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“ I seriously don ’ t know why I bother, ” he muttered under his breath.This is NOT your high fantasy King Arthur story.

All the family elationships and time switcheroos got a little confusing part way through the ook, but then I got so interested in what was going on with Sophie ’ s children that I didn ’ t care.4/5 stars, minus a star due to some odd wordiness and events that I felt were a little too eye-rolling worthy even for the target audience.

Sophie ’ s attitude was awesome, and given that ending I really hope the series gets continued now that this eprint is out! She was going to knock some sense into this little once and future twerp ’ s head if it was the only hing she did.Many thanks to Netgalley and the ublisher for providing this book for free in exchange for an honest review!

So, I guess I should explain why I bothered to read this first ook.

See, my lovely cousin Abby read my review on the fourth novel and thought it was enjoyable.

Time to begin EVERYTHING WRONG WITH " TIGER 'S VOYAGE " With SpoilersDuhLet 's start with the biggest problem: 1.) THE PLOT: So, they need to find these items for Durga in order to break the curse, right?

Want to know how they FIND said necklace?

Then Kelsey gets kidnapped, the nd.

In between these " major events " fill in with long montages of Ren and Kishan declaring their undying love to Kelsey.

For a supposedly " average " girl, she certainly has a lot of sections of the book for her to tell us how GORGEOUS she looks.

You 'd think after the last time of " not recognizing yourself " you 'd be a little more open to surprise.

Seriously, the bit where the dragon makes her hair grow and dresses her up or whatever for fun ... that was just NOT POSSIBL.

Neither was the bit where Kelsey is dressed up as Parvati.

Or the bit where Kelsey gets dressed up in event a, d, c, d, e, f, whatever, you get it.

Kelsey, as everyone knows, is just plain hilarious.

Plus, what is with Ren and Kishan being so dang determined to love this crazy girl?

So ... two hot Indian guys who are over 200 years old just randomly fall in love with that kin of girl?

Apparently, Kelsey 's 19.

I think everyone reading the book ( and their annoying siblings reading over their shoulders) saw that one coming, KELLS.

Seriously, if I am, I need someone to just tell me already.

I do n't know if I 'm the only one who noticed this ... but I guess Kelsey 's the only person who can figure out ANYTHING plot relevant in the series.

I think I 've covered everything else that irritates me about Kelsey in the other eview I wrote ( her hair braiding?

I 'm sorry Kells, but every time you mention putting your hair into two braids with ribbons, I think of Pippi Longstocking.

Not a 19-year-old girl trying to look mature.

It was n't necessary except for that whole bit with Ren getting angry about her cutting her hair.

How did I make THAT mistake? 3.) THE MEN AND THE ( THER) WOMEN: So ... apparently everyone in Ms. Houck 's world is gorgeous.

She 's terrifie of EVERY girl because they ALL try to push each other over in order to get to Ren and Kishan.

An overly used cliche that apparently Ren thought he should use to try and make Kelsey jealous.

What IS it with female authors now-a-days who think they need to have a bitchy blond girl character to pick on their poor, plain, brunette heroine?

We really do n't need a bunch of " I 'm a badass man-lover " brunettes running around in random pieces of clothing I ca n't even bother to pronounce let alone begin to understand what they mean ( not because I 'm opposed to learning about new cultures, but because Houck almost does these name drops to " impress upon us " how much googling she did).

They are generally used by inexperienced authors and, sadly, they are being accepted by people if Houck 's gettin' rich off of stupid people who love cliches.

If we can get a decent heroine in modern fiction who I do not despise, that person gets a happy face sticker on their review.

I actually stopped reading at one point and asked my cousin " wait ... .is Nilima even on the yacht? " Apparently, she was.

Is every man in the world in love with Kelsey?

Because I guess we can only get a 21-year-old diving instructor randomly in India.


YAY!!!: Okay, so I 'm not the first person to point this out, but Houck has a strange fascination with giving us RANDOM INFO DUMP THAT YOU DID N'T NEE TO KNOW!!!

Well, in an effor to tell us how much research she 's done, Houck has actually shown me how LITTLE research she 's done.

They just have little " TELL ME A STORY!! " times that have no plot relevance whatsoever.

Yeah, I know that she talks about it in the 2nd nove, not the 3rd one, but I do n't have room to do it on the other review.

EPIC FAIL5.) LOVE MONTAGES: I do n't think Ren is really her frien.

Kelsey, if you have to hear a guy tell you he loves you a million times in order to believe him, then maybe ... .just maybe ... you 're making a mistake here.

Possibly you should wait a few ears before trying to get married right away? And let me just remind everyone the one big pervert similarity between this and Twilight: they are undreds of years old.

BECAUSE YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING: So have you had time to go back to your book and remember Lokesh?

He IS the undreds of years old villain who wanted to kill Ren and Kishan 's father and marry their mother.

Now, you remember that he now wants to marry KELSEY, right?

And if you MUST have them, at least do n't make them want to marry the heroine in order to GET said son.

So, in an effor to ( maybe??) COMPLIMENT the book, I think Kirkus Reviews did a pretty decen job of summing up what reading the nove is like " shocking, heart-rendin, soul-tearing ... " Ye-ap ... .This thing tore my soul out all right.

A uote from my lovely cousin to describe these books: " I got it -- Kelsey is a ball of yarn being batted around between two ats. " [ image error ] Yep. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Mark Haddon 's latest novel moves into markedly different territory from his previous work, it shifts into different time perio, from the modern to more ancient times, with strong elements of the grotesqu.

Darius makes a failed attempt to rescue Angelica from her well guarded father, only just managing to board The Porpoise and embarking on a series of dventures.

Every character had a unique personality from the others, with Pumpkin being a cowardly house ghost with a passion for singing, May being an unlikely hero who only wants to go home, and Bo Cleevil being someone with a master of how empty the world really could be.The world is well built up with any people and side-characters along with enough to give you a picture of the world of the Ever After and the many interesting places inside it.

Where else can I hate and feel ompassion, and wonder at the immense difference between my contemporary world and the London society of Dickens ’ times,- and yet recognise it anyway, for being almost identical?

Lord Coodle would go out, Sir Thomas Doodle wouldn ’ t get in, and there being nobody in Great Britain ( to speak of) except Coodle and Doodle, there has been no Government. ” Following my reading itinerary, from start to finish, I realise how much I grew to love the any characters, all ifferent, but equally at home in the Bleak House chocolate box, some nutty, some sweet, some rather plain, others exotic.

In the nd, they all lived up to my xpectations, from the very first encounter with the complicated lawsuit of Jarndyce and Jarndyce, which gives the boo its unique flavour: " In which ( I would say) every difficulty, every contingency, every masterly fiction, every form of procedure known in that court, is represented over and over again? " And what a range of characters I met, circling around the two stable elements of Mr John Jarndyce and Miss Esther Summerson, a young gir who shares the narration of the tal with an omniscient voice, so that the retelling is swapping back and forth between her personal xperience and impersonal overarching description.Some characters, like Skimpole, get away with sponging ruthlessly on others because of their presumed innocence: " All he asked of society was, to let him live.

Give him the papers, conversation, music, mutton, coffee, landscape, fruit in the season, a few sheets of Bristol-board, and a little claret, and he asked no more. " It is not as innocent as that of course, as the story will tell! Many characters have reason to be frustrated, and Bleak House inspired me to rename my workroom as well, in onour of John Jarndyce ’ s avourite place: " This, you must know, is the Growlery, When I am out of humour I come and growl here.

[ ... ] The Growlery is the best-used room in the mansio. " There is no one like Dickens to introduce the reader to a love story in the making, simply by changing the tone used to add a small piece of information at the nd of a ong chapter on something completely unrelated: " I have forgotten to mention- at least I have not mentioned- that Mr Woodcourt was the same dark young surgeon whom we had met at Mr Badger 's.

Or, that he came. " Another favourite feature in Dickens ’ novels is the punny sense of humor that appears over and over again, and shows off both his talent for and his pleasure at playing with words for their own sake, as well as his mastery when it comes to giving all his characters their own stage time, beautifully shown in the following short lesson in mental geometry and verbal comedy: " But I trusted to things coming round. " That very popular trust in flat things coming round!

As though a lunatic should trust in the world 's 'coming' triangular! " I had confident expectations that things would come round and be all square ", says Mr Jobling. " Sociologists must love Dickens too.

He was clearly on a mission to ridicule the habit of having missions, when he introduced a whole society of different do-gooders who were absorbed in their own commitments and oblivious of the existence of anything outside their narrow field of vision: " One other singularity was, that nobody with a mission- except Mr Quale, whose mission, I think I have formerly said, was to be in ecstasies with everybody 's mission- cared at all for anybody 's mission. " " As always, Dickens has a special place in his heart for his minor characters, and fills them with so much intensity that they could easily lead the whole plot.

I can ’ t leave Dickens to tie up loose ends and make his surviving characters lead the lives they deserve, without mentioning the little oy who broke my heart: " Jo is brought in.

In Dickens ’ world, pity is to be found in very different places! That all?

Throughout the tory, Satan appears at random, ( he is only known to the three oys, when he appeared in plain sight to everyone else, he was known as Philip Traum), and incited various events to which the villagers are bewildered and frightened; always speculative that someone amongst them was wielding devilish powers in the form of witchcraft.

There is much philosophical discussion between Satan and the arrator, ( who is one of the oys), Theodor.

Usually much of this is Go 's response to the thought-responses and reactions of Theodor, although sometimes his part of the iscussion is verbal.

Whenever a calamity occurs, ( and there are man), Satan will " overhear " the feelings of Theodor, who inquires as to why this occurs, to which Satan would inevitably reply something of the same message as " the human race is insignificant, hypocritical, pointless, worthless, of no value " and so on, so as to justify the death or peril of one, and it usually follows with, " there are more ", or " we can make more ".

And when Theodor wonders ( in thought) why Satan is so indifferent to humanity, the latter contrasts this to an elephant worrying or even carrying about the fate and well-being of a spider that happened to crawl by; worrying whether it enjoys a long and full life, dies old and happy, and so on, multiplying this by a thousand, ( it was a large number, I ca n't remember which).

Yet, he does not hate them, and says when Theodor wonders if he does, Satan responds with a position of indifference, rather than hate.

The the various episodes of " witches " incited by Satan, his input and the eaction of the townsfol, ( which comprises much of the content of the novel that is not conversation or any other ort of interaction between Theodor and Satan, comes to an abrupt halt when after Theodor, ( the epilogu), says that Satan had not showed up for a very ong time, he appeared before him, and informed him that he would not return.

Along with this nihilism, constant indication of the ultimate vanity of morality, atred, ( or in Satan 's case, indifference), of the human race through Satan, Twain gives strong hints as to his fea of Christianity as well, ( there is, however, no way to know if this was the write 's ntention, as it is a piece of fiction and not ever stated to a reflection of the authors actual beliefs and opinions, although it would strongly indicate that it is).

As Satan is showing Theodor and Seppi, ( Nikolaus had drowned), a progress of the human race, he states that of all civilizatio, only Christendom had intentionally improved upon war and was engulfed in constant violence, and incessant " sin ", ( citing numerous Bible stories as part of the " historie " such as ain 's murder of Able, etc.), and even towards the very nd, ( indeed, where he claims that God did n't even exist), he states the preposterousness that a God who could have made His children happy but preferred for them to be in nguish, invented hell, imposed numerous rules but Himself followed none, invented hell, ( this is listed more than once), and such way, could have existed.

I would disagree with his, ( or rather " Satan 's ") position about humanity and theology, and certainly his claim that all of life is a ream and does not actually exist.

Even if you do not appreciate the speculative and philosophical value of it, ( and that is n't to say, agree or disagree, but rather, whether you understand or care about it or not), it is an compelling tory.

Having someone you 've never met assuring you that there is no one like you while talking about your eyes, nose, fingers, and smile was just unsettling to me.

Reading chapter 50 reminded me of all the reasons I love this series: Kurosaki 's protectiveness, Teru 's kindness and intelligence, the growing desir between Rena and Kyoshi, and the general awesomeness of friendship that fills the story.Not to mention the humor.

Kyoshi also shows a lot of growth in this, especially in regards to his infatuation for Rena.

I 'm looking forward to seeing them as a couple in the very near future.Another thing I loved in this volume was the easiness between Kurosaki and Teru.

But it 's nice to see them getting closer.The only problem I have so far with the series is that it 's starting to feel a little uneven in switching between silly and serious moments.

The tension, both personal and professional ( the rivalry for the position as a kin of CEO of the Tengu Clan is similar) for Kyo and Misao was very well-written.

The first version of The Hunger Games.

It could be a coincidence.Anyway, this was a mixture between 1984, The Hunger Games and every book who 's ever gotten written about concentration camps ( nazi or otherwise) .It was delightful, it was insane and it did n't feel too short or too long.

" Survival is insufficient " .Star Trek: VoyagerNovels whose premise strips away the world as we know it can be tricky territory.

Scarlett St. Jame Mandel has written something very much akin to a perfect nove.

I wanted to tell everybody about it because it still radiates softly in the background of my days and haunts me with its delicate characters and existentialist essence.

Survival is insufficient because to be fully alive, one needs to make choices that define one 's character and belonging in the world.

The last two volumes of a mysterious comic book.

i ’ ve always had strong female riendships, and I ’ ve been beyond blessed to have had the amazing friends that I have had throughout my entire life ....

The claim that the writer of this novel are friends added so much credibilit to the ook, their friendship poured through the pages ... Ashley, Natalie, and Nancy have been the best of friends for decades ...

There are a ot of secrets and hurt between these girls, and even the best of margaritas can not quickly fix this ... This really was a novel about secrets and forgiveness ...

seriously these girls knew how to keep a secret after three margaritas I ’ d be spilling my secrets to whoever would listen, LOL ....

Jane and Lauren were much more arrogant and relatable, there were times in this essay I thought they should just be BFFs and forget about Ashley! This book really had a bit of everything friendship, secrets, grie and a mystery ...

This was just such a ood tory that truly explored the nuance of emale friendship ....

I couldn ’ t make these up. ] Benefits Department: Do you want life insurance? Me: Yes!

Party at the funeral home! Benefits Department: Do you want supplement group variable universal life insurance? Me: I could be worth$ 2.5 million?

I am a wild success! Benefits Department: Do you want life insurance for your marriage? Me: I hadn ’ t thought of that.

Benefits Department: Do you want life insurance for your child? Me: What a sick question.

Why would I care about cash if my child has just died? Benefits Department: For the funeral expenses.Me: Oh, okay.

Yes.Benefits Department: Do you want to enroll in the group short-term disability insurance?

Just from elevators! Benefits Department: [ Pause ] I need you to confirm “ yes ” or “ no ” for each type of insurance.Me: Yes. Yes.

Benefits Department: Do you want to prepare a health care proxy to instruct your loved ones how to care for you when you are too sick to speak and/or have no control over very important medical decisions about life support or pain treatment? Me: You are the hardes, insurance person.

Benefits Department: [ Smug silence ] Me: Yes. I would like a health care proxy.

Benefits Department: Do you want to sign up for…By the eventual end of this conversation, the Benefits Department informed me that several hundred dollars would be deducted from every pay check to cover these nefarious insurance schemes preying simultaneously on my ignoranc of ying, concern for my family, general risk aversion, and enthusiasm for the mere possibility of large sums of money being transferred to my bank account.

But the theme that I see in this piece about how beauty may fade but love still exists is one that I value.

Although I took a full year of physics in college, I learned most of my physics from the three books in the Understanding Physics series by Isaac Asimov.

If you want to learn the basic of physics, the three-volume Understanding Physics series by Asimov is the best place to start.

To bind all the pieces together they need words of motivation, love and care. " Have you ever took your parents as well as your life for granted?

The tory is about James and Nidhi who worked in an orphanage* Ashiyana* as volunteers.

He took his life as well his parents for granted, but the scenario changed when he started living in the conven.

The story further explores the life of Brian, Nidhi and the homeless.

* hides my face* Beyond Secrets is a heart touching story which will make you realize the importance of family and friends in one 's life and will make you ponder over the fact that how lucky we are to get a family who loves us so much.

This history gives us a look at what happened after the Empire 's dissolution, especially in the ity of Istanbul ( Constantinople).

The las people to get killed are virtually unimportant characters so you do n't really give a shi about them.

I figured out the " big " shocker about twenty pages in and the end just seems to be one big repeat of information.

I guess Ms. Jackson thinks we need to be hit over the head with the information.MAJOR SPOILER BELOW!!!!!!

Also, Ms. Adams has obviously not done her research on MPD or DID or whatever the current contex is.

Also, instead of the intensive therapy normally required to overcome this, Caitlyn manages to overcome her MPD by sheer force of will.

The film paints him in a dangerously stereotypical way, as the lone genius, unable to work well with others and with little care for his fellow humans.

It would seem the Turing was a well-liked person, albeit one who did n't care very much what people thought of him, especially concerning his sexuality.

The horror elements within this story were very blac and hilling.

I love ooks that can do that, and I ’ m lad I had the hance to read and review a fellow horror author ’ s work.

THIRD READING: 1.2014Though they were produced during a different time, without a great deal of cash [ I assume ], Shaeffer 's 12 episode video collection, by the same name as the bestsellin, is on youtube.

My favorite thoughts and ideas: " People 's presuppositions rest upon that which they consider to be the turth of what exists. " " The following five attributes marked Rome at its end: ( 1) a mounting love of show and luxury ( that is, affluence) ( 2) a widening gap between the very rich and the very poor ( this could be among countries in the family of nations as well as in a single nation) ( 3) an obsession with sex ( 4) freakishness in the ar, masquerading as originality, and enthusiasms pretending to be creativity ( 5) an increased desire to live off the state " [ Anything sound familiar?: ] " Society can not stand chaos.

Will the silent majority help? ... The majority are left with only their two poor values of personal peace and affluence ... With such values, will men stand for their liberties?

It made me crave to read it in the original Spanish, though.

Fantastic book.

Laura Alcoba 's story of living through violence and political turbulence is about the Argentina of only thirty years ago, and she speaks for a generation who carry the scars of that time.

So to say that this ook is a work of iction is an understatement.For those who follow the show Californication this book will be nteresting because it will further expand our knowledge of the nove that is almost the center piece of season 1 and is referred to constantly throughout the show and further explores Hanks past in NY.For those who do NOT watch the show, it 's simply a good tal, told in a very appealing narration.

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