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" I do n't like to hurt people, Tax. Even now, I should hate you, but I ca n't.

I fell in love with Tax, he was totally redeemed in my ook and I most definitely got butterflies in anticipation of him falling in love with the person he thought he hated.

, it is a short ale of bunnies sneaking in to Mr McGregor 's garden.Whilst the illustrations are absolutely as delightful as ever, I found this particular story rather bland and dull.

Anyway, John Milton was there to see to her safety and kill the assassin, Scorpion.

This is my first ever book review but here it goes.

hrice during the read I came to the reviews to see if anyone else felt the way I did.

What he does do is to put both if them firmly in the politics and social world of the late Roman republic and uses this information to explain why they operated as they did.

In between this story is also the ale of one on Antony 's wives Fulvia- a oman who would make a good story in her own right having been deeply involved in many key events at the fall of the republic.Goldsworthy is firmly in the Cleopatra as Macedonian/ Greek rather than Egyptian/ African camp for reasons which he details and which seem most likely to me too.

I adored Likotsi in A rincess in Theory as Thabiso ’ s right hand, and I couldn ’ t sta for her own story!

Fabiola ( Fab), the eldest of Haitian immigrants, is an AMAZING new character and a perfect match for Likotsi.

PSA: Fab is *bisexual* and I think I ’ m going to pass out all over again!!!

( ole, please write more for the queers!!) The Reluctant Royals series is one of my avorites!

The next time I fell in love it was quick—within a few ays, quick—so for me, Likotsi and Fab ’ s love story is not only fathemable but completely real.It ’ s quite amazing that it ’ s only a novella because there is so much packed into it and it ’ s entirely satisfying.

It created a bit of ystery as to why Fab severed ties absolutely 8 months previously and I was invested in how the mystery was going to unravel, just as Likotsi was.Likotsi Adelele, mother of schedules and slayer of inefficiencies ... Likotsi is still my queer queen!

Breathtakingly beautiful. “ Those nights, in the sweetest dark, we shared our dreams. ” I ’ ve always been fascinated by dragons.

The Sweetest Dark is the start of a new series that takes place in her Drakon world.

Unlike the Drakon series, The Sweetest Dark can be read as both an adult and a young adult ovel.

There is no need to read the Drakon series prior to reading The Sweetest Dark.

The Sweetest Dark is the perfect fantasy read.

If you enjoy dragon shifter books, The Sweetest Dark may be right for you.

I wanted to get more in the Halloween mood, so I thought this anthology collection would be perfect!

Verse Chorus Verse ended up not being my favourit, but I was still left speechless at how good this anthology collection was!

Sleepless by Jay Kristoff end up being my favorite tory.

- Four Stars ★★★★This was a perfect first story in this collection, because this author completely captures the creepy Halloween feel.

Amazing, reepy, exactly what I wanted from this short-story collection! 3.)

I also loved how it actually felt like a complete story with no loose ends.

I just really liked this short-story, and it left me wanting so much more!

- Two Stars ★★I 'll be honest with you, the title of this, plus noticing it was by a femal uthor, sort of pissed me off before I had even read one word of this tory.

Seriously, this read like such a perfect and complete short-story.

This is the perfect Halloween story, especially for my generation, and I absolutely loved it!

- One Star ★This story felt the weakest in the collection, in my opinion.

I think the message is pretty mportant, and not nearly talked about enough, but it still just lacked the eerie Halloween feel I 'm looking for in these short stories.

- Three Stars ★★★If you 've been following my reviews for a while now, you 'll know that I absolutely love stories about Shaman and how much I wish there were more out there!

My nly complaint: It did n't feel like a Halloween story at all.

I loved these three children, and I can honestly say I 've ever read anything like this; Perfect Halloween feel, amazing twists, and heart-warming characters.

- Four Stars ★★★★I loved this story, but I had the same roblem I had with A Bo Who Dreamed of Snow: It did n't feel like a Halloween story.

I still absolutely loved it, and it felt like such a complete tal that really left me satisfied.

Who knew that becoming a zombie could transform a white trash girl into something better.

This book has an interesting take on ombies and there is some cool world-building.

I 've never seen zombies portrayed this way before.

This women is a machine!! Firstly let me say, I went into this with very, very HIGH hopes, but realistically was n't expecting to love it as much as Chase and Kade, as I never really felt a connection to Ryder, he annoyed me ( check out my other reviews) But hell, would n't you know it, Chantal got me again!! We see the deeper side of Ryder throughout this boo.

It felt over the top, however reading of his concerns through his eyes is a totally different experience ( obliviously!!) 'The truth is, I ’ m worried about Sasha.

Ryder pulls back, his eyes searching mine. “ If all goes well, hopefully, that will be your last first date, ” he says simply.

I know I 've said that before in both Chase and Kade, but I feel the need to say again how smooth the transition between POVs are.

I find a lot of authors struggle to keep the flow going and it often turns out choppy, which in turn make it ard to read, and I find myself often loosening my place in the novel, as I do n't know where we 're up too.

Lexi is n't just a pretty face, she has a past that comes back with a vendett, Ryder is n't just in a and and a guy that hits anything with a agina, he 's a fighter and a deep nurturing soul.

I was expecting the girls to continue living with Ryder and was extremely glad that did n't happen!

" And we will only need each other, we 'll bleed together, Our hands will not be taught to hold another 's, 'Cause we 're the special two. " I was singing right along with her, tears in my ey!

( you 'll understand when you read the entir story) Ryder~ " Her voice leaves me breathless, and I can ’ t help but feel proud that she is onstage because I know just how much she hates it. " I feel errible for Derek, but as he is getting his own ook, I 'm guessing we will see his whole story soon.

*sad face* ( yes I 'm a greedy little girl!!) Thank you Chantal you have outdone yourself once again!! ****Revised review****I am in LOVE with the new epilogue!!

These people needs Semar and The Punakawan to tell the Ruler, the Authoritie, what they really want.

They also need Semar and The Punakawan to explain to them what is happening in the world.

They need Semar and The Punakawan, wise people that they can trust.

Noble people with no interest in power that can speak their language.

Oh, I really love this interpretation.I really need to read more about The Punakawan.

And I need to state that I get quite irritated when I read reviews and the reviewer says they have n't finished the book yet.

I do still like the portraya of than.

I know the story tells us he loves Nin and ca n't live without her but the descriptive etails of how he feels about Liv read more like real teen love to me than the hyped up melodramatic feelings he has for Lena.

But, as I said too much elodrama and unresolved circular repetitive overblown plot lines.

Ca n't wait to read more from you.

In the tenth essa in this eries, the protagonis is still trying to get used to what she really is, and how to handle things.

Sarai and her best-friend ( whom I immediately hate and not so secretly hope gets hit by a bus in the ext essay) attend a book event and Sarai quite literally runs into the hottest cover model of the year.

Attending a book event with her friend enny, she literally stumbles into Gavin James, a British soccer player turned model who currently adorns the cover of a avourite author ’ s recent work.

With a thumbs up from her mother, Sarai has to see where things will lead with Gavin even if a broken heart seems inevitable.I loved this ovella, the irst installments of the serial.

The tension between Sarai and Jenny continues to simmer and you can feel the sexual energy between Gavin and Sarai gaining momentum.

Reading this memoi was one of the oys of my life ( I finished it July 4 three years ago, happy to ignore the jingoistic explosions all around me), and I honestly did n't find it all that usefu.

I do n't care how much it hurt me, it was so damn beautiful!! This stunningly beautiful story begins with a very young Cooper.

Right off the bat, Cooper and Jace do n't get along.

As time goes by, Cooper and Jace form a bond.

I absolutely loved how Kell 's love for rocks was incorporated into the actual story line.

I loved seeing Hal and Jace grow up into men.

I was still unable to connect with the seve and thirteen year old Lace and Jace, as I was when they were in their mi twenties.

What I loved the most and what had me captivated, was how much they still wanted each other after all those years.

I loved this ook to pieces.

I loved Greer and Jace.

I ca n't wait to read more from this uthor.

I don ’ t know if disciples choose their teachers or if it ’ s more the other way around.

For better or for worse, Merton feels in many ays to me like my guide to finding God in twenty-first century America.

Loved with the ort of radical acceptance and intimacy Merton clearly hungered for.

I 've read and loved each and every single one of her ooks and they were all brilliant, and Losing Hope was no exception.

Hopeless was one of my avorite ooks of 2012 and reading the story again from Holder 's POV made me exactly remember why.

The more time they spend together, the more Holder starts to fall in love with the girl Sky is now and the les he wishes that she would n't be Hope so that their present wo n't be affected by the events that happened in the past.

What follows is an emotional journey in which Holder has to decide whether Sky should know the truth about what happend all those decade ago or if she 's better off without those memories of the past.

In Losing Hope we find out how Holder struggles with knowing the truth but being unable to confide in anyone about it.

If you 've read and loved Hopeless as much as I did, you will not be disappointed by this wonderful re-telling of the tory!

This books is not only a good read and good science, it 's also a lot of hilarious and an opportunity for enlightenment and self-reflection.After teaching at Carleton, Professor Little went on to lecture at Harvard where he was voted the students' favourite prof three years running.

I found that quote tonight, started thinking about the ovie, felt the relentless urge to forget some, many things but, considering the impossibility ( unless someone works at some Lacuna, Inc. firm, in which case please, do share the specifics), decided to keep adding books to the pile.Jan 27, 19

The complete story hardly epitomizes love ( who am I to make a statement about it anyway ...) but reading Pope 's poem aloud, listening to every sound of Eloisa 's musical hell, imagining every move, tear and thought, it 's all a feast for the min.

One can treat drug addictions or alcoholism by encouraging abstinence, but most behaviour addictions need to be changed into controlled consumption rather than avoidance.

We need technology to some extent, and learning how to control it must therefore be part of our education.This book offers an overview of some of the temptations that trigger addiction, including cliffhanger sequences, positive feedback loops and social interaction.

For me, the most important lesson from reading Irresistible is to always question my urge to " check the phone " quickly to feed my need for positive feedback.

Yeah, this is definitely a ook I 'd recommend and I look forward to reading much more from this write.

It was called Pigeon English.

I do n't think it has cancer though.

There was also a bit about an award.BOOK COVER: 'Shortlisted for the Man Booker Award 2011'.I read it right after I bought it.

And all the time I read this books.

Harri lives in the council towers in London.

It 's like the pigeon is a guardian angel, or a messenger from God. Asweh, it 's the craziest thing you ever saw! The rest of the books is Harri talking.

Harri and his friend Dean are trying to find out who killed him.

It 's just sort of the tale of Harri 's life.

And he was a ood dud, but he knew all the killers.

ust like Harri.

So if you liked that, read this book.The writing is also weird.

They look pretty though, all big and full of letters.WHAT I LEARNED FROM READING 'PIGEON ENGLISH'- You can be shortlisted for the Man Booker even if your book is not about important stuff, and somethin of just about a kid 's life.

Or both.- Some people can make bad writing work.- It 's never a good premis to try and write as a pigeon.- Also do n't make the pigeon a messenger for God.

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