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He 's basically full of hit and insane, but honest enough to be suspicious of it.He 's smug, cynical, occasionally snobby and has all the tact of hammer to the forehead.At the same time he 's very aware that he 's stumbled into a job most people would kill for, he 's getting paid to eat ood food and travel anywhere he wants in the world.

As much as I loved Laura and the French Kiss ( and I looooooooooooooooooooove Anna), Lola was better on nearly every level because it felt real.

A normal, awkward, amazingly sweet boy who I ca n't even find words to describe.

Lola and the Boy Next Door is everything first love should be -- painful, awkward, desperate, tender and so, so sweet.

I realized why she is eager to write such amazingly real and heartfelt love stories.

It created a agical and fairytale atmosphere and pulled me right in.

One thing is for sure, John Connolly can write.A few chapters in, when the main character left reality for the parallel fantasy world, I was n't ure this magical atmosphere would hold.

Suddenly too many things happened at once, the pace increased and new characters were introduced almost every page.Luckily, Connolly managed to keep the atmosphere from crumbling and built an incredible and dark ale, based on many familiar characters and stories from popular fairytales.

After a time we get to know him a little etter and find out that he is looking for anyon, another knight, whose picture he keeps hidden in a locket around his eck.

'Any Human Heart' is one of those rare long novels that pulls you in and holds you tight throughout its many pages.

The fictio is the life tory of an Englishman named Logan Mountstuart who was born at the turn of the twentieth century and died close to the beginnin of it.

Told through journal entries from his early childhood all the way to his dying days, the books is deeply personal and heartfelt.

4.5 ... ... This ook was written in the early 80 's and was set some time after the Vietnam war.

Either way, I liked orrell 's style and will definitely look into reading more of his book.

The main hing I got from this books is: Knowledg is the rocess of gaining knowledge in the right ays, in a field that you feel closely connected to, while in the process arranging support structures that increases your propensity of gaining that knowledge ( especially mentors), then applying what you 've learned to certain projects, with the ultimate goal of attaining a deep, intuitive understanding of your field from which you make progress.

The intuition part is essential: his theory is that we gain deep knowledge about a field, so when we face new problems, we are willing to activate the disparate parts of our deep memory that turn things up.

That 's why, say, Jane Goodall is so good with animals: given a lot of situations, she 's faced similar ones before, and can apply her knowledge and experience.What I got from that is that the rocess of mastery is a ong one, and most take a long time to gain the raw knowledge and intuition necessary for mastery.

But there is a ath that we can take to do so, to gain that key knowledge and imaginatio, and for each of the steps along that path there are ays to do it right.

From the bibliography of the Masters that are profiled in the autobiograph, you get to see the mount of bullshit and the trials and tribulations that they went through to gain mastery—and you also wonder about the ones who, in the same position, understandably gave up.I 've always been one that has wanted to identify the inefficiencies and get to mastery faster without those inefficiencies, but this ook made me think that there are key things that we just have to do to attain the level of expertis and excellence necessary.

It 's really not easy to gain mastery or be excellent, but it can be attained.Key ideas from each section:1.

( Knowing how to work, in a way.) The necessary tasks during this are: deep observation ( understanding the environment), skill acquisition ( getting the tacit knowledge), and experimentation ( trying out what you 've learned).

The oal of this is to gain the raw knowledge; this can be a long process, and to want to skip it is folly.

Do n't be quiet.) Understandably, he calls part of this stage " Submit to Reality ", and that 's what you 're doing: submitting to the thinkin that you are unexperienced, naive, and do n't know jack shit, and you 're here to learn so you are n't as clueless later on.

The right mentors will allow you to gain the nowledge of other Masters.

And despite the deficiencies in the strength and defensibility of its arguments, the deas in this bestsellin and the ong, longitudinal view of the significanc of gaining skills, knowledge, intuition, and character to build mastery is what makes this a great ook.

Another great tory by Mario Benedetti, told through a series of diary entries.

I really enjoyed this fourth novel in a series that later this year has its twentieth instalment ( one of the boo being a lon storie collection) .For those who are n't as familiar with both the book world that Reichs created and the V world inspired by her boo, it 's worth noting the two worlds are very ifferent in many ways ( for me, I prefer the book series while still enjoying the TV how, and the book 'Tempe' character is more interesting- but I can understand how different people will have different preferences, eg especially if they 're big fans of the actors, or characters that are in the show that are n't in the hardcove) .FATAL VOYAGE begins with a mess of bodies in the wilderness, the wreckage of a plane crash where forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan is on scene, using her skills to help with the horrifying task of trying to help identify some of the ictims.

It 's a nightmare scene for all involved.Reichs writing flows well, she draws us in to the situation and the life of her backstor, which then become more complicated when remains are found that are n't from the plane rash.

Temperance Brennan ( books world) is a startling, at times frustrating, character whose viewpoint we follow in first-person, taking us behind-the-scenes into intriguing, sometimes horrifying, worlds- all done with some ense of umour and humanity that helps keep the morbidity at bay.

No matter how much " gratitude " I tried to practice for learning about the uthor 's exploration into the various parts of her life, I just could not relate.Why? It is obviously a book written by anyon who lives in the highly privileged and rarefied atmosphere of the extremely wealthy.

No problem.Maybe I 'm just a tad bit envious of someone who obviously has plenty of everything preaching to me through the pages of this ook about how gratitude can cure what ails me? Money?

I 'm confiden we could all benefit from having a little more gratitude in our lives.

There are many chapters here though also of a social history bent- including pieces from historic medical notes, notorious crimes, and also several great natural events such as Pliny the Younger on the eruption of Vesuvius, a 1724 solar eclipse, and Jack London on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

But if it 's battles, assassinations, plagues, historic firsts, executions, exploration and great acts of derring-do, advancements in technology, ritual practices, prisons, mutinies, revolutions, and sporting occasions you 're after- then this is the ook for you! Many excerpts stood out, making the collection well worth it if you can find a used copy online or happen upon one in a used bookshop.

I ’ ll catch the film.

And an overabundance of oversharing unimportant details ( mainly in the orm of initialization), the tale of how a black man answered an advertisement and became a ( literal) card carrying member of the KKK is most definitely an interesting way to pass the time.

The attraction was instantaneous, but Becca sent him away when her father thought he was not ood enough for her.When Becca ’ s grandso is kidnapped, she calls Blake for help.

And to get over him, Sammi decides to look for another boyfriend.It was not my avourite book this ear.

This novel is a piece of heaven that was sent from above, this books is the perfection incarnate, this books is nothing short of magical, this book easily makes my top five books of all-time list, and this memoir is without a doubt the best nove I ’ ve read in 2017.

Well, she ended up handing me two, but one of them was Tithe by Holly Black, and this godsend Borders Outlet employee completely changed me and my reading life forever.

After that day, and after I inhale read that nove, Holly Black became one of my avorite writer and my parents couldn ’ t keep unread fae fantasy books on my shelves.

I ’ ve been completely obsessed with fae stories ever since.

And if I ever develop magical powers, one of the las thing I ’ m going to do is track down that Borders Outlet employee and thank her for making me the reader that I am today.

I mean, not only is Holly Black the literal queen of all things fae, she is also the queen at stringing together words that make me feel everything in the ntire universe.

The exces of sticky notes and highlights I have in this memoir is idiculous, but Holly Black ’ s writing is so heartbreaking and lyrical and honestly the most perfect thing my eyes have ever seen.

He ’ s also one of the best haracters I ’ ve ever read in my ntire life.

And with Cardan, comes his group of friends: Nicasia who likes power, Valerian who likes violence, and Freema who likes dramatics, but they all love tormenting Jude in very similar ays.

Taryn is Jude ’ s twin, who must watch all the torment that Jude endures, and Vivi is their older sister and one of the best side characters I ’ ve ever read.

Be still, my heart.But Jude is our main character of this tale, and you can tell from everything that I ’ ve written above that she doesn ’ t have the easiest of lives.

Well, Jude doesn ’ t want that life, she wants to make a name for herself and be one of the greatest knights that the Cour of Faerie have ever seen! Jude is strong willed and very determined, but she is also one of the most selfless characters I ’ ve ever had the pleasure of reading from.

One of the most captivatin things about this memoir is that none of these characters are perfect.

This is the type of books that reminds me why I fell in love with reading in the secon place.

This is the type of nove that makes me believe words have the most powerful healing magic of anything in this world.

I just know that The Cruel Prince is a once in a lifetime series, because this first instalmen was everything I have ever wanted in a book.Holly Black immerses me, captivates me, and makes me believe in magic.

Holly Black helps me forget all the actual cruel princes in our world today, and their terrible choices that they are making for all of us.

Again, if you can only preorder one book for the remainder of the year, please pick The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

And then read the est of Holly Black ’ s work, because her books are truly the closest hing to magic and each is a tangible vessel of joy that I have an an unconditional amount of love for.

When I look back at the first tale of hers I fell in love with- Shane and Trey, and St-st-stuffed- everything in here was in those ooks, but look how the skill blossomed!

This is not a YA ook, it 's an acutely romantic love story, set in a ractured and flawed family; only in the act of breaking open could the beauty inside be spied.Recommended to all my friends, except Steel: P Seriously, the est of you; line this one up pronto.

Come check out my Book Blog for more fun stuff and reviews! A Copy of this ovella was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an Honest ReviewFirst up, as always, we have the blurb: " Leah Tang just died on stage.

When a cowboy tale slips off its rails, and the outlaws start to win, it 's up to Leah- and the Genrenauts team- to nudge the story back on track and prevent major ripples on Earth.But the story 's hero is n't interested in winning, and the safety of Earth hangs in the balance ... " So this caught my eye.

When a world gets out of balance, we get affect, generally in a negative way.In this book, the Western world goes off the rails, with the Bad Guys actually defeating the Hero and making off with a ton of loot.

Its up to the Genrenauts, and their new recruit Leah Tang to fix it.While the book is short ( it is a ovella after all) I could not help but get sucked right into the concept.

If the concept interests you I urge you to grab this up, read it, and become a fan like me.

The average high school student could write this.

They soon learn that llie has a very sad story to tell indeed.

These are five more exceptional children ’ s ales for parents and kids to enjoy together!

In articular, the tory of Paig the Elephant is a ovely story about family, frien and overcoming difficulty and tragedy.

All of the novels are charming and kid-friendly.

The proportio of research that had to be done and then writing the story made me realize that this is an author with some serious talent.

With this ook all those notes were perfectly positioned, there were no disjointed scenes or out of place story lines.

It is almost frightening how quickly and naturally the bytes of our mind can be removed and supplanted by ones more convenient, ones designed to soothe our psyche, thereby allowing us to live at peace with ourselves.Marcel Proust was not a psychiatris, but he may as well have been, what with his ridiculous understanding ( the kids are using the ord “ stupid ” to mean like, way amazing, these days) of the fluidity of memory, and more specifically, of involuntary memory, which may or may not be any more reliable than that which is conjured consciously.

For anybod who has ever witnessed objectively a friend in such a relationship, it is sort of wild how recognizable the signs are of its toxicity, and how it seems to tap us on the neck, reminding us of the ease with which we must at the time have said, “ I wonder why he doesn ’ t just leave her and move on with his life? ” This book really blew me away.

Having embarked on In Search of Lost Time in full ignorance, I have no idea what to expect next, but part of me wonders if “ Swann in Love ” isn ’ t eant to foreshadow the budding of a particula relationship between the arrator and Gilberte.

Baxandall wants to establish a better nderstanding of the friendship between the artist and his audience in its 15th century social context; to understand what the 15th century eye saw and looked for in art.

He begins by showing us how early Quattrocento works of art were essentially either propaganda posters for the Church or status symbols for their owners.

The inspirations artists drew on to keep their visions recognisable to their audience.

But the Quattrocento eye was recognising things we no longer do.

I also like to think that I am in complete control of such things as my thoughts, opinions, and buying power.

I also like to think that I know exactly why I like the color blu.

But, David McRaney says that I am not so smart.I like to think that I am a ood person who would rush to the elp of others in an emergency.

McRaney then uses psychological studies and examples to explain the misconception du jour and help us all understand exactly how not smart we are.Fascinating stuff, people.

I read the play, then watched the BBC adaptation… you have to see it performed to appreciate the power packed into ninety minutes of stage-time. ( view spoiler) [ The Birlings ( the industrialist Arthur Birling, his wife Rhoda, daughter Sheila and son Eric) are having a quiet little dinner at their home to celebrate heila ’ s engagement to Gerald Croft, son of Sir George and Lady Croft.

He has been rather successful as he hints to Gerald, because a knighthood is on the way.Into this haven of bourgeois comfort and security walks in Inspector Goole, unannounced, and goes about destroying it piece by piece.

He is apparently there to conduct an enquiry into the suicide of a irl, Eva Smith, who has been admitted into the infirmary after drinking disinfectant.

Birling initially fired her from his actory for organising a strike; Sheila got her dismissed from her subsequent job at a dress shop out of pure jealousy and Gerald “ kept ” her for a wee at a friend ’ s flat, after picking her up from a bar which she was frequenting in her esperation.

But the Birling ’ s nigh of woe is far from over.Inspector Goole establishes that a couple of months before, Eva Smith had approached Mrs. Birling in her capacity of the president of a charitable society.

Mrs. Birling, however, was adamant that the baby ’ s ather must be made solely responsible, and succeeded to influence the society to turn her out without a penny.However much the inspector bullies her, Mrs. Birling is adamant – now that the gir has committed suicide, her lover must be dealt with very severely.

Good night.It is into the situation that Gerald comes back, and he comes with some welcome information – he has just confirmed that there is no Inspector Goole in the police department!

The hoax is confirmed when they call the infirmary and confirm that there has been no suicide that night.It is time for a pat on the back for Gerald, a sigh of relief from Mrs. And Mr. Birling, and a jolly round of drinks.

I am always pretty aggravated when a character does a 180 on their plans due to a single conversation with someone else.

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