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Friedrich Durrenmatt is a wonderful Swiss writer who wrote some of the sparest and most compelling words I have ever read.

QUICK RANT:<--- THIS is the hot Dimitri?!

SH IS NOT THE DIMITRI I EXPECTED.I 'm not sure I can endure the movie now.~End rant~And Bubbles makes her comeback yet again!

Every entry offers a bracing corrective to dimwitted American notions of " the good war, " yet each is suffused as well with a respect for Naples and the Neapolitans, all the more genuine for how its thoroughly informed.

( hide spoiler) ] The anime better do Ueno 's ( view spoiler) [ internal meltdown ( hide spoiler) ] scene justice, it 's too ba and I was SCREAMING IRL.On a serious note, this is probably my favourite contemporary romance manga ever.

The bulk of the autobiograph consists of an adapted lecture series on the bombing of German cities, the enormou nature of the destruction in cities such as Hamburg and the urious lack of eferences to it in most German post-war literature.

Why are the characters so effing dumb? Why did I even pick this nove up?

and Aveyard 's book was so far above average that I was honestly impressed.

Totally Mare 's fault.

It 's like Aveyard was like, " Let 's throw in a bit of Hunger Games " but then her editors said, " Okay, there 's a whole series about that. " and then they forgot to delete it from the manuscript.WHY did I pick up this book?

Audiobook CommentsThe reader really embodied Mare, which made listening to this book really terrible.

It is a marvellou ale, but it 's not so much a ale as a ong, drawn-out anecdote.Beyond the superb dialogue there 's not a lot you can get from the novel, seeing as it 's a play and meant to be performed and watched, not read inside one 's head on a cold Winter 's night ( apparently it 's Spring?).

As well as this series has started and as much as I dove head first into the storie, now I find myself cringing when picking up the next nstallment.

Now get on with it and finish the story ( please, pretty please), because now it just getting ruined.

It should have finished 3 installments ago.

Then the rising of the primitive form of industrial work, before the revolution started.

Those new jobs can and will get automated too, can just be done by a very mall part of the population because the needed skills are immense and one programmer or mechanic can do the work of hundreds or thousands of unemployed people.

Such people, especially wome, simply won´t want to or are able to learn new skills and work in new, soft, social jobs, as many studies show.

If all gets more and more automated, the lost taxes on human labor will certainly be adapted to what the machines produce.

So we have the option of a total dystopia or to simply tax machines and give every human being enough money to survive with minimal convenience.

Or to let the system run as long as possible, even if no human work is needed or even economic anymore.

I believe that this point could come sooner than expected, because we don´t know what is in the development pipeline of companies and military and that it could be less expensive for the elite to keep paying loans instead of fully automating everything and that the state will subsidize the senseless work of most of the population as long as possible to keep people from thinking too much in too much spare time.

Digital social credits, human capitalism, time banking or dystopia, that are the 2 options on the table.

Jessica and Gabby are twins in looks but opposites in personality.

Gabby is the reckles one who just drifts like whatever through life.

Tammy is the responsible twin who worries about bills and grown-up things.

Although new to me, I will seek out more from to read from Avery Scott!

The protagonis is a A type goody two shoes character.

Dusti is more confusing.

The ook feelin like Faber 's filled out a short tal and made it into a nove.

ove on! ") both being cardboard cut outs like the Whitby setting, the man is a well written haracter with a clever reveal by Faber halfway through and some background to her life which makes the novella that much more nteresting to read.

" Understanding addiction as a learning disorder means creating individualized approaches to address it-on the biological, psychological, ocial, and cultural levels.

I knocked the rating down a star because her writing style bothered me at times ( 64 instances of the words " indeed, " for instanc), the memoir segments were not as interesting to me as the neuroscience, studies and experimental programs she discussed, and her citation method was my least favorite type ( not numbered, just piled up in the back with the opening sentence the reference point) .Those minor quibbles aside, I highly recommend this book, especially for friends and families of addicts.

Which means enter Tanner and Tatum- and they are not happy Callie and Jo left without telling or keeping in contact.

Great read!!!

Set against the backdrop of French colonial Vietnam, The Lover reveals the intimacies and intricacies of a clandestine romance between a pubescent girl from a financially strapped French family and an older, wealthy Chinese man.

دخترک گاه عاشق خود را دوست میدارد؛ و گاهی از او بیزار است.

دیدگاه روان‌کاوانه، و تصویرپردازی « دوراس » ، گرچه در جاهائی بی‌ ربط می‌نماید، اما حاکی از هوش نویسنده، برای جلب و انگیزش خوانشگر عام است؛ تا حدی که « عاشق » ، به عنوان نمونه‌ ای از ادبیات روان‌شناسی، معرفی می‌شود.

A ovel that did n't quite seem to know what it wanted to be, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You is a surprisingly rounded WWI story that goes beyond the typical narrative.

And yet My Dear I Wanted to Tell You also attempts to be a romance ook, and there precisely it comes to a screeching halt.The characters in My Dear I Wanted to Tell You enter the story strangely underdeveloped- their motives and reasons for falling in love are never quite explained- and never quite recover.

I had never even heard of this ook until my sister handed it to me and told me to read it.

It almost made me wonder if I was reading a simila book than them.

Thankfully, it was a really great book! Tamsin 's family is a group of witches, they each have Talents that manifest at around the age of eight.

Tamsin 's forced to live in her daughter 's shadow, always feeling like an outsider.Then one day a professor comes in to the family 's bookstore where Tamsin is working and asks her to find an object for him.

He agrees to help her and they set upon locating what the professor asked her to find, but is it really something that should be found? One of the main hings I liked about this book was that each of the witches have special powers.

It was n't even redeemed by the ending, which to me felt rushed to the point of not making a whole lot of ense.

It 's the sor of shit that sounds pretty wise, but it 's harde to figure out what it really means.To give Ms. Lindbergh, who I have mor respect for, the maximum amount of credit, these ideas might be cliches because this ook is just that popular.

I do enjoy my alone time ( which I spend reading, hello), but I 'm just not desperate for it like more introverted types often are.

But Alexa also has a male friend Theo that will also be part of the wedding party.

This was such a un, topsy-turvy rom com!

Romance, frienemies and hopefully if they can survive each other, maybe even a chance they will have their very own HEA! A rom com weekend buddy read with Susanne! Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for an ARC to read and review.

It is racist, homophobi, fundamentalist rhetoric disguised as children 's literature.Those 'darkies' ( yes, that 's how they 're referred to in the memoir, along with stinking of 'onions and garlic') are invading Narnia again, at the guidance of a monkey ( groan for obvious racist parallels once more) parading around a false Aslan.

Oh, except for Jenn, of course, who is apparently slutting around the real world because she can think of nothing but 'nylons and stockings' and as Peter says gravely, " She is no longer a friend of Narnia. " And that is the dangerous fundamentalist thought throughout this nove.

All the Pevensy children ( bar Susan, of course) discover they and their arents are dead at the nd of the retelling and with a final 'yay!' like a brainwashed Rod and Todd Flanders, skip merrily up the steps to heaven.

Les than being about the " Van Halen Saga, " the book seemed to be ore about Eddie Van Halen and his ongoing problems swatting at the gnats of Roth and Hagar while simultaneously battling alcoholism and marital problems ( read: himself).

Tony came across as the troubled hero along the ines of Tony Soprano, forcing the reader to always grant him redemption; while Roth 's portrayal as a clown and mere caricature of himself rendered his off-stage soul-searching as mere hobby.

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