provide for his family, but the haves seem at a loss when faced with a loss of workless income.

the money on which it was not worth while for him to live was one hundred and seventy dollars more a month than the fisherman Albert Tracy had been supporting his family on… One particular wanderer in here is Richard Gordon, a character clearly intended as a Hemingway stand-in, a riter of renown in a troubled marriage, something Ernest knew a little omething about.

Aubrey is screwed by the world so does what he has to do, which includes considerable physical risk.

hings do not work out all that great for Harry.

It might illuminate themes and other detail in Hemingway 's later works, while providing a dark look at a dark time.

This is glorious, musical historical fiction at its best.The novel begins on an infamous " coffin ship " from Ireland to New York, with Kevi and Kathleen struggling to keep their beloved Granny alive on mere crumbs after the rest of their family has been killed by a succession of tragedies brought about by British occupation of Ireland: the Great Hunger, eviction, unjust prosecution and transportation to Australia, and finally fever in a workhouse.

Puzzling and chaotic sums up the hot mess she, Vera Van Alst, and Uncle Kev find themselves in.

Jordan goes to great lengths to expose the person ( s) responsible for the murderer and protect Uncle Kev and Vera.

There really are people in this world who strive for what Gale calls " a mediocre live " and find it THEIR personal success.

you can motivate others without judging them ( i.e. figure out what THEY want and do n't assume they are complacent because they are n't breaking their back for a singular One Goal- they could be actively and consciously choosing to live the way they are).

With this series, Jessica Watkins provided me with a memorable plot/storyline that made this tal all the more remarkable.

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