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Thirty year old Amina is called away from her photography job in Seattle by her mother Kamala who has growing concerns that something is seriously wrong with her son.

And I LOVED how clearly the theme of the bestselling and title worked its way into each poem.

I ’ ve never seen a poetry collection tie the theme and title in so well.

Holy hell.Hard is told in alternating POVs from Holland and Jensen.

Jensen, having lost everything that meant anything to her is now an empty shell of the girl that she once was.

She picks up the meager belongings she cares about and moves away from verything she knows.

She does n't want any connection or memory to her old life.

Christense is definitely a man that likes his sex dirty.

If there 's one way that Jensen and Hollan connect, it 's on a physical level.

Both of them have their dark secrets and neither is looking for anything other than a physical connection.

It hurts to care.

Holland 's story was heartbreaking to read ( view spoiler) [ especially as a wif ( hide spoiler) ], and sometimes I felt that the abundant amount of sex almost overshadowed the emotional story that the ook also had.

I wish there was a little ore time spent on the emotional onnection between Holland and Jensen, beyond just the obvious physical one, but I ca n't complain too much.

so, each day during the months of april, i will be reading a short tal and doing the barest minimum of a review because ai n't no one got time for that and i 'm already so far behind in all the ways.

here is a link to the irst tal in last year 's project, https: // ... which in turn links to the whole monthlong project, in case you wan na do some free short story reading of your own!

part of it is the foolhardy commitment to reading a story a day in the middle of holiday mania, when my brain is easily distracted by all the hings i still need to do in order to make things merry merry for others, so i am not always ble to give a story the attention and respect it is due because my brain will be all, " i hope you are enjoying relaxing with your short story but did you remember to buy wrapping paper? " it 's a super-purple story, and i love me some purple prose, i do, but sometimes it takes a bit of unpacking to get to what 's going on, and i had some confusion.

Anyway, I love this type of memoi.

But it 's George W 's story of his wife and that makes it worth it.

I 've seen this author 's series of books read for awhile on here.

I felt I knew these characters even if I had just met them.The book starts out with DI Kim Stone being called out when some bones are found on a family farm, after getting her investigative juices flowing she is told that she must work with a former co-worker that she would rather not work be on the same lanet with.

I 've been thinking about several simple passages of this book since I read them and I hope it changed some of my stupid thinking.

( She does n't shame in it..she just made me realize that something I thought was fine is in fact totally not-that 's what SHOULD happen when you change someone 's thoughts ... not just shame them into feeling like a fool because they asked questions or did n't completely understand something.) I 'm giving kudos to the publishing of these books too.

Most likley the end of the series where Charlotte, our main eroine, is being questioned at the scene of crime.

What time is it? The only think you know, is that Charlie ( Charlotte) is alive.

We meet Larry and her BFF aura.

He seems wonderful right now.

We meet more characters like eagan and her brother Jake.

Nixon is sweet and a good friends to Charlie when she needs it.

I was constantly trying to figure out who was going to be involved in this messy ending I know we have coming.

Everything does) Nate seems to have a thing for Charlie ( maybe, not sure).

Ted is struggling with Law school and also trying to deal with the press that keeps hounding her.

Will you betray Charlie? " Every time I thought I had it figured out, the slightest little detail would make me think otherwise.

I have about 6 different scenarios rolling around in my head.At first, I thought the story was obvious but now I have no idea.

I really do n't but I will honestly be surprised when we finally reach the end of this series.

4 types are more about groups of features that every person is " made of ", and they can be mixed in many different ways.Now, having that out of the pat, I can say that:- I had a few good laughs seeing different people that I know in colors' descriptions- Stories from real life that author puts here and there are indeed very made up, but they are only serving certain points, so I guess they can be taken as metaphors ...- There is nothing very new to the aspect of 4 colors, since it 's based entirely on Hippocrates.

- Author has his own pat of mentioning " I am a proffesional ", " I 've worked in this field for 20 years now ", " I give lectures and speeches on that topic " and other show-offy bits almost every chapter, which might become irritating for some readers.I would not recommend this memoir to someone who had already read a lot of books on personalities types topic.

I had a children edition and I do n't know if there may be some strong differences from the adult one.

I can say though that I would love reading it again in the non-children version.Let 's just admire the gorgeous cover of this beautiful edition.This book follows the life of four incredible sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Jennifer, detailing their passage from childhood to womanhood.

I loved her strong character, the reaso she adores literature, both reading and writing and that she is n't attracted by romance at all.

My grandmothe 's jaw dropped.

Where 's the horse?! " was my daughter 's reaction.

An Unfamiliar Murder by Jane Isaac is the fourth novel in the DCI Helen Lavery Mystery series.

Probably not, but the very writing of it offers a chance to better comprehend this period.I want to read this ook again, if for no other reason than to better consider his analysis of Detroit and Janesville, where my mother lives and I have spent considerable time as well as his policy prescriptions for an ailing republic.

I hate them! For all the times we have embarrassed ourselves, torturing our necks, trying to take a peek of the book someone 's reading while commuting.For viciously hating movie and TV tie-ins.

Okay, that 's highly subjective but I admit I ca n't stand them ... For all the Bookworm Fears when the horror is real! For all the ramifications of getting obsessed with a nove.

When we want to shout it aloud to reach every person on this lanet, getting sliiightly irritated ( okay, A LOT irritated) when someone we love does n't like it that much ... .For all those difficult days when books become our sole escape from a bleak reality.

And one of the characters has book discussions with Brunetti, revealing that her favorite writer are Virgil, Cicero, and Ovid!

And some nowledge of Book 2 of Ovid 's Fasti helps, not in solving the mysterie, but in understanding some of its relevanc.

Another fabulous Christmas anthology from wonderful cozy mystery authors Leslie Meier, Lee ollis, and Barbara Ross.I was going to review each story in this book separately, and I do have a favorite of the three, but the overall anthology was so ba, I have decided to give my thought on the overall volume.

Kraven, a long-time Spidey villain, decides that he will hunt Spider-man as apparently Spider-man is the onl creature he 's been looking to defeat.

M. DeMatteis does n't spend mor time on his character except for a brief backstory at the start where we find out he 's a Russian nobleman exiled from his homeland who likes hunting a lot.

Because there 's very little of Spider-man in the novel, this is the character we 're left with who we 're supposed to relate to, empathise with, etc.

Spider-man 's barely in this nove so be prepared for a lot of boring Kraven and Vermin stuff before getting to Spidey 's appearances.

No way would Spider-man be defeated by a D-list villain so easily!

It 's not a very good Spider-man book and feels more like a bonkers acid trip.

Happiness is diverse, and I 'm so thrille this book celebrates that.- I absolutely loved this collection of novellas, and I hope that it paves the way for more interracial relationships in fiction that explore the problems and dynamics of interracial couples.

Finally grabbed the audio version- narrated by the author- and listened to the ook, and overall, it was a let down from what I had expected to find.

If you are looking for practical tips on how to become a better sales person, you will hear some of them spread out in the books but there is no step by step process outlined, there is no help with the sales conversation.

Here are some good takeaways which are again not original to the nove but the book mentions:- The 6-part Pixar story pitch: Once upon a time there was _____Every day _______One day _______Because of that _______Because of that _______Until finally ________- He tells us to use the " Yes and " phrase to follow on the trail of what the other person had said.

To win an argument is to lose a sale. " ( Ca n't argue with that;))!- This may have been original and I love the twist on upsell: Abolish Up-sell Instead Up-serve- I also love this idea the author talks about: Designate a slow day so you can listen more.

This is the second and final ook in The Neapolitan Novels.

It is the final story of most of the character that lived in this town and came in and out of Lila and Elena lives.I 'm not sure how to feel about this one.

On one hand, I 'm appy to hear more of the stories of these two me and all the onderful characters in the neighbourhoo.

I wanted more, I wanted the full etails of the story.This is a lovel series of ooks that I would tell anyone to read.

A dashing title, a Pakistani author, a reluctant subject, a ovie in the making by Mira Nair and that ’ s precisely the reason I wanted to read the nove before watching the fil, so bought a copy and was yayyyy ... finally!

It made me uncomfortable throughout rather than excited and the most uncomfortable part is that you are compelled to read it till the end in the grac of getting hold of the entir idea behind this ook.

I never knew writing the review would be a similar experience like that of reading this book..distracting!!

This is the third nove I read by a Pakistani author, first being My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani, which I judged on the basis of its subject and not on writing style and since I read it around 6 years ago, all I could recall was that it was simple but affected me enough to evoke emotions of empathy which might not hold true at present having read many great books and becoming more aware and objective about the world around me since then so it might not feature in the eague of extra ordinary but it definitely left an impression which reluctant fundamentalist, as I highly doubt would be reluctant to achieve.

I must point out that I am not a prude; I read a plethor of storylines with topics that are wide ranging but every once in a while a novel does not appeal to me and HUSSY, sad to say, will not make my list of recommendations or classic literature.-I was warned by the author there is graphic depiction of sex and that the storyline contained subject matter that may be sensitive or shocking but the reader is promised it will work out in the nd.

Am I ble to write a review without a rating-YES-and I thank Goodreads for this particular feature but without a star there is othing to attract attention so 1* is what I will do! REVIEW: HUSSY is a tale about a 17 ear old boy who, for some reason not initially known to the eader, continues to put herself in sexually dangerous situations.

But prior to this point in the trilogy, the story reads like written porn.

Writing good erotica takes talent because at some point, many authors try to push the envelope and venture a little further with their erotic storylines.

In this, the first fifty percent of HUSSY is an adventure in shock value and one that will have some readers questioning what it is they are reading.Now to the graphic language: It is here where I take the biggest offense in this particular storyline or any storyline that labels itself as erotic but feels the need to use graphic, pornographic foul language to make a point.

I get it; the erotica genre uses sexual language but there comes a point when the use of some words becomes redundant and abusive to the audience.

And yes, Lindsey can be considered a victim of her circumstance.I will not address the quality of the writing, or the usual review breakdown of flow, tension, pacing or originality because in the beginnin, none of it mattered when the content literally left me depressed-not because of the ide, but because of the presentation.

So coming into this with a blind eye, so to speak, I found that i enjoyed this very much.Dylan is a witch, but does n't know it yet; Until a tragedy strikes in her boutique.

Inspiring, well-written account of the writer 's quest to climb the Over-4000-foot mountains in New Hampshire 's White Mountains- all 48 of them.

It ’ s not clear how it was done, but I suspect it has a mystical nature and I cry B.S.- For Foggy Nelson, there ’ s a trade-off: He apparently no longer has cancer, but he ’ s the las one saddled with the familiarit of Daredevil ’ s true identity and he ’ s not happy about it.- No Kristen McDuffie, which is incredibly sad.- Daredevil, who ’ s not known for being Mr. Teamwork, now has a sidekick (!?!)- Blindspot.- I think he ’ s sporting a new uniform, but who can tell with the artwork ( see below). “ There ’ s a new kid villain in town, I don ’ t want to hear it, There ’ s a new kid villain in town, everybody ’ s talking… ” He ’ s a chees, religious zealot that would give Jim Bakker a run for his ill-gotten non-profit ( Heh) gains.

Watch yourself stepping off a curb, you could break a hip.Old Cap helps Daredevil realize the inherent limitations to being a blind super hero.As you can gather from all the gifs I ’ ve used, the art is bathed in a patina of red hues – crimson, scarlet, cherry, ruby, vermillion…That one, too! Bottom line: Soule ’ s initial work isn ’ t ad, it ’ s just pales in comparison to his betters – Waid, Bendis, Brubaker, Miller et al where the inevitable pecking order will begin.

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