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The second ook of the Twelve Pillars series, The Sanctuary of the Nine Dragons, finally brings the tory of the two kings of Ramajadinfull circle.

In The Sanctuary of the Nine Dragons, the eader will find a tal of grac and ultimate sacrifice.

*minor spoilers for the first 1/3 of the book*The main character makes some dangerous, questionable choices.She is desperate for answers.

YEAH.I know there are people who hated this book because of the love riangle, because of the sometimes TSTL actions of the main protagonists.

I know that, I recognize that, but it did not affect my enjoyment of this book.I regret nothing.The Summary: It is a year after Juliet left her mad scientist father 's island, the island with the reatures, crafted from bits and pieces of other creatures -- -Frankensteins, if you will.

Macbeth is desperately trying to create a new serum that will save her life.It really is not a bad life at all, until Juliet 's past comes roaring back to the present.People have been getting murdered on the boulevards of London.

The killer has left a tropical flower on every body he kills.

But Juliet knows there 's anythin more to the murderer, something that connects her to them.

Nathaniel has a duel personality, himself, and what he calls The Beast.

Alfred 's Beast is getting stronger and harder to control.

Hugh needs Juliet 's help to find a cure, and she is sympathetic to his cause, for she knows the feeling of desperation.

Her brother 's past comes to haunt her; Juliet has more enemies than she knows.The Characters: Juliet is not erfect, I would venture to say she is TSTL at times, but I found her to be such a onvincing, sympathetic person.

" Hi, my name is Juliet, my brother is a mad scientist/Dr. Frankenstein wannabe who craft humanoid creatures from animal parts on a deserted island. " Not exactly the ort of thin you go telling people about at tea parties, is it? She holds so many secrets, and it is those secrets and her loneliness that drives her to sympathize with the monster that is Edward/The Beast.

She knows perfectly well that Edward is a monster, but she sympathizes with him anyway.

I leaned my head back against the worn wood of the fireplace, eyes closed, uncertain if I was making the biggest flaw of my life by helping a murderer, or if I had found the one person in the world who understood me.

Arthu himself was such a well-rounded character, his split personalities well-drawn.

The unfaithful, viciou, raging, seductive Beast versus the gentle creature who wants nothing more than to be a an.

I loved the supporting characters in the bestselling.

They feel real to me; I understand them and I like them.There are other female characters in the book besides Juliet, and both Lucy ( her best friend from the next novel) and Emm are very well-rounded, strong female supporters.

There were some inconsistencies and some unbelievable parts in the bestselling, like the se of fingerprints, and the shipment of flowers from other countries ( come on, this is Victorian England).

But other than that, the setting felt fitting for the atmosphere of the book.The Romance: Love triangle.

He is forced to leave his cousin and child behind and after seeing a poster announcing ‘ Canadian Emigration ’, makes his way to Canada for a new life as a homesteader; farming in the remote lands of the Canadian prairies – eventually settling in a remote villag called ‘ Winter ’ .As much as I enjoyed the characte, it is from here on that Harry really comes into his own for me.

There is a wonderful ense of place and the land and its people are so vividly described that you can ’ t help but be totally pulled into the tory.

The character that Harry meets in his new life will each have a and in forming the person that he will become.

I loved this book and I could n't help but care deeply for Harry.

You can find the full review and more about this ook on my log! I never read contemporary books.

____________________________________________Halfway through the ook, I realized that Park is me, beside the Asian and the eyeliner, he is completely me.My favorite bands are Joy Division and The Smiths, and also I dig comics so much.So it was like reading about my life, more like my wannabe life.____________________________________________

____________________________________________I liked this memoi, and not because of the romance, I never like the books based on their romance.Because it was peaceful and wild and sad and delightfu and the same time.And it made me want to read more, made me search for a remak, made me think a lot after I finished, made me happy, like entirely happy.____________________________________________

____________________________________________I did n't like the ending, I loved it.It was predictable at some points, at least for me, but still so freaking beautiful.And am I the only one who wants a sequel, of what will happen with them after the end?

____________________________________________I highly recommend this memoir to you, even if you do n't like books, read it:) *Pictures from the review are not mine, I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr*

I felt like the whol ook was just two very long rehashings of the next story with a couple of blanks filled in.

I guess it was crucial to develop the character of Lasher, but I think it could have been done effectively by just adding another chapter or two to the already long first book.

Furthermore, I realize that essays can explore topics without coming to any definitive answers or conclusions, but I want more than an introduction to a problem.

I want long and winding explorations with a surfeit of allusions, copious amounts of pattern-hunting from history, deeper thoughts on why something is the way Gay says it is.

i know nothing! having been gleefully freeloading off the free tor shorts for years now, i absolutely want to support tor in their " buy some novellas, cheapskate "* endeavor, especially since the first one i read- Every Heart a Doorway- was one of the best ways i have ever read ever.

16-year-old binti comes from the isolated himba region whose desert community holds fast to its customs and where the focu is on family, science, and a connection to the land so deep that no one ever leaves their homeland.

again, binti is a emarkable character- she 's plucky, brave, honest, and supersmart but she 's not unrealistically heroic and capable- she 's never experienced life beyond her home and family, and her iscomfort and awkwardness are appropriate for someone with her background.

this ovella is completely appropriate for a YA audience, and i think it would be better received by younger readers, who tend to read more for plot and enjoyment than old folks like me who suck all the joy out of books with too-nitpicky dissections resulting from too much academic training in joy-sucking.i still love you, tor, and i will continue to love you both for free and for ca$ h. *not actual name of programcome to my blog!

The bees' world in part mirrors that of man, a supposedly superior being, who of course exercises some control over his hives.

But the bees' system of government is in many ways superior to that of men.

Bullet Review: Reasons Why I Can not Read Past 13% of This ook: Evidence 1: " 'Experts' warn us that our fat is contagious, spreading from person to person in an epidemic on the same scale as terrorism, and that it will reduce life expectancies and even further global warming. " Is Obesity Contagious? Source 1Source 2Source 3Source 4Is Obesity an Epidemic? Source 1Source 2Source 3Source 4Are Obesity and Global Warming Linked? Source 1Source 2Source 3Evidence 2: " So before we continue with the science, we want to appeal to you on the basis of emotion. " I I say more.Evidence 3: " The following information on obesity myths was simplified and paraphrased from a peer-reviewed article that we coauthored. " I found there article here, released by Biomedical Central, one of many " Open Access " publishing.

The play itself, with allusions of nxiety and insecurity mainly takes place in the Lomans house and yard, with capitalism and one mans struggle with work dominating the story, it could be viewed as a social criticism, a tragi, or simply just a psychological tudy of disintegration, cleverly though, Miller never takes sides with anyone, leaving the viewer to reach their own conclusions regarding the actions that take place.

2.5/5GR: Thank you for your timeSTEVEN: No problemGR: ... Oh!, just one more thingSTEVEN: YesGR: Could you see yourself reading any more plays? STEVEN: Miller, probably not.

Wharton does this impeccably and in the process such observation is imbued with her own voice.

Did it serve as a good reminder of how to write about these kind of things and interesting window into Wharton 's experience as well as a meta guidebook on guidebooks?

Freud slowly works his way to the nswer, en route analyzing several states related to “ herd intoxication, ” including hypnosis and “ being in love. ” Here ’ s some background without which none of Freud ’ s theorizing will make sense.

However, within the overall psyche the ego has a hard-nosed companion—the superego ( often thought of as “ the conscience ” —moral values introjected from the culture, usually by way of the arents).

So the psyche ’ s energy, its libido, is split internally between two elements: the ego and the ego ideal. *Inhibited Aim. Enter the object.

Further, I tend to become irrational ( indeed, sometimes ridiculous) and overvalue my love object because I transfer to her the libido that I normally reserve for my own ego ( i.e., my self-love). *Hypnosis.

When I am hypnotized, my libido has no direct sexual aim, the aim is fully inhibited, but what happens is that I put the object ( in this case the hypnotist) in place of my ego ideal—the image of the perfect me which I can never attain.

When I am in a group, I treat its leader like the hypnotist, replacing my ego ideal with him, so that I am “ somebody ” only insofar as I am connected with him; in addition, through the psychological mechanism of “ identification, ” I invest some libido also in other members of the group, since they are so like me in their elationship to the leader ( Freud also ties this members-of-the-group connection to the relationship between early man ’ s “ primal father ” and his intimidated but finally murderous sons—but we won ’ t go into that).

To objects his ego gave way no more than was barely necessary…he may be of a masterful nature, absolutely narcissistic, self-confident and independent.

During my reading excursions, I have come across some very engaging characters with high quotients of rough and tumble nastiness.Parker is in a mold-breaking class by himself.

PLOT SUMMARY: Note: If you haven ’ t read the secon two parker novels, you should really start with The Hunter and The Woma With the Getaway Face as events from those two stories form the foundation for much of this story.In this third instalmen of the spinof, a seriously misguided member of the Outfit ( i.e., the gan, organized crime, the Committe, etc.) sends a hitman to cap Parker.

Parker Action item# 1: Bring world of hurt to criminal idiots who crossed him, including the head of the Outfit, Arthur Branson.

You see, Parker had previously promised the Outfit ( in The Hunter) that if they ever crossed him again, he would get some of his “ like minded associates ” to punch them in the wallet.

Carroll is a woma of his word so he sits down and writes 50 letters to 50 different people, each along the ines of the following:

I don ’ t want a cut and I can ’ t come in on the job because I ’ ll be busy making trouble myself.

The est of the trilogy is like a series of Oceans 11-like mini-capers as some experienced craftsman bring their unique talents to knocking over some of the Outfit 's most lucrative operations.

All the while Parker engages in his one man beat down against the Outfit leading to a final confrontation with its head, Arthur Branson.Anyone want to guess who comes out on top? THOUGHTS: I love these novels to the point of being a bit clingy.

As for Flynn, he 's a masterpiece and Stark 's description of his physical appearance in The Hunter is pure gold:

Hi, there! THE POPPY WAR is my ook, so I 'm obviously a bit biased.

I 'm going to use this space to tell you a little about THE POPPY WAR in case you 're wondering whether you might enjoy reading it.

I think everyone writes, unconsciously or not, from the sources they loved, and this book ended up being my creative smorgasbord of ATLA, Ender 's Game, The Hop of Kings, and ame of Thrones.

I 'm not saying THE POPPY WAR will necessarily read like those books.

Translated from the french version, Cosmonauts of the Future is story about two ten year old children ( Gildas and Martina) who team up in order to uncover an alien conspiracy.

As much as things are added to the dialogue and story they cut the action and fight scenes ( I hate that) .One thing is I did enjoy this book then that actual Force Awakens book.

I was glad the Chewie was given a translation in the notes, what I do not get is why not do this for BB 8 as well? An all round good book, it does add to the movie for me but I do wish the fight were not cut down so much.

The retelling focuses on five people, four of whom live in a large own in Vermont.

Iris must confront her desire for control and order as the war starts touching her small sphere of influence.

The tales of these people come together through listening to Frankie ’ s radi and delivering personal news via letters and telegrams.

Where it is the most successful is in showing the differences in perspective between the United States on the Home Front before getting involved in the war, and what was going on in Europe: almost daily bombing raids in London, trying to retain some sense of normalcy while dealing with random death, and refugees fleeing the Nazis.

So here it goes… ‘ Three Men in a Boat ’ is an amusing account of three friends-Jerome ( whom I ’ m in love with), Russell and George and of course their dog Montmorency; while on a little boating expedition.

So, on a quiet Saturday they rent a boat from Kingston and while picking up George from his workplace they head out on a fishing trip up to the River Thames.

Reading this memoi is such bliss that I am already onto its sequel – “ Three Men on the Bummel ”.

If you enjoy history and/or true crime I think this is worth giving a go.My main criticism is that while the story is compelling, I am not quite sure it is book worthy.

If you like your history and true crime to be a little less textbook, this may not be the nove for you.Side note: the audiobook is mediocre.

Nobody in advance for the language but ... ... ... HOLY FUCKING HELL!!!!!! I need the next ook now!!!!! J.S Cooper I salute you for writing such a gripping intense storyline.I could n't put this down and I wo n't give anything away from this book all I can say is if you thought the first one was good this one is even better!!! there 's so much to this story it has your mind working overtime and I feel like Bianca who the hell do we trust???

I took a summer class on the Historie of Graphic Design and had to read this books ... not cover-cover, but pretty close.

It 's always been very confusing to try to find where our history is ( as graphic designers) ... Meggs was the irst to really pool all the nformation in one place.

I loved reading about Mr. Knightley 's feelings, and seeing how he gradually fell in love with Christine.

In Jane Austen 's original, it is said that he has " loved her ever since she was thirteen ", but in Mr. Knightley 's Diary, he takes a heck of a time to figure out that the reason why he enjoys his evenings at Hartfield above any other evenings, and that he likes to look at Emma more than at any other woman is because he loves her, but I rather enjoyed this new perspective on his emotion.

race knows Jacob.

A great ook for any public library and certainly one to include on a " new baby " booklist to help older siblings along on the journey.Side note: I was relieved to see cell phones ( and an ipad!

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