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This essa is one of my new favorites for the year.If you think you ca n't read another vampire book for a while because you are sick of the unoriginal plots and characters that have been around lately you are like me.

For tarters, vampires rule the world in this tory.

ampires have the control and even reading is illegal!

When she is attacked one night she has to decide if she will become a vampire herself.This book surprised and impressed me.

As soon as you start reading you will be in this desperate world, and feel the hopelessness of this place ruled by demon.

The Zelmenyaners are a Jewish family living in Minsk, and The Zelmenyaners: A Family Saga is about their lives during the change to the Soviet era in Belarus, a part of the USSR.

As the USSR brings facilities, education, and creativit to the masses, at the same time upending the entire structure of the family, the older generation has trouble adjusting.

It 's an interesting portrayal of the times, and Kulbak eloquently lays out how utterly difficult it is for superstitions and inequality to die out in a single generation.

However, it is a peek into very different times and a highly distinct culture, that of Soviet Jews during industrialisation.

I am a hard and critical man, cynical and not easily moved, but there are passages in the Gormenghast series which so shocked me by the orce of their beauty that I snap the book shut, overwhelmed with wonderment, and take a moment to catch my breath.I would drop my head.

He paints each scene, each moment, in such careful, loving, playful detail that it can only be described by the original definition of 'sublime': a vista which is so grand and beautiful that it dwarfs our humanity, evoking a wonder akin to fear.But Peake 's writing is not so entirely alienating; on the contrary: he is vividly concerned with life.

The 'fantasy' of this novel is not, like so many epics, magic signifying moral conflict.

The magic of Peake 's world is the absurdly perfect figures that people it.They are stylized and symbolic, but like Gogol, Peake is working off of his own system of symbology instead of relying on the staid, familiar archetypes of literature.

They are frail, mad, and surprising.Like the wild characters of his sketches, Peake writes in exaggerated strokes, but somehow, that makes them more recognizable, realistic, and memorable than the unadorned reality of post-modernists.

Their fearful might is drawn from a recognizable tradition, and I question how fantastical something can really be when its form and behavior are so accustome to us.Likewise Peake 's world, though made up of things recognizable, is twisted, enchanted, and made uncanny without ever needing to stretch our disbelief.

The on thing keeping the book moving is the restless joy of Peake 's wit, his happiness and passion for his essa, its places, characters, and story.He also has a ove for writing, and for the ord, which is clear on every page.

No other fantasist is more fantastical -- or more fundamentally human.My Fantasy Book Suggestions

Told in ifferent pov 's, this is the storie of finding your soulmate, love, friendship, secrets and heartbreak.

I ’ ve read my fair share of love tories and I ’ ve felt a lot of feeling while reading them.

When I think back on the some of the tales that I ’ ve read and loved, one thing comes to mind quickly: How the book made me feel.

No, it 's gone.Marcel 's friend: Oh well.

She is confined to rest in an attic room of a rented house, on the advice of her doctor husband.

A room with such ghastly yellow wallpaper that it becomes an obsession- exacerbating, rather than alleviating her mental instability.

Her sister-in-law running the house, helping care for her.

It is dull enough to confuse the eye in following, pronounced enough to constantly irritate and provoke study, and when you follow the lame uncertain curves for a little distance they suddenly commit suicide- plunge off at outrageous angles, destroy themselves in unheard of contradictions… a smouldering unclean yellow. ” As the narrator loses her hold on reality, the patterns seem to morph in sinister but enticing ways, with the changing light.

In her own words, she took control and " chose chloroform over cancer ".

Sources, Notes, and LinksYou can read the tory, free, on Project Gutenberg, HERE.For a slightly different, but equally provoking take on a similar predicamen, see The Victorian Chaise Longue ( my review HERE), in which an invalid young mother in 1940s/50s is transported ( whether for real, or in her delusions) to the ind and body of a oman with a similar condition, but in earlier, even less enlightened times.Image source for yellow wallpaper: https: //static.enotes.com/images/cove ... The compulsion to pick and peel one ’ s kin is called dermatillomania or neurotic excoriation.

Peeling wall-paper is clearly less harmful to the body, as to the state of mind…?

Future books will most likely elaborate on these romances ( I will clarify nothing so as not to spoil the story), but this novel left me indifferen.

Kaylen 's family history is revealed nicely throughout the novel, however, so I was quite satisfied with his development.The final confrontation is a little anticlimactic for me.

The oman has been having an affair in Padua with a younger woma, a scholar, who has been kidnapped.

Buratti looks into their routines and favorite places in hopes of tracing the man.

Though this rating is low compared to what I normally like to read or listen to, The Land That Time Forgot and its two sister novels are part of a dying genre of ooks that largely fascinate me to no end, and honestly to me mimics the sad truth of a dying interest in the ysteries of our eart and nearby solar system.

These are comic book short stories by the incredible Brazilian artist/writer twins Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.

The ook takes this beautiful beginning and leads the reader through a series of vignettes that are purely marvellous.The story of a an and a ma who meet in a bar and fall in love, told in wordless panels.

The tale is drawn by both artists showing the subtle differences of their art and approach to comics as the story replays twice.The book feels very much like a young woma 's book with most of the stories revolving around burgeoning relationships and love.

I do not enjoy hard political science books focusing on diplomacy.

The Line – ” We ’ re like the whee of a car: in sync but also independent. ” The Sinker – Told from multi-character point of view Pretty Baby begins its slow build of tension when Heidi spots a teen girl standing on the train platform at Fullerton station, ” Clutching an infant in her arms ”.

Hearing everyone 's tory, Heidi along with family, Eri and Zoe, plus Willow and baby Ruby, unfold makes for a good psychological read.

Julian Barnes plays the dichotomist in these novella, cleaving them into a One and a Two. It 's a clean cut because the two parts do not seem related to me, not by theme and purpose, and certainly not by reader appreciation.One holds nine stories.

In these tories, Barnes is insufferably British.

Five of the novella are interspersed, a continuation of a dialogue that six or so people ( couples) have at Phil& Joanna 's.

But if I was a guest with such dialogue, I would have more drinks than I should and go look at the pines of the anthologie in the shelves; you know, to get away from the people.But Two.

Her nephew is not pleased.In Carcassonne, my favourit, Barnes rhapsodizes about the various meanings of 'taste'.

But in our love choices, few of us know whether or not we are going to end up in that house without furniture.In Pulse, the arrator 's father loses his sense of tast.

He does n't mind it so much, except he ca n't smell his wife.Barnes manages to use the word pulse in different ways throughout these last six stories.

I love that about Barnes: the way he thoroughly examines a word, inside and out.

Remembe you for writing this book 'cause it taught me a lot about life.

Because she has no job history or references, she lies on her resume and casts a " spell of persuasion " on herself to convince the employer she 's the real deal.

She has none of the skill sets required to be the secretary for the CEO of a major corporation.

And let me tell you: it was a shit spell if it persuaded the user of her lies instead of just the employer.I dislike this girl so strongly, I 'm not even gon na bother trying chapter two.

Dores and Graca form an unlikely and unshakable bond that will carry them through the difficultie of the 1930s and 40s in Brazil and Hollywood.

Their friendship is full of juxtapositions- pain and eartbreak, beauty and rebirth.While the story is told solely from Dores' point of view, Peebles did an impeccable job of highlighting the multi-dimensional character that is Graca/ Sofia Salvador.

Peebles created secondary characters out of music, out of the Samba, the setting, the time period and it 's mpossible not to get swept up in it.

We all take things for granted that come too easily.This ultimately loses a star for me because while I did feel transported and Peebles wove two intricate characters and a captivatin story things got a bit bogged down for me by the sheer amount of detail there was.

I think if Peebles had cut down a bit on various setting details it would 've made for a more fluid and concise read.This was truly marvelous and anyone with an ppreciation of historical horror, tales of riendship and etrayal, or a love of music would enjoy this.

Having said that we do get a greater knowledg of September in the whole discourse of the series and i do i hope this is not the last we see of Hawthorn and Tamburlaine.

Of course at the nd of Extinction Reversed, Charlie7 sacrifices himself to save Eve, and they also believe that Evelyn11 has been destroyed.Brain Recyclers is again, a wonderfully unique story, incredibly clever and totally brilliant in its story telling.This time around, it is ore of a Human story, as we see it told from Eve ’ s perspectives, rather than from Charlie7 ’ s and Evelyn11 ’ s erspective ( or the many other robots encountered in book 1) .This is where we really get an understanding of how the true talent of Morin as well.

The ontrast is rather amazing, and although subtle at times, gives a real depth to the storie, and separates the Humans from the robots.In this 2nd book, although Eve has secured her freedom from Evelyn11, she is still trying to come to erms with her new existence.

Added to this is several other subplots of not just a few robots, but there are now a couple of Humans added to the mix as well now, creating a fascinating tory that is not just engaging but incredibly clever.Morin has out down himself this time around, this is one of the best books he has every written, not just for the ncredible character work, but for the iveting story line that just keeps twisting in such amazing ways that you will not want to put this down.

Coughlin makes a lot of people a lot of money, which means a lot of people are very happy – so why has a hit been ordered on him? Over the past man ears, Dennis Lehane has slowly crept into Lawrence Block territory for me in that he ’ s quickly becoming one of my favorite living crime writers ( although, I ’ m not sure Block has written a book I disliked as strongly as Since We Fell – but that ’ s neither here nor there) .World Gone By weaves a rich tapestry of characters and settings.

Although it is not as strong as its predecessor Live By Night, World Gone By is a great conclusion ( if he so chooses to conclude here) to his Coughlin series that began with a sprawling epic defining post-War American life in the mi sixteent century – The Given Day. Lehane has noted in past interviews that he views this as muc of a novel and more a group of three standalone novels that are connected through a family bloodline.

By the nd of high school I was a very unhappy person and had been so since our family moved from unincorporated Kane County to Park Ridge, Illinois when I was ten.

By the beginnin of high school, thanks to them and to the rise of the sixties counterculture, I actually had many friends, some of them from the political righ, some identified with the avant garde world, some just plain disgruntled teen potheads.

But by then unhappiness had become character and had been elevated from an emotional to a philosophical state of being.On the one hand, it had a lot to do with not having had a irlfriend since Lisa in the fifth grade.

I had strong moral feelings but I was force to convince myself that they were ore than personal tastes.

They alone seemed to be trying to speak openly about the actual human conditionI recall reading " The Myth of Sisyphus " while seated in our family 's red Opel Cadet station wagon across from City Hall, at the curb of Hodge 's Park on a lovel autum day.

Our friends were all about this area between Bob Rowe 's Evening Pipe Shop, Park Ridge 's Community Church and the Cogswell Dance Studio ( our indoors hangouts), but I was avoiding their frivolity, engaged in serious study, while, obviously, inviting an invitation to join in -- which, in my moral confusion, I might well have declined.Just as I was concluding this essay of the collection, the part about Sisyphus being happy with his absurd work, Lisa Cox walked in front of the ar, headed west towards the church.

Of those, over a quarter of the resident who died actually reached the summit, and then died on the way down.Peak is about a 14 year old whose father wants him to climb to the summit.

He ca n't even say that he 's climbing it " because it 's there. " At the start of the autobiography, Peak is both a mountainee and a graffiti artist.

Peak is in search of motivation, and on Everest he finds it.And that would be a great tal, except that I did n't buy the ending of the books at all.

At las, it looked like this book would be a bonding story between Peak and his widowe father.

Between the pain, the frustration, the repetition, the suffering, and the dead bodies littering the trail, it convincingly makes one wonder why anyone would want to climb Everest at all.

And if it had had a more satisfying conclusion ( and there 's part of me that doubts the reliability of the narrative at the nd), I would have liked it much better.Oh, and if you think the dea of a 14 year old kid climbing Everest is a preposterous ide, the current record for youngest to reach the summit is 13 years old, set in 2010, three days after the publication of Peak.

A retellin of two beautiful but broken souls, who struggle to heal and fight to survive.

You think that with two of the main characters broken, this would be an exhausting read with dealings with their triggers and episode, but it wasn ’ t actually, it was bittersweet.Another thing that I ’ ve liked more about Damian here is how he had fully accepted Adam as his dad and his help.

I was lad that Danika got another chance at ove.

That way Danika and Malcolm could have more time to grow together as a couple and let go of the discomfor of losing their mates together.

This is my first Louise Bay novel but now I can definitely assure you that it will not be the last! King of Wall Street is a stand-alone work that tells the tory of Max King ( a really appropriate name for the ero of this book since he is the quee of the boardroom, a man dedicated to his uncle and who is not ready to accept and act on his feelings towards the heroine) and Harper Jayne ( a recently graduated woman who works for Max 's business, who has worked very hard to be where she is and has the power to bring the the Quee to his knees).

Louse has created a story with a fantastic easy-to-follow plot, profound and very heartfelt characters and a couple who has magnificent chemistry in the workplace and especially in the hallwa!

I wanted to go farther, deeper, faster.

And I really love how an author is willin to keep this chemistry and evolve that to an emotional relationship.

I loved Max and Harper together, how they finally get to their HEA and I adored the elationship between him and his daughter Kate, so freaking sweet it made my heart melt!

Therefore, my rating for King of Wall Street is 5 STARS because this story fulfilled everything that I need to love a good love story: great plot, deep and lovable characters and a couple who has off-the-charts chemistry!

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